Top 8 and Best Better Discord Plugins for 2022

While using Discord, you may have heard about better discord and so about best better discord plugins.

Did you have an eagerness to get more features on discord like discord account creation date and spell-check?

Don’t worry, as I am going to cover the top 8 and best better discord plugins along with the download and installation process step by step. But before proceeding you must know something about better discord.


What are Plugins in Discord?

Plugins are third-party add-ons to discord that increase features with the help of better discord.

These plugins can only work with better discord and you need to install better discord first before using any plugins or themes.

There are a couple of plugins in better discord that can give you some amazing features like


How to Install Better Discord in 2022

In order to use the best better discord plugins, you must download and install better discord first. This is quite easy to download and install better discord.

You need to be on your PC app to install better discord. Follow below steps

  1. Navigate to a better discord website also called bandaged BD and on the middle of the page, you will find a download button. Click on it to download.

    How to download better discord
    How to download better discord


  2. Once downloaded, click on the downloaded file and choose Run.
  3. In the license agreement pop-up, check the box of I accept the license agreement and then click on Next.

    accept to proceed                                                                           

  4. Now you will choose an action screen where you have options like Install better discord, repair better discord, and uninstall better discord. You need to choose to Install better discord and click on next.
    How to Install better discord
    How to Install better discord


  5. Choose your Discord version and if you are not sure what exactly this is simply click on the first one and then hit on Next. You can also choose Discord canary or PTB if you are using any of these discord versions.
  6. Better Discord will not start installing and your discord app will be automatically restarted.


How to verify I have Better Discord Installed?

So after installing better discord how you would u knows that it’s been successfully installed on your discord application.

As soon as the discord application restarts after installing better discord you will some changes

You will see the welcome screen of better discord.

How to verify I have Better Discord Installed?
How to verify I have Better Discord Installed?


A new section of BETTER DISCORD will be added in your discord user settings which includes

  • Settings
  • Emotes
  • Custom CSS
  • Themes
  • Plugins


NOTE :- Better Discord is against discord T&C  and discord may ban your account for using it. You need to be safe and kindly check discord T&C



Top 8 Best Better Discord Plugins of 2022

I have personally used around 25 better discord plugins so far and found these 8 best better discord plugins.

Most of the people were expecting such features from discord and fortunately, it came through these plugins.

Here I will share the link to download these plugins and below you will find how to install plugins in discord.


NO #8 – Google Translate

Discord has millions of users worldwide and sometimes it becomes a huge barrier while connecting to people speaking different languages.

Though there are few bots for discord, I found this plugin more convenient to use as a translator.

Once you have downloaded and installed this plugin on your discord, you just hover up to the message that you want to translate, right-click on it and choose translate.

 Download Now


NO #7 – Spell Check

Recently many people searched Grammarly for discord to find the mistakes while writing English sentences.

Grammarly is not currently supported with discord but yes there is a solution.

With the help of the spell check plugin, you can easily find the mistakes in your English sentence typed in discord.  

Download Now



NO #6 – Read all Notifications Button

If you have huge members in your server and if you have joined too many servers you must have thought some time about such a feature.

Now with the help of this better discord plugin, you can easily get rid of all notifications with just a click.

After installing this plugin you will find a button of “Read all” which will instantly remove all notifications badge and circle.

Download Now



NO #5 – Send Large Messages

There comes a time when you have to send some larger messages which can be like any notes or code.

By default, there is a limit of 2000 characters in discord and to send the messages above 2000 count you need to get discord nitro.

With Better Discord Send large messages plugin you can share messages above 2000 count.

Download Now



NO #4 – Account Creation Date

With the help of this plugin, you can keep spammers away and keep your server clean by removing fake accounts.

So far we used to visit the third-party websites to know the discord account creation date manually for every user.

After installing this plugin you can see the account creation date and time of any user on your discord by just hovering upon the user name.

Download Now



NO #3 – Server Details (Best Better Discord Plugins)

This is another amazing and best better discord plugin that will show you the complete information of any discord server.

Once installed, hover up to the server icon and it will pop up with a brief detail of the server. This will show the details like

  • Server Owner Name
  • Server creation date and time
  • Total Members and channels
  • Total no of booster

You must have this plugin in your discord if you are looking for some good and worth plugins.

Download Now



NO #2 – Call timer counter

If you are on limited bandwidth or want to track the time since you have been on a call, then this plugin is for you.

So whenever you will be in a discord voice chat, this plugin will show you the time.

This also helps in reminding and you can also take a screenshot of the call duration.

Download Now



NO #1 – Spotify Controls (Best Better Discord Plugins)

If you are also a Spotify lover and listen to music while playing discord then you must install this plugin.

You can easily control your Spotify music from discord only. You can use the play, pause next option while playing Spotify music.

Your Spotify account should be connected with the discord to enjoy this feature.

Download Now



How to Install Better Discord Plugins?

Hopefully, after watching the above top 10 and best better discord plugins you may have decided to install them immediately.

I am also sharing how to install these plugins on discord step by step.

Step 1:- Click on Download Now for the plugin you want to download which will redirect you to the better discord website. Click on download to download the plugin.

best better discord plugins
best better discord plugins


Step 2:- Open your discord application and then click on the user settings gear icon. Scroll down to the better discord section and then click on Plugins.

Step 3:- Now on the top, you will see “Open Plugin folder” in the blue color tab. Click on it and then minimize your discord application.

how to install the best better discord plugins
how to install the best better discord plugins


Step 4:- You will now see the plugins folder has been open. Now keep the download folder on the right-hand side and the plugin folder on the left. You can make the folder smaller to see both the folder on one screen.

Step 5:- Now drag the plugin you downloaded from the download folder to the plugin folder.

how to install the best better discord plugins
how to install the best better discord plugins


Step 6:- Once done minimize the page and open the discord application again. The plugin is now installed.

Step 7:- After installing you need to enable this better discord plugin. Open the plugin folder again and look for the plugin you downloaded. Click on the toggle icon to enable.

How to enable better discord plugins
How to enable better discord plugins


Step 8:- Press Ctrl + R key to refresh discord and now you are good to use the plugin.


Are Discord Plugins Allowed?

Better Discord is basically an extension for discord that gives an additional feature to discord. But discord is trying to keep the platform safe for all their users and so do not allow these plugins and themes.

This is against Discord T&C and I think there are basically two major reasons for this.

  • These plugins and themes are open source and can harm your discord account.
  • This also harms discord as per the business prospectus. Discord offers Nitro which is paid service for using this additional enhanced feature.  

So these plugins are not allowed by Discord and you may also get banners for using these plugins.


Is better Discord a Virus or Scam?

Better Discord as per its name is meant to get a better discord by enhancing and adding new features to Discord which is against the Discord T&C.

There are tons of users using better discord to enjoy its amazing features and so far there have been no such complaints that it contains any virus.

I am using it too!!

Now let me tell you why some people think it’s a Virus or a Scam.

Better discord is totally free and you can install the plugins and themes without paying anything. This makes most people skeptical which is natural that why these all premium features are free.


Bottom Line

There is plenty of best better discord plugins that really enhance your discord experience.

Though these plugins are against Disord T&C, we all agree to keep discord safe and clean and so we request discord to launch such features.

I have shared every information that you require in terms of using these plugins.

This would be wonderful to know your feedback and would also like to know that which plugins you liked the most.

I would be happy to create a separate article and video on that plugin.

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