How to Change Font in Discord | Make attractive username and channel

Discord fonts

Fonts in Discord helps to decorate your username, channel, text messages, and today I will brief everything about how to change the font in discord. Discord font plays an important role in decorating your server by adding animated and attractive fonts in discord categories and channels. You can have an invisible discord username or an … Read more

Discord Rule Screening | Membership Screening (New Feature)

How to set-up discord membership screening

Now you can set up a discord rule membership screening to inform new users about the rules of your discord server. Previously and so far we used a read-only channel or a bot to set up the rules channel which is really confusing for beginners. Rules channels are required for all the discord servers to … Read more

How to Fix Discord Echo on (Call & Stream)

How to Fix Discord Voice Echo

Discord echoing ruins the gaming experience when suddenly you hear your own voice more than others and in this article, I will share how to fix discord echo on PC and Mobile. Even users on discord can complain that they hear echoes on your side. Discord echoing issues has been for a long time and … Read more

Discord New Feature of Mobile Screen Share – Enjoy on Phone

Discord mobile screen share

Discord screen-sharing has been an amazing experience so far for the discord desktop client users but you can now enjoy discord screen share on mobile as well. Discord has recently launched this feature of screen sharing on the phone and today in this article I will explain all about discord screen sharing on mobile. Many … Read more

Discord can’t hear anyone FIXED – 2022 Updated

Discord can’t hear anyone

It becomes really annoying when you are in the middle of a game or conversation and suddenly you can’t hear anyone on discord. All of a sudden, you might feel why my friends are so quiet in discord. Though other members can hear you, but you can’t. Discord is an ultimate VoIP application especially for … Read more

How to Gift Discord Nitro – Easy Tutorial

How to gift discord nitro

Here I will explain to you how to gift discord nitro to anyone step by step. Discord Nitro is the premium subscription service that allows you to use an animated avatar, emojis, server boost, and many other premium features. Everyone wants to use this premium discord feature and you can really make anyone happy by … Read more

Discord App not Opening on Windows 10 – FIXED

Discord not opening

Discord is an amazing VoIP app for the gaming platform with a variety of features. Like other apps discord also frequently creates problems like the discord app not opening specially on windows 10. But the best part is, there is a solution for all the problems and it doesn’t take much time to fix this. … Read more

How to Get a Custom Discord Link (FREE) – Discord Vanity URL

How to get a custom discord link

Discord Custom link is a powerful tool and a feature to boost your server with a custom and a short invite URL. In this article, I will explain to you how to get a custom discord link for free with a discord vanity URL feature. Discord has a feature of Vanity URL in the server … Read more

Discord JavaScript Error on Start-up – (Fatal Error FIXED)

discord javascript error on startup

Many users are facing discord JavaScript error on startup and even while streaming with an error message of “A JavaScript error occurred in the main process” with discord uncaught exception. Most of the users complained that they even restarted and reinstalled discord but still having the same issues. In this article, I am covering all … Read more

How to See Deleted Messages on Discord (2022) – 2 Methods

How to see deleted discord messages

You might be wondering how to see deleted discord messages as discord says there is no way to see deleted messages. But in this article, I am sharing the method through which you can see the deleted discord messages for DMs as well as on the server. You can view discord deleted messages by 2 … Read more