How to Change Font in Discord | Make attractive username and channel

Fonts in Discord helps to decorate your username, channel, text messages, and today I will brief everything about how to change the font in discord.

Discord font plays an important role in decorating your server by adding animated and attractive fonts in discord categories and channels.

You can have an invisible discord username or an attractive username by adding beautiful fonts.

How to use Fonts in Discord________________________________

Discord usernames, channels, categories, and text messages can be decorated with the help of different fonts.

There are many discord font generators that can be used to create beautiful fonts.

If you are a discord lover then you must know enough about the discord text formatting.

So below I will be explaining to you how to use different fonts on discord step by step.


How to Change Font in Discord Username

Probably you must have seen other discord users having usernames with stylish fonts and you also wish to do the same.

With the help of the discord font generator, you can create beautiful text to use in the username.

Follow the below steps to change and use font for discord username.

Open the discord application and then click on the user settings located at the very left-hand bottom.

Change font of discord username
Change font of discord username


In my account section, you will find the username and Edit option on the very side of it.

Click on Edit and you will see the new box with your username and password.

Open discord font generator website and simply type your username where it says normal text goes here.


discord font generator
discord font generator


Now on the right-hand side, you will see the list of your username with different and stylish fonts. Select and copy the one that you like the most.

Come to the discord app again and simply paste in the username box. Once done type your current discord password and then click on done.

How to change font in discord
How to change font in discord


You will now have the stylish discord username.


Change Font of Discord Categories and Channel name

Everyone wants to have an ultimate and attractive discord server and so using beautiful fonts can make discord categories and channel more impressive.

You will see a few symbols along with the fonts on the font generator website. Here we will take the help of these fonts and symbols to decorate our server.

Let’s open the discord font generator website again and type any name like I use SebRauf and from the list, I will choose a few attractive symbols.

fonts and symbols for discord channel
fonts and symbols for discord channel


Copy the symbol 【】and go back to the discord server that you want to decorate. Right-click on the channel and choose Edit Channel.

Now paste the symbol with the channel name and you can also change the entire channel name with the new font.

symbols for discord channel
symbols for discord channel


Adding emoji to the discord channel name would be another great idea to make the server attractive.

Do the same for your entire channel in such a way that it gets easy to read and understand.



Discord fonts are used by almost everyone to make their discord server attractive and unique.

I hope this article would help you understand how to change the font in discord for the username and channels.

I would be glad if you all share your ideas to decorate the channel in the comment box.

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