How to Change your Profile picture on Discord – (PC & Mobile)

Changing profile pictures on discord or any other social platform is one of the common activities that every user does. In this guide, I will share step by step how to change your profile picture on Discord and also how to get a GIF profile picture without Nitro.

On Discord, you can change your nickname without any limitation and so you may customize your avatar on discord according to your discord nickname. 

But before proceeding you may follow some instructions for Discord pfp.


Instruction on Discord Avatar

There are certain things that you must keep in your mind before changing your avatar on discord.

  1. Choose Image that does not break Discord TOS as you may get banned on the server or by discord.
  2. Discord avatar size should be 128×128 pixels and in the case of a large pixel picture, you can crop it while changing the discord pfp.
  3. Images should be in PNG, JPG, and JPEG format.
  4. The image should be below 10MB in size.
  5. You can use GIF as your discord profile picture if you have Discord Nitro. To get animated GIF pfp for discord without nitro keep reading the article. 

Now, these instructions are shared to give some basic information while changing discord profile pictures.


How to Change your Profile picture on Discord (PC)

If you use discord on Windows, Mac, or Linux PC you can easily change your discord avatar using the discord app or through the web browser.

Here for the explanation, I am taking a discord app. The process would be the same if you do it through any browser on your desktop.

Follow these simple steps

  • Open your discord application and make sure you are logged in with your account.
  • From the discord dashboard, click on the user settings gear ⚙️ icon located at the very left-hand bottom.
    Discord User Settings
    Discord User Settings


  • My Account section will be up and on the very right-hand side, you will see “Edit User Profile” click on it.
    How to change your pfp on discord
    How to change your pfp on discord


  • Now click on the blue tab of “Change Avatar” or your profile picture that will bring up the select image box.
    How to change your profile picture on discord
    How to change your profile picture on discord


  • For Image click on Upload file and for discord animated avatar click on GIF. If you have discord nitro you can go with GIF as well.
    How to change profile picture on discord
    How to change profile picture on discord


  • Your PC file explorer will be up to browse the location of Image or GIF. Select your desired profile picture and then preview it.
  • Crop the image if asked, click on Apply, and then on Save Changes at the bottom of the discord app.

If you do not wish to use your own profile picture you can also use someone else discord profile picture as well.

How to Change your Profile picture on Discord (Mobile)

Changing discord avatar on your android or iPhone is as easy on PC. The process is almost the same with only the difference in navigation.

But no worries here are the simple steps you can follow to change your Discord pfp on iPhone and Android.

  1. Launch the Discord app on your mobile and tap on the hamburger ≡ icon at the very left-hand top.
    Hamburger icon on Discord Mobile
    Hamburger icon on Discord Mobile


  2. Now tap on your profile picture at the very right-hand bottom to bring up the discord user settings.
    Discord User settings mobile
    Discord User settings mobile


  3. From the user settings menu, tap on the “ ✎ User profile” that is just below the My Account menu.
    Discord mobile user profile
    Discord mobile user profile


  4. Tap on your profile picture and then on Change Avatar that will appear at the bottom of your phone.
    How to change your profile picture on discord mobile
    How to change your profile picture on discord mobile


  5. Give the permission if prompted and then choose the location of your desired profile picture that you want.
  6. Once selected, set the proper image by cropping and then tap on the tick mark at the very right-hand top.
  7. You will now see the preview of your new discord avatar. Click on the blue circle at the right-hand bottom to save the changes.
    How to save changes on Discord mobile
    How to save changes on Discord mobile

If you find an improper profile picture then try using the proper discord avatar size of 128×128 and crop properly.


How to get Animated Avatar on Discord without Nitro

I would recommend that you should have a discord nitro to enjoy many other perks like better streaming quality, animated GIFs, and emotes.

However, if you are not able to afford discord nitro and still wish to have a discord animated profile picture, then I have the solution.

Keep in mind this trick will give an animated avatar but would be a little slow and blurry.

  1. Navigate to the EZGIF animated GIF maker website.
  2. Click on Choose file to browse your animated GIF, if you do not have any GIF then you can download one from
    Animated PNG maker for Discord
    Animated PNG maker for Discord


  3. Once selected, click on Upload and wait for some time to get it uploaded.
  4. On the next screen, you will have frames of images, scroll down a bit and in the “toggle a range of frames” type 30 in the “To” section.
  5. Now in the Effect section, check the box of “crossfade frames” and “don’t stack frames”.
    How To Get Discord GIF Profile Pic Without Nitro
    How To Get Discord GIF Profile Pic Without Nitro


  6. Recheck again and click on Make APNG. Now, this may take some time to give the output, but I guess that’s okay with you.
  7. Once the output is completed right-click on the GIF and save the Image.
  8. Go back to discord and set the same image as your profile picture and you will see that it’s an animated GIF.

You can check above how to change your profile picture on Discord. I understand this profile picture is not as you get through discord nitro but at least better than an Image.



Discord avatar is one of the coolest things that people want to have while using discord. Hopefully, you are clear on how to change your profile picture on Discord PC and mobile.

Though Discord animated GIF with discord nitro gives an ultimate look to your discord profile, but still I share the solution that how to get an animated avatar GIF on discord without Nitro.

You can try Discord nitro free trial and then cancel nitro before the next renewal just to evaluate and enjoy the perks.

I am sure I covered everything related to Discord avatar but still, I missed something or if you have any questions related to this let me know in the comment box.

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