How to do Strikethrough on Discord | Discord text tricks

Discord is a text and voice chat platform that allows you to communicate with other gamers. It has a lot of features, but the one we will focus on today is how to do strikethrough on Discord.

I have seen users asking how to put a line through text in discord mobile, so here you can cross out text in discord both on PC and mobile as well.

With discord formatting, you can not only strikethrough text but can also make it more attractive using format style. Below we will discuss

  • Italicize and bold strikethrough text on discord
  • How to cross out text with color in discord
  • Underline Strikethrough text Discord

There are a couple of more things that you can do so keep reading and you will learn the entire detail about Discord Strikethrough.


How to do Strikethrough on Discord (PC)

Now I am not sure that you are aware of what does strikethrough means on Discord?
Strikethrough is an important feature of discord markdown formatting and is used to indicate the text that is no longer valid or deleted.

It’s a horizontal line that goes between the text that you want to represent as deleted or not valid. There are a couple of more discord text tricks that you can do with discord strikethrough, let’s see all of them.

There are also ways to use a spoiler tags in discord along with strikethrough

Check these international keyboard layouts for using discord strikethrough formatting.

Language Key (Tilde ~)
English (US) Shift + `
English (UK) Shift + #
Spanish Alt gr + +
French (France) Alt Gr + é followed by Space
French (Switzerland) Shift+3
Italian:  Shift and + (key right of èé)
Swedish:  Shift and ’ (key right of Ä)
German Shift and + (key right of Ü)


How to Strikethrough Text in Discord  

If you simply want to strikethrough the text then it is a simple ~ tilde symbol that you need to use before and after the text.

For example, if I want the text “How to Strikethrough Discord” to be crossed over then I will type 2 ~ tilde symbols before and after the text.

INPUT          ~~How to Strikethrough Discord~~

OUTPUT      How to Strikethrough Discord

How to Italicize Strikethrough Text in Discord

Probably many will know how to cross out text in discord but few would know how to italicize, bold, or color these crossout text.

You can make your strikethrough text italic on discord by simply adding an * asterisk symbol before and after the strikethrough format.

INPUT        *~~How to Italicize cross over text on Discord~~*

OUTPUT    How to Italicize Cross over text on Discord

How to cross out text in discord
How to italic cross out text in discord

How to Bold Strikethrough Text in Discord

Many users asked In order to make strikethrough text more highlighted you can bold the text as well.

For bold cross-out text in discord, you need to add 2 **asterisks before and after the strikethrough text.

INPUT        **~~Discord Bold Strikethrough~~**

OUTPUT     Discord Bold Strikethrough

Crossout text discord
Bold Crossout text discord


How to Underline Strikethrough text in Discord

With advanced discord markdown, you can also underline and cross over text together.

You need to add 2 __ underscores before and after the strikethrough text.

INPUT           __~~How to underline strikethrough text in discord~~__

OUTPUT        How to underline strikethrough text in discord

how to put a line through text in discord
how to put a line through text in discord



How to Color Strikethrough Text in Discord

Finally, as we love sending colored messages especially when we need to highlight them. You can crosswords out text in discord with different colors as well. 

There are different color codes that you can look at to see how to highlight text in a discord article.

Here for the explanation, I am taking the red color, so I will cross out text with red color in discord. 

INPUT         Type         ~~“`diff and hit enter

                    Now type  – Color Strikethrough Text and hit Enter

                    Type         “`~~ and then hit enter again

OUTPUT –    – Color Strikethrough Text

Do not copy this and type manually as instructed. I understand this can be a bit tricky but once you try a couple of times it will be very handy.

Discord markdown strikethrough



How to do Cross out text in Discord (Mobile)

This is very easy and almost similar where you need to use the same steps and symbols to strikethrough on discord mobile.

Depending on your keyboard you need to look for the ~ tilde symbol key. Rest for advanced strikethrough like bold, italic, and color you can look on your mobile keypad.

  • On your android phone, launch your discord app and open any server or DM chat. 
  • Tap on the chatbox and from the English (US) keypad tap on !#1. 
  • Now tap on ½ and here you will find the ~ tilde symbol, tap on it twice, then type your strikethrough text followed by 2 tilde symbols again, and then hit on enter key. 

As I said the steps and method are the same and the only difference is the way you input the tilde symbol.



Hopefully, now you are fully aware that how to do strikethrough on discord with different formats. There are a couple of more things that you can do like using bold, italic, and color strikethrough text together.

So use at the right time for the right purpose but the best part is you can make your cross-out text on discord much different from others by decorating it.

Let me know if you still have any further doubts related to  Strikethrough and did u knew these before.

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