How to Gift Discord Nitro – Easy Tutorial

Here I will explain to you how to gift discord nitro to anyone step by step.

Discord Nitro is the premium subscription service that allows you to use an animated avatar, emojis, server boost, and many other premium features.

Everyone wants to use this premium discord feature and you can really make anyone happy by gifting the discord nitro.

Many people still are still not aware and want to know, can you gift Discord Nitro to anyone, so the answer is YES.

Few details about Discord Nitro Gifting________________

You can gift monthly or yearly discord nitro and nitro classic subscription to anyone. Discord monthly nitro subscription costs $9.99 and $99.99 for the yearly subscription.

You can also gift discord nitro classic that is a lighter plan with fewer perks and cost $4.99 monthly and $49.99 annually.

So now you have both the options depending on your budget and below I will explain how to gift discord nitro and nitro classic.

Note: By default, Nitro Gift Expires in 48 hours


How to Gift Discord Nitro

1. Open the discord application on your PC and then click on the user settings located at the very left-hand bottom.

2. In the user settings, click on Discord Nitro which will bring up the Nitro page on the right-hand side.

3. You will be displayed with the two options of Subscribe and Gift, click on the ?gift to proceed further. For Discord Classic Nitro Scroll down and follow the same procedure.

Gift Discord Nitro
Gift Discord Nitro


4. Now you will be displayed with the two options of a monthly and yearly subscription, kindly choose your nitro gift plan. Once done click on Select.

Choose Nitro Plan
Choose Nitro Plan


5. The payment option will appear and you can choose either the credit card option or PayPal.

Select Payment type
Select Payment type


6. Choose one of the options, as I take a credit card so I will click on it and it the next page it will ask to fill in the card details like card number with expiration and CVV. Once done click on Next.

7. Now fill in your billing address and click on Next. If the card gets approved Nitro will be purchased and will display the Gift link.

Discord NItro Gift Link
Discord Nitro Gift Link


8. You can share this Discord Nitro Gift link with the person whom you want to gift. Simply click on copy to copy the code and paste in the DM of the user.


I am giving Discord Nitro every month in the giveaway. You can participate and win Discord Nitro Free.


Note: Nitro gift is only for the duration you purchased, there is no renewal for the Nitro


How to Manage Discord Nitro Gift

Gifts can be managed from the Discord Gift Inventory. You can also redeem Nitro or Game code from here.

Discord Gift inventory shows you the Gift details with the URL. In order to access the gift inventory follow the below instructions.

Click on the user settings located at the very left-hand bottom and then on Gift Inventory which is just below the Discord Nitro.

Discord Gift Inventory
Discord Gift Inventory

Now you will see the gift that you purchased, click on the gift and copy the link to share with the person whom you want to gift.


Note:- Once the Nitro has been claimed by another user, you won’t be able to claim it back

Fake Nitro Gift

You might have received many links and bot invites where they claim to provide free discord nitro to everyone.

Many of the users I know who felled into this trap and were hacked, please do not go with such invites or links.

You can only win free discord Nitro through the giveaway done by Discord or any social influencer.



I believe this will help you to understand how to gift discord nitro and how you need to be aware of the fake discord nitro links and invites.

Make sure you gift the Nitro before 48 hours as this get expired after this duration and you will have to purchase again.

If still, you have any doubts or suggestions, please leave your comment. Also, let me know if you got hacked just because of such fake invites or links.

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