How to Quote Someone in Discord – 2021 | 2 Easy Ways


Discord has updated this feature where now you can learn how to quote someone in discord on PC and Phone, instead of using any bots.

There are 2 ways that can be used to quote messages in discord.

In the beginning discord, users were out of luck with the feature of discord quote message but now this can be done very easily with single and multiple line discord quotes.

Discord has been an amazing app where discord users can use different discord formatting markdowns like coloring, bold, text, and strikethrough to gain better discord chat experience.


How to Quote Messages on Discord

Using Discord quote messages is easy to use on all kinds of devices and operating systems. There is not much difference between Phone and PC app to use discord quotes.

This becomes easy for us when we have two different options to choose from while sending any messages on discord using discord quotes.


1. Discord Quote Message with Code Block ( `)

The code block is an old feature of discord in which you can highlight the discord message background using backticks `.
Basically this discord formatting markdown was for both for developers to send any code sample and as well as to use this markdown to quote.

There are two different markdowns for a single line and multiple line text.

  • Discord Quote with Single Line Code Block

    Well, most of the time we quote a single line message where we can use a single line code block.        
    There are no line breaks so here the markdown we will use is 1 backtick `. So let’s understand through an example with a screenshot that will make it easier to understand.                                         

    Here our text that we want to quote will be “How to quote someone in discord”      What we will type: – `how to quote someone in discord` So this what our text will look at how to quote someone in discord.   
    Check the below screenshot which will make clearer to understand.

discord quote message

– Single line block (>)

Again if your message is within one line with no line break you can simply use a single line block by adding > and then space before the message.

For example, if someone on the discord server wrote “Do you want me to stream at night?” You can quote his message to make your reply as I did below > Do you want me to stream at night? YES
discord quote message
Quote Message with single Block


– Multiple Line Block (>>>)

If the message that we need to quote is in multiple lines you need to use >>> and space before the message.

Let’s take another example

If someone made a request on discord server which is “Dear members please do not spam any links and even do not click on it. I request every discord user here to support me. Do you support me?

You can reply to his request by quoting his message as I did >>> Dear members please do not spam any links and even do not click on it. I request every discord user here to support me. Do you support me? YES




How do you Reply to a Specific Message on Discord?

So far, I haven’t seen any reply option in discord like in emails, but yes you can reply through a quote to any message you want.

You might have missed the chat and won’t feel confident replying through the chatbox as the discord message you want to reply has gone far above.

Hover up to the old message you want to reply and click on 3 dots from the right-hand side to choose a quote.

Discord quote markdown will automatically come up on the chatbox where you reply to that message.

How to quote someone in discord



So, far you learned how to quote in Discord in two easy ways. There is another way as well that can be done through the bot.

But as these methods are so easy to use, I don’t think so you need a bot for this.

These are few purposes of using discord quoting that I mentioned in this article, if you found any other purpose of using, then please let the audience know.

Please make your comment and feedback for this article.
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