How to Set-up Giveaway Bot in Discord (2022) – Discord Tips

Giveaway bot discord

A giveaway is a kind of contest where you give something in return for leads or subscriptions with the help of the Discord giveaway bot and that is what I will explain in this article. A giveaway bot in discord can help you to grow your discord server and gain viewers. There are many bots … Read more

Discord App not Opening on Windows 10 – FIXED

Discord not opening

Discord is an amazing VoIP app for the gaming platform with a variety of features. Like other apps discord also frequently creates problems like the discord app not opening specially on windows 10. But the best part is, there is a solution for all the problems and it doesn’t take much time to fix this. … Read more

How to Get a Custom Discord Link (FREE) – Discord Vanity URL

How to get a custom discord link

Discord Custom link is a powerful tool and a feature to boost your server with a custom and a short invite URL. In this article, I will explain to you how to get a custom discord link for free with a discord vanity URL feature. Discord has a feature of Vanity URL in the server … Read more

Discord JavaScript Error on Start-up – (Fatal Error FIXED)

discord javascript error on startup

Many users are facing discord JavaScript error on startup and even while streaming with an error message of “A JavaScript error occurred in the main process” with discord uncaught exception. Most of the users complained that they even restarted and reinstalled discord but still having the same issues. In this article, I am covering all … Read more

How to See Deleted Messages on Discord (2022) – 2 Methods

How to see deleted discord messages

You might be wondering how to see deleted discord messages as discord says there is no way to see deleted messages. But in this article, I am sharing the method through which you can see the deleted discord messages for DMs as well as on the server. You can view discord deleted messages by 2 … Read more

How to Fix Discord Overlay not working (2022) – In 3 Minutes

Discord overlay not working

While frequently active on discord you may experience the problem where the discord overlay option is not working especially on windows 10 while playing games like PUBG, Fortnite, and Among Us. With the help of this article you can fix the discord game overlay problem within a few minutes but before proceeding to the fix, … Read more

Why Discord Stuck on Starting Screen (2022) – FIXED


Like many Discord users, you may also run into the problem where discord stuck on starting with grey or black screen while connecting forever or you keep clicking on the discord icon but nothing happens. Many of the discord screens just stuck like for 2 or 3 days or I can say forever and that … Read more

How to Unfollow Someone on Twitch Mobile and Desktop (2021)

How to unfollow on twitch

Twitch is becoming a great platform for both the streamers and viewers and in this article, I will explain how to unfollow someone on twitch if you followed someone by mistake or you do not wish to watch any specific channel. Following channels on twitch keep you updated about your favorite streamer through notification and … Read more

How to Auto Host on Twitch (2022) – Discord Tips

Twitch Auto-hosting

Hosting on Twitch has been a great experience for both beginners and pro streamers, in this article I will brief you about how to auto host on twitch and whether you should auto host on twitch or not. The benefit is when you are offline, either you can set an offline banner or use an … Read more

How to Stream Games and Movies on Discord (2021) – Go LIVE

how to stream on Discord

Discord has recently launched a Go-live feature and many of the users want to know more about how to stream games on discord. Now you can share your screen in discord while playing games or movies by pressing the live stream option by inviting people on the voice channel. In this article, I will brief … Read more