How to Fix Discord Stuck on Grey Screen in 2022 – (5 Solution)

Discord grey and a black screen is a common issue that mostly appears on PC. But recently I found user’s discord stuck on the grey screen again on Windows 11 & 10 in December 2021.

For the Instant solution, you can try restarting discord by completely closing it from the task manager.

Check step by step how to fix discord stuck on the grey screen both for Windows and Mac.

But what causes the grey screen to discord that stops it from loading and getting stuck.

Why is Discord stuck on Grey Screen? 

Discord may be stuck on a gray screen while startup, updating, and even during screen sharing.

So what exactly causes these issues?

Discord stuck on a blank grey screen is basically because of the caches and some discord files.

Sometimes these similar reasons also raise issues like discord crashing problems.

Now as this problem is not new on discord and recently grey screen issues are appearing more on Windows 11.


How to Fix Discord Stuck on Grey Screen

I understand you might be in a hurry to quickly fix this blank grey screen problem on Discord.

Let me tell you first that according to different users they fixed this discord stuck on grey screen issues with different methods.

According to my research deleting discord folders from Windows roaming is the most effective solution.

Let’s start with the basic one.

NOTE: Before proceeding try opening your discord from any browser, if discord works fine over there then the problem is with the discord app and you need to follow the below fixes.

FIX 1 – Refresh and Restart Discord 

Refreshing and restarting the discord app is one of the best and simplest solutions to fix any app or device problem.

This solution just takes a few seconds so you better start with this solution.

  • Try refreshing discord by pressing Ctrl + R key in Windows and Command + R key in Mac.

If it still comes up with a Grey blank screen then better restart it by completely closing it.

  • Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc key on Windows to bring up the task manager. 
  • From the task manager click on the Details tab. Look for a discord app, right-click on it and choose the “End process tree”.


    End Discord Completely from task manager
    End Discord Completely from task manager


Once done, launch the discord app again and see if this fixed the problem. If still discord won’t open and shows a grey screen then move to the next fix.


FIX 2 – Delete Discord Folder

This is one of the best and effective solutions to fix discord stuck on grey screen issues on Windows and Mac.

NOTE:- You need to completely close discord before following this method. 

Follow the below steps to delete the discord folder from the Windows AppData.

  • Press Windows + R key to bring up the RUN box on your Windows PC.


  • Type %appdata% in the RUN box and then click on OK to bring up the roaming folder.


    How to Fix Discord stuck on grey screen
    How to Delete Discord Folder on Windows


  • Here look for the discord folder, click on it once to select. Press Shift + Del to delete the folder. 
  • Once done, launch the discord app again and probably your problem will be fixed.

In case you don’t find the discord folder in the AppData, then you need to enable “Show hidden items” in the file explorer. On Windows 11 click on View from the top menu of file explorer, hover up to Show, and check hidden items.

I am very sure as I fixed my issue with this method and even many other users quickly fixed their problem with this method.


FIX 3 – Disable Cache from Discord Dev Tools

According to many users and a post from Reddit, discord stuck on gray screen issues can also be fixed by disabling cache from discord dev tools.

Reddit post on Discord grey screen
Reddit post on Discord grey screen


You can disable the cache both on desktop apps and browsers.  Follow the steps below.

  • Launch your discord app and press Ctrl + shift + I key all together to bring up the discord dev tools on the right-hand side.


  • Click on the Network tab at the top of the dev tools box.


  • Now just below the Network tab, you will see the box of Disable Cache. Click on the box to disable it.


    Discord won't open grey screen
    Discord won’t open grey screen


  • Once done, refresh your discord app again by pressing Ctrl + R key.

Hopefully, the problem will be fixed and the discord screen will now be up.


FIX 4 – Launch Discord in Compatibility Mode

I am very sure that the above 3 fixes will definitely fix discord stuck at grey screen issues.

If not, then chances are that discord is not compatible with the current version of Windows in compatibility mode.

  • First, close the discord app completely, you can close it from the task manager. 
  • Right-click on the discord app and choose Properties.  
  • In the Discord properties box, click on the Compatibility tab. 
  • Now check the box of “Run this program in compatibility mode for” and from the drop-down choose Windows 7.


    Run Discord in Compatibility mode
    Run Discord in Compatibility mode


  • Click on Apply and then on ok. Start discord app again and see if this fixed the issue. 

If not, try changing the operating system from Windows 7 to any other. 


FIX 5 – Reinstall Discord 

I am expecting that there would only be a few users for whom the above method did not work.

If you are one of them and still have this gray screen while starting discord then you need to reinstall discord.

I would recommend using a third-party tool like Revo uninstaller to uninstall Discord completely.

  • Visit Revo uninstaller website and download the free version of Revo Freeware. 
  • Follow the steps and uninstall Discord completely from there. Completely means deleting every file of discord. 
  • Once done restart your PC and visit discord website again and download discord again.

I am very sure if nothing worked for you then this would have given a solution to you. If you still have issues you can try downloading Discord PTB and check if this works fine on it.

You may wait for some time as this might be some glitch from discord due to any outage or updates.


How to Fix Discord Stuck on Mac Grey Screen

Many Mac users also reported that their discord stuck on a grey screen and so here are a few best solutions that you need to try.

FIX 1 – Refresh & Restart Discord

Refresh and Restart is one of the best and basic troubleshooting steps not only on Windows but also on Mac.

Press the Command + R key to refresh your discord and see if the screen now loads properly. 

If not then restart discord by following the below steps

  • Type activity monitor on Mac search and from the suggestions drop-down open it.
  • In the activity monitor, scroll to find discord and click on it. 
  • Now from the left-hand top go with Force Quit.

Once done, launch the discord app again and check if this fixed the problem.


FIX 2 –  Delete Discord Folder from Library

Deleting the discord folder means deleting the discord cache and corrupted files. This is the best and effective solution on Mac to fix the discord grey screen.

Follow below simple steps to delete the discord folder on Mac.

  • From the left-hand top mac menu, click on GO and then on Go to Folder. 
  • Type ~/Library/Application Support in the box and then click on Go. Look for the Discord folder, right-click on it and choose Move to Trash. 
  • Once done again click on Go and then on Go to Folder. 
  • Type /Library/Application Support in the box and then click on Go. Look for the discord folder, right-click on and choose Move to Trash.

Once done, launch discord again. If still doesn’t work then search for the discord app, right-click on it and choose Move to Trash.

Restart Mac and download discord again and I am very sure the problem will be fixed.



Discord screen share grey screen?

You may get a grey screen on discord screen share while streaming due to any input device or due to outdated and conflicted drivers.

Try removing any input device like headset, mouse, or webcam.
Update your graphic and other drivers.
Try restarting and deleting the discord folder.

Discord Stuck on RTC connecting?

If the discord screen comes fine but you see an RTC connecting error while making any discord call, this would be because of the network issue.

You need to check your internet connection. Try restarting the internet and your device.

Discord blank screen on startup?

You may get a blank screen on discord while starting the app or through the browser. This blank screen can be grey, black or white.

Try the solution given above and in case you are getting this blank screen on chrome browser then try clearing chrome cache and disabling hardware acceleration.


The majority of people fix discord stuck on the grey screen by just deleting the discord folder both on Windows and Mac.

The solution I shared is the best and working fixes for this discord problem.

Just keep in mind these fixes are only applicable if you have issues only with discord apps on your device. If you have the same problem on other apps or on your PC then you need to fix your PC problems like updating drivers and clearing cache.

Please let us know which fix worked for you and also if you have any other solution.

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