How to Cancel Discord Nitro Subscription – (PC & Mobile)

Have you changed your mind and don’t need Nitro anymore check how to cancel discord nitro subscription on PC and Mobile.

There can be many reasons for canceling a discord nitro subscription, probably your nitro trial is about to expire or you are all done with a subscription.

Is Discord Nitro easy to cancel?

Yes, canceling a nitro subscription on discord is very easy and in this guide, I will cover each and every piece of information related to nitro cancellation.


How to Cancel Discord Nitro Subscription PC

You need to follow the same steps even if you want to cancel your discord nitro free trial

Just make sure you cancel your free trial discord nitro trail before the next billing period which is 3 months.

You can gift discord nitro to anyone and even cancel it before 5 days of purchase.

There are no charges to cancel a nitro subscription on discord.

Though discord nitro gives you amazing perks and unlocks many features but, if you have finally decided to unsubscribe from nitro then follow the below steps.

  1. Open Discord application or through the web on your PC. 
  2. Click on the settings gear icon of “User Settings” located at the very left-hand top.


    Discord User Settings
    Discord User Settings


  3. From the left-hand menu click on “Subscriptions”. 
  4. Your current discord nitro subscription will be displayed here on the screen. This will display your subscription details in a pink rectangular banner.


    How to cancel discord nitro subscription
    How to cancel discord nitro subscription


  5. Click on “Cancel” and again on cancel when the confirmation box pops up.

Your Discord nitro subscription has been canceled successfully, but still, if you have not canceled then you can also switch your plan.

Just beside Cancel, you will find an option of Switch Plans where you can downgrade your plan from discord nitro $9.99 p/m to Nitro classic $4.99.


Discord Payment Details  

Just below the discord subscription banner, you will find the payment information that shows the renewal date and amount. Make a reminder when this renews as this would be more useful if you have a free trial.

On the very right of it, you will see “Pay for it with” that shows your payment method.

How to change payment details on discord
How to change payment details on discord


If you want to change the payment method, click on the drop-down and then click on “Add a new payment method”.

You can add another card or link your Paypal account to discord.


How to Cancel Discord Nitro Subscription Mobile

You can cancel your discord nitro subscription or free-trial anytime from your android or iPhone mobiles.

Follow the below steps for quick cancellation.

  • Launch discord application on your phone. 
  • Tap on the hamburger icon on the left-hand top and then tap on your profile picture located at the very right-hand bottom. 
  • Now scroll down a bit to Nitro Settings and tap on “Manage Subscriptions”.


    How to change discord nitro mobile
    How to change discord nitro mobile


  • At the top, you will find a Nitro subscriptions pink banner displaying your subscriptions, tap on Cancel and then again on cancel subscription to unsubscribe Nitro subscription.  

Make sure before going with cancellation you read all the information on this page and also think twice as you also switch from Nitro to Classic which is much cheaper.

But sometimes we either may be in a bad financial position or you won’t feel worth using it so what will happen after canceling discord nitro.


What if you Cancel your Discord Nitro?

Discord Nitro gives you several perks like profile banner, animated avatar, nitro badge, increased upload size, and many other features.

Your Nitro subscription perks will be still active till the next billing date. For example, if the nitro renewal date is December 5 and you cancel the subscription on November 26, you would still enjoy nitro perks till December 5.

Nitro perks like server boost icons and animated emojis would be still working for you.


Tips for users using Nitro Free Trial

I have seen many users going with 3 months of discord nitro free trial by linking a debit or credit card.
Now if you do not wish to continue the discord nitro after the free trial you need to cancel it before the next billing cycle which is 3 months. Most of the users miss this and so they get charged for the nitro after 3 months of the free trial.

So my recommendation is that if you want to enjoy only a free trial, then better cancel it a month before and you will stay and enjoy the nitro benefits till the next billing cycle.

Why I am sharing this as many users think that canceling the nitro trial will also end their perks.



How to cancel a discord nitro gift?

You can not cancel or refund a Nitro gift if already claimed by anyone.

If the nitro gift has not been claimed you can cancel it and get a refund before 5 days of initial purchase.

How to cancel discord nitro subscription on iPhone  

Canceling Discord Nitro on the iPhone is similar to the Android app.  Launch the discord app on your iPhone and tap on your profile picture to open discord user settings.

Now tap on Manage subscription and then tap on cancel where your subscription is displayed.

Will I be refunded If I cancel Discord Nitro?

If you request for a refund within 5 days of initial purchase of discord nitro and boost you will be refunded.

There would be no refund if you request for refund after 5 days of purchase, even if you cancel the subscription you will enjoy the nitro perks till the next billing cycle.


Bottom Line 

Discord Nitro is a really great upgrade that provides you amazing perks and boost. But I find this useful for the only users who are regular users of discord.

Though you must be aware of how to cancel discord nitro subscription and what happens when you cancel discord nitro.

I am sure you have got all related information from this guide and if you still have any questions or doubts then let me know in the comment box.

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