How to get someone’s Discord Profile Picture – (PC & Mobile)

You might have seen a lot of people having amazing profile pictures on discord and so I guess you thought of how to get someone’s discord profile picture.

This would also ease your work if you are lazy and do not wish to spend time creating such profile pictures.

There are multiple platforms now where you can create discord profile pictures but sometimes we see some users having so impressive pfp that we just want to steal their profile picture.

In this article, I will share how to download someone’s profile picture or gif on discord both on PC and Phone.


How to Get Someone’s Discord Profile Picture in (PC)

You might not know that some of the discord rules are quite strict. Among them, you’ll find a restricted set of profile pictures.

Discord won’t allow you to download or save their discord profile picture.

Here I am sharing the top 2 and best methods to get someone’s profile picture without installing any plugin or bot.


Method 1 – By Copying User ID

This is an easy method to save someone’s pfp easily by copying their ID and looking into the discord ID website.

Now make sure that discord developer mode is enabled on your discord.

You can enable discord developer mode by going to the User Settings > Advanced > Click on the toggle to enable discord developer mode.

Step 1:- Once developer mode is enabled, we can now copy the ID of any discord user.

Make a right-click on the profile picture of the desired user and click on “Copy ID”.

How to copy ID in Discord
How to copy ID in Discord


Step 2:- Now navigate to a website called which is basically a discord ID lookup website.

Step 3:- Simply paste the ID you just copied and then click on lookup. It might ask you to go with captcha verification, so click on the press to start and in just a few seconds it will display the user profile picture along with other details.

Discord ID look up
Discord ID lookup


Step 4:- Click on the user profile picture and it will open in a new window.

Step 5:- Right-click on the profile picture and click on “Save Image as“. Choose the download destination and save the picture.

How do you download someones profile picture on discord?
How do you download someone’s profile picture on discord?


You have now successfully saved your desired profile picture for discord.



Method 2:- Using Browser Inspect element

This is another easy and quick method to get someone’s discord profile picture without any website, plugin, or bot.

This is a manual method and you need to be on the discord web to enjoy this method.

So even if you have lost your favorite profile picture, this will help you to get that back gain.

Step 1:- Open the Discord application on your chrome web browser and navigate to the discord user profile, whose profile picture you want to download.

Step 2:- Hover up to his profile picture and then click on view profile. Profile box will now appear.

Step 3:- Press Ctrl + Shift +I key together to bring the inspect element section on the right-hand side.

Step 4:- In the inspect element box, click on the square box with a cursor icon on it which is on the very left-hand top of inspect element box. Once done click on the profile picture again.

How to get someone's Discord Profile Picture
Discord inpsect element


Step 5:- Now some text on the right-hand side will be highlighted with a small arrow. Click on the 3 dot icon which is on the very left of this small arrow icon and choose “Edit as HTML” from the option.

How to get someone’s discord pfp


Step 6:- This will bring another editable box, where you need to find the link starting from https. Copy this entire link as shown in the image below and paste it into the new tab.

Discord profile picture stealer
Discord profile picture stealer


Step 7:- Now right-click on the image and choose “save image as“. Your desired profile picture has been downloaded and saved.


How to Get Someone’s Discord Profile Picture (Phone)

Android and iPhone users can also view someone’s discord profile picture and download it as well.

Many users commented that how to use discord profile picture stealers on mobile.    

NOTE: – Discord developer mode should be enabled for this method. Read the steps below on how to enable developer mode in discord.

Step 1:- Launch the discord application and tap on your profile picture located at the very right-hand bottom to open discord settings.

Step 2:- Scroll down and tap on Behavior which will be under the app settings section. Make sure Developer mode is enabled and if not tap on the toggle to enable it.

Step 3:- Once done go back to the user profile picture that you want to save. Tap on the profile picture which will bring up their profile.

Step 4:- Scroll down on his profile and you will find the Copy ID section, tap on Copy ID.

How to get someone's discord profile picture on mobile
How to get someone’s discord profile picture on mobile


Step 5:- Now launch any browser on your phone and open a website Once opened simply paste the ID you copied into the box and tap on lookup.

Step  6:- Website will now display all the details of the discord users. Tap on the profile picture and it will open in a new tab. Tap and hold on to the profile picture and then tap on download image from the option.

Bottom Line

Hopefully, after reading how to get someone’s Discord Profile Picture both on PC and Phone you can now easily save anyone pfp. But this is against Discord T&C, so it’s better to have your own and unique profile picture.

This is especially for the people who are lazy or who have lost their profile picture. With this method, they can easily download and get their profile picture back.

Please share your feedback and query in the comment box.

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