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I am sure you must have seen people on discord server sharing links within the text called text link formatting or hyperlinks and probably you need to know more about how to hyperlink in discord.

Hyper-Links is a great way to make your chat and forum content stand out.

They are an easy way to add information on your discord chat via a link instead of using long messy links.  Hyperlink looks like “Join my discord server

For those of you who don’t know what a Hyperlink is, it is a link that will automatically appear as a box containing a hyperlink to the page to which links are taken.


Can you Hyperlink in Discord?

By default, there is no such option to add clickable links on discord chat text. I tried many tools and code but nothing worked. 

But you can use a bot and webhook to create hyperlink text on discord.

Probably due to security reasons, as discord also warn you while opening any link to save us from many scams done via suspicious links.


Does discord allow hyperlinks?

You can use an embed links generator like through webhook and bot to use the hyperlink. So I can say discord won’t allow sending hyperlink text from your account.

This can be done either through a bot or by creating any user name via webhook.

Don’t worry I will explain to you step by step how to make a hyperlink on discord using webhook and bot.


How to hyperlink in Discord?

As discussed above there are not possible ways for discord to use hyperlinks in the discord chat. You can just change discord text fonts

There are a few, who would suggest you use link shortener which basically shortens the link to give it a better link, but still, it’s a link starting from HTTPS.

Instead, try these 2 below methods


Discord Hyperlink bot (Carl-bot)

There are several bots for discord that allows executing commands and using hyperlink within the text through an embed.

In this article, I will explain to you how to use hyperlink with Carl bot

Step 1:- Navigate to carl-bot website and log in with your discord account.

Can you hyperlink in discord
Login to Carl bot with your discord account


Step 2:- Once you are on the dashboard, it will ask you to choose the server where you want to link this bot. Choose the server on which you want to use the hyperlink.


Allow the permission by clicking on Continue and Authorize.


Step 3:- You can click get started to configure other features of this bot, or else simply click on skip. This will bring you to the Carl dashboard.


Step 4:- Now from the left-hand menus, scroll down and click on Embeds. This will open the embeds creator box.

How to embed links in discord


Step 5:- In the description section write

FORMAT – prefix [write the text you want to display on the link](paste the link here)


Check my [YouTube Channel](

This will look like Check my YouTube Chanel

Discord Hyperlink
Discord Hyperlink


Step 6:- Once done with the description part, scroll down to destination and select the channel from the drop-down.

How to add hyperlinks in discord
How to add hyperlinks in discord


Step 7:- Click on Post to send this embed message.



Discord Embed link generator (Webhook)

This is another best option and suggestion on how to hyperlink on discord using discord webhook.

Step 1:- Open your discord application or on the web. Now choose the server on which you want to use the hyperlink.

Step 2:- Click on the drop-down of the server name and choose server settings.

Step 3:- From the left-hand menu, click on integrations and then on New Webhook. Give a name to this webhook and choose the channel where you want to send a hyperlinked message.

How to hyperlink in discord
How to hyperlink in discord


Once done, click on the copy webhook URL to copy the webhook link.


Step 4:- Now open a website called to generate the hyperlink message.

How to make hyperlink in discord

In the Webhook URL section paste the webhook link you just copied from discord.

Step 5:- Now scroll down to the Embed section and click on the + icon to create a new embed.


Step 6:- In the Description use the same format that we used in the bot embeds.

FORMAT – prefix [write the text you want to display on the link](paste the link here)


Check my [YouTube Channel](

This will look like Check my YouTube Chanel


Step 7:- You can have the link color from the color option. There are a couple of more options which you can try.

Step 8:- Once done, scroll to the top and click on Send Message.



Final Words on Discord Hyperlink

Discord keep bringing new updates and changes to give us the best experience and security. However, how to hyperlink in discord can be easily done with these two easy steps.

If you want that discord should launch this feature, kindly upvote for this feature request by clicking on this hyperlink of Discord Hyperlink Feature.  

Do let me know if you have any more suggestions and I will surely add that to my article.


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