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Text to speech is really an amazing feature but many times this can be really annoying and so you must know how to turn off TTS in discord.

TTS can be used for many purposes like for fun and many other purposes. But sometimes your text to speech can go insane specially when there is discord echo and you want to get rid of it.

What is TTS in Discord?

Through Text to Speech (TTS) in discord, you can have fun across the discord channels.

Your text messages will be translated to the speech by just using a simple command of /tts.

Discord Text to Speech command
Discord Text to Speech command


So the best part is that it works like an attention gainer where you just write a HELLO message which is translated into speech and listened by every member of the server

Discord TTS once enabled can be enjoyed on your own server or any other server. This feature is currently available for Windows and Mac users.


How to turn off TTS on Discord

Discord TTS can be disabled for both the client and the discord server. Here I will share the instructions for both client and server.

NOTE:- TTS full feature only works on Windows and Mac PC.

How to Disable Text to Speech Discord (Specific Servers)

Probably you are getting mad about TTS on any specific server and in such case, you can disable text to speech for only that server.

NOTE: – You must be an admin or must have permission to make the changes in the server

Open the server for which you want to stop the TTS, right-click on the server, and choose Server Settings.

server settings
server settings


In the Server Settings click on the Role tab from the left-hand panel.

Now choose the role @everyone and scroll down to the bottom to “Send Text to Speech Messages”.

How to disable text to speech in Discord
How to disable text to speech in Discord


Now click the switch in front of the TTS messages and make sure it’s turned to grey cross which means it has been turned off.

Once done, restart the Discord to see the changes.


Disable TTS for (Entire Discord Server)

Discord Text to speech can be disabled for the entire server, where after turning off TTS there won’t be any playback in the server.

So if due to any reasons you want to stop TTS for the entire discord server, follow the below instructions.

Open the discord application and click on the user settings icon located at the very left-hand bottom.

Now from the left-hand settings panel, scroll down to the Text & Images tab and click on it.

How to stop discord TTS
How to stop discord TTS


How to stop discord TTS

Scroll down again to the Text-to-Speech section and click the switch in front of the Allow playback and usage of /tts command to disable.

Once disabled, restart the discord and check again if this resolved your issue.


Discord Text to Speech won’t turn off

Many discord users share their problem that they have trouble turning off the text to speech.

Though few of them said that they even disabled TTS but still it seems to be working.

There are a few basic troubleshooting steps and instructions that can help you to get rid of this problem.

  • Restart is the best fix to resolve this issue in case if your TTS is not turning off. I had the same issue and got fixed by just making a simple restart.


  • Discord TTS can be turned off either for any specific server or for the entire server. So probably you turned off TTS for any other server but it’s still working for the other discord servers.



Discord text to speech is an amazing feature to gain the user’s attention in the server by converting text messages to speech.

But sometimes due to the fun, this can become a mess and panic you. So from the above instruction, you now know how to turn off TTS in discord.

Discord TTS is not available for mobile and so you can enjoy it only on your PC.

Many of the discord users even want to ban discord TTS due to some extra fun and troll.

Please share your feedback on TTS and share the reasons behind disabling it.


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