What does the Red Circle on Discord mean | Turn ON and OFF


Recently, I got few queries from the discord user asking what does the red circle on discord mean which is basically a red dot on discord icon.

The way query was asked it seemed like this discord user was frustrated with this discord red dot. In this article, I will explain the benefits of the red dot icon at discord taskbar notification and how you can get rid of it.

I will also explain what to do if discord unread message badge not working which I will rather discuss at the end when you will know about discord red dot and how this can be useful for you.


What does the Red Circle on Discord mean?

Let me clarify first where do you see this red dot? 

If you see this within discord application which may be the discord status badge that is on the very left of your username at the left-hand bottom.

discord status red icon
discord status red icon
  • There is a red dot on discord with a black line on it; this means you have set your discord status to Do not Disturb.
  • But, if you find a red dot on Discord taskbar notification then this red dot on discord icon means you have unread messages on Discord.


A Red Dot on discord STATUS icon                                           

Discord has 4 different online statuses through which you can show your real-time availability status to your discord friends.

  • Online:- If you are logged in to discord and want to show everyone that you are open for conversation, then you can set your status online. This can be done easily by clicking on the profile icon just on the left of the username.

A green circle indicates that the user is online


  • Idle:- This means you are logged in but not been active for a long time. This status can be set automatically once you go AFK or you manually set the status.

An orange half-circle indicates that the user is Idle.


  • Do Not Disturb:- Red circle on profile icon indicates that your status is set to Do Not Disturb and you won’t be receiving any discord notifications that you used to get while in the online mood.
 You can change the Discord red circle status by clicking on your avatar and select online. 


  • Invisible:- If you intend to work late or without nay disturbance, you can set your status to invisible which will appear offline to everyone, but you can do your entire work.


Discord red dot




If you have a red dot on discord at the taskbar, this indicates that you have unread messages. Probably you came out of Discord application and after a few minutes, you see a red dot on discord icon which means while you were out of the application somebody messaged you.

If you want to get rid of this red dot notification on discord, then simply go back to your discord and read unread messages.

What does the red circle on discord mean
What does the red circle on discord mean


How to Mark all Notification as Read on Discord

Sometimes when you are connected to multiples servers it becomes challenging to read all the messages and we think getting rid of discord red dot. 

How to mark all notifications as read on discord

 In this case, if you want to mark all notifications as read on discord then you need to right-click on every server and choose mark as read option .

how to mark all notification as read on discord
how to mark all notification as read on discord

You need to perform this action for every server, keep in mind a few of the options of mark as read won’t be highlighted which means there are no unread messages in that server.

Once you perform this action on every server, make sure you keep an eye on discord taskbar notification.


How to disable Discord red dot notifications

If you feel uncomfortable with this discord red dot notification and want to disable it permanently. You will have a few choices here

  • Disable Unread message badge for entire Server
  • Disable notification from any specific server
  • You can also disable any specific channel.


Disable unread message badge for entire server: – You can disable entire discord notifications, doing this will stop all the message notifications from the entire server and channel. Follow the below steps to disable entire discord notification.

In this option will have

STEP 1:- Open your Discord dashboard and open settings

STEP 2:- From the left-hand panel, click on Notification which will be under App settings

STEP 3:- Now click the blue switch beside the “Enable unread message badge”, once turned off it will turn grey from blue.

disable unread message badge
disable unread message badge



Disable notifications from any specific server: – Disabling entire unread message badge might not be your expectation. You might be frustrated with discord messages from any specific server.

In this case, where you want to disable discord red dot notification from a specific server, you can mute that channel. Let’s see the steps

STEP 1:- Open Discord dashboard and click on the server for which you want to turn off the notifications.

STEP 2:- Click on drop-down beside to server name and choose Notifications Settings

STEP 3:- Click on the grey button beside to Mute [server name]. Once you click the switch it will turn blue and then click on done at the bottom.

mute discord server notifications
mute discord server notifications



Disabling notifications from any specific channel:- You can narrow down your notification settings by disabling a specific server. So instead of disabling the entire server, you can disable any specific channel within the discord.

STEP 1:- Open Discord server

STEP 2: – Look for your channel and right-click on it.

STEP 3:- You can now choose options from the list, where you can mute the channel for a specific time or until you turn it back on.

mute discord channel notifications
mute discord channel notifications



Discord unread message badge not working

As explained above while explaining what does the red circle on discord mean, I mentioned that this red dot notification feature is quit useful which let you know about the unread messages.

Probably something went wrong and your discord unread message badge is not working and you need it on work again. Try below methods

STEP 1:- Make sure none of the notifications are disabled or muted which you just read above

STEP 2:- Type Settings on the search box and hit Enter.

STEP 3:-  In the settings, look for Personalization and click on it.

STEP 4:- From the left-hand panel look for Taskbar and click on it.

STEP 5:- Scroll down to look for “Show badges on taskbar buttons“, make sure it’s turned on.


discord unread message badge not working
discord unread message badge not working


Restart the computer and check again if this worked, if not

  • Update discord and is still doesn’t work
  • Reinstall Discord



So far you learned what does the red circle on discord means and how you enable or disable it. Discord and almost every social chatting app have such features that are designed to give a notification alert for unread messages.

I would recommend keeping this feature on and turning off for a specific channel or server which is not so important for you.

I believe your query got resolved from this article, please let me which information was more useful to you.

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