Top 20 Better Discord Themes (2022) – With Support

Discord has no feature to change themes as it only allows you to switch between dark mode and light mode. In order to change themes, you need to install better discord themes from a better discord library.

In this article, I will share the top 20 better discord themes that will give you an ultimate discord look.

Now, most of you might be thinking that is better discord allowed and safe to use.

Yes, you can be banned for using better discord but mostly when you are using kinds of stuff that are totally against the discord T&C.

I have not seen anyone got banned using better discord themes, so you can try and many of the users are already using.


How do I get better discord themes?

Better Discord themes can be downloaded from the better discord library. You must have better discord installed on the discord before you can use any plugins and themes.

In this article, I will share complete information on how to install better discord and better discord themes.


How to download and Install Better Discord

If you already have better discord installed you can skip this part and if not follow the below steps to install better discord. No plugins and themes would work without better discord.

STEP 1:- Navigate to a better discord website and click on Download. This will redirect you to the Github page.

download better discord
download better discord


STEP 2:- Scroll down and choose the version of BandagedBD depending on your operating system. Once you click on it, the download will start.

Bandaged BD for mac and windows
Bandaged BD for mac and windows


STEP 3:- Click on the downloaded file and then click on RUN to start the installation. If it again asks you to download the updated files, then click on yes again and run the updated file.

Install better discord updated version
Install better discord updated version


STEP 4:- BandagedBD installer wizard will now be up and will ask you to choose the action. Click on the first option of Install BandagedBD.

how to Install better discord
how to Install better discord


STEP 5:- In the next step confirm your discord version and location where you want to install it. Chances are that you using Discord stable so check the box and then click on Install.

Install better discord
Install better discord


STEP 6:- Once completed, discord will restart and you can see this by clicking on user settings. At the very bottom, you will find the BandagedBD section with sub-sections like Plugins and Themes.


Top 20 Better Discord Themes

Now here I am sharing the top 20 better discord themes which are verified by bandagedBD and are safe to use.

NOTE :- Tutorial on how to install better discord themes will be after theme 20.


THEME #1:- Clear Vision

This is an extensive customizable better discord theme by clear vision. This theme comes with amazing background images, font-changing options, and many more.

There are many unique features like blur percentage that make many channels blurry. The discord user settings icon will spin like a wheel while hovering upon it.

Clear vision better discord theme
Clear vision better discord theme



NOTE:- If you fail to download or install any better discord theme then kindly check the tutorial at the bottom.


THEME #2:- Horizontal Server List

If you are tired of seeing the discord server list on the vertical left. This theme will bring the entire server list from the left to the top.

There will be no changes on the Discord theme and you can customize and make it more attractive and different if you are using discord server folders.

Horizontal Server list theme
Horizontal Server list theme




THEME #3:- Basic Background

The basic background theme is trendy and with most downloads of 414.6k so far. You will feel like enjoying a premium theme with its attractive color and background.

You can easily change the background Image and transparency with some extra effort by editing on CSS.

Basic background theme for discord
Basic background theme for discord




THEME #4:- Cyber Punk

This is an amazing dark theme with glowing effects and velvet elements to give you the feel of CyberPunk 2077.

So if you play Cyber Punk or even not you will like this ultimate dark black theme.

Discord servers will be arranged in a square icon, so here this makes it easy to find out the servers with a new look.

Cyber punk




THEME #5:- Nord (Blue Theme)

This is my favorite theme which I am currently using that gives you the feel of the deep blues of the Atlantic.

While using this theme you will never feel like you downloaded this theme as it seems like a discord original updated theme. You must try this theme and let me whether I was right or not.

Nord theme for discord
Nord theme for discord




THEME #6:- Lily Pichu (Pink theme)

Lily Pichu is also a trending better discord theme and mostly loved by the girls because of its pink color and background image.

I guess switching to different color mode themes is a good idea. After discord white and black theme you can enjoy pink theme as well.

So far 88 k users have downloaded this theme,

How do I make my discord background different
How do I make my discord background different?



THEME #7:- Slate

Slate is an optimized theme that gives a neat and clean look with additional features. This theme will enable the INBOX, PIN, and HELP option on the very left-hand top.

This is a fully functional theme based on Github. Once you open the user settings, it will come in new windows as an overlay that can be easily used and closed.

The slate theme will also show you the current server and channel that you are in. So really cool and you will love this theme.

better discord library theme
Slate theme



THEME #8:- Weed Leaf

This is a completely natural and transparent theme that gives complete relaxation.

You can easily wait for someone’s messages while looking at this beautiful green forest scene. I can bet you can’t deny using this theme, at least try once.

Green forest background for discord
Green forest background for discord



THEME #9:- Dark Matter

If you love swapping your themes to enjoy a different look and feel for discord, then you must try a better discord dark matter theme.

This theme provides you a glowing animated home button on the left hand-top.

This is another transparent theme that will give a blue color shade with a winter background.

Dark matter theme for discord
Dark matter theme for discord




THEME #10: – Wild Berry

Wildberry is one of the trending better discord themes that give you a clear berry and black discord feel.

The theme is created and inspired by the pop tart flavor that enjoys a berry-inspired color storm for discord.

The best part of the theme is that it’s catchy and gives a unique black box for the chat.

Wild Berry better discord theme
Wildberry theme




THEME #11:- Translucence

Translucence is another trending better discord theme with 61.7k downloads so far. This is a translucent and frosted glass discord theme.

What I loved the most about this theme is the chat section, every chat comes in a rectangular box that makes it easy to read and understand.

 Translucent theme for discord
The translucent theme for discord




THEME #12:- Black Hole

Blackhole is one of the top-rated discord themes downloaded by 46 k users so far. This gives a special feel like you are operating in a space with lots of stars.

So the people like me who work or play during the night must download and try this theme. Along with the dark mode, it gives you an amazing background with lots of stars.

black hole
black hole




THEME #13:- Not Other Anime Theme

This is another best option for getting a discord background. This theme will update automatically.

Two vertical servers list will be created on the left-hand side. So far 168.4k users have downloaded this theme.

better discord themes
better discord themes



THEME #14:- Boreal

A boreal is another amazing theme downloaded by 39.3k users so far. What a beautiful background that is really soothing and gives you relaxation while watching on the discord app.

All the discord menus are well highlighted which makes them easier to operate. Along with the feature, this looks cool to use.

best theme for discord
boreal discord theme



THEME #15:- Elysia

If you really want to enjoy a different customizable theme then try this better discord Elysia theme.

The theme is designed both in the dark and light mode for which you need to edit the theme file.

The entire discord server will be on top horizontal and you will find many new changes in the menu options.

You will see a moving discord icon on the very left-hand top along with the “Add a server” and “Explore public server options”. The mute icon is also changed at the very left-hand bottom.

Elysia better discord theme
Elysia Theme



THEME #16:- Frosted Glass

Frosted glass is another trending and top-rated better discord theme with 75.9k downloads so far.

Once you download and install this better discord theme, you will feel like looking at the background image through the frosted glass.

By default, this theme comes with an amazing picture but you can change this using the CSS file.

frosted glass theme
frosted glass theme



THEME #17:- Kemono friends

A Kemono friend is a Japanese game and in this theme, you will find the green forest look of kemono friends.

There won’t be any changes with the discord menus and icons, but this will give you the complete green forest look which is quite relaxing.

Kemono theme for discord
Kemono theme for discord




THEME #18:- Neutron

I am sharing this theme with users who love the clean and smooth interface. This theme will give you a blue background with a very clean UI.

So the users who are tired of laggy better discord themes can try this neutron theme which is high performing theme for discord.



THEME #19:- Pyrite Theme

Now, this is another ultimate better discord theme with a beautiful mountain view and sunlight.

The theme gives you the brownish glowing background and I am sure you won’t regret it after installing this amazing theme.

So far 56k discord users have downloaded this theme.

Pyrite Theme



THEME #20:- Spotify Discord

This better discord theme has been designed by combining discord and Spotify. You will find some Spotify interface here in the discord.

The theme gives a Spotify windows application feel and it’s really cool to use.

So far 65k discord users have downloaded this theme and lots of people are giving good reviews for this theme.

Spotify theme for discord
Spotify theme for discord



How to Install Better Discord Themes

Now from the above top 20 better discord themes, pick the one that you want and click on the download. Now once the theme has been downloaded, follow the below instructions.

  1. Click on the user settings located at the very left-hand bottom and then scroll down to the BandagedBD section. Click on Themes and then click on “Open themes folder“. Minimize discord. 
    Better discord theme folder
    Better discord theme folder
  2. Now open the plugin folder and also the download folder. Open both the folder on one screen by splitting.   
    how to install better discord themes
    how to install better discord themes


  3. Drag the theme file from downloads to the theme folder. Now again navigate to the bandaged BD section and click on a theme. You will find your theme over there, toggle the switch on to enable it.   
  4. If this doesn’t show then restart discord or check below.


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Better Discord Themes not downloading or Installing

So far we were on how to install better discord and the top 20 better discord themes to use.

But most of the users are reporting that they are having trouble while downloading the theme or while installing. So here I am sharing the easy method to fix this as this is the only cause behind the failure.

Better Discord Theme not downloading

When you click on the download button, it comes up in a new window where it checks your browser before accessing better discord.

So either it will be stuck on this page saying redirected or will give you an error message.

The main cause here seems like the browser cache. Copy the theme link and paste it into your chrome browser, if you are not using chrome.

If you are already using chrome then click on the 3 dots at the very right-hand top and choose “Incognito Mode”.

Open better discord theme in incognito mode
Open better discord theme in incognito mode


Paste the theme link in incognito mode and then click on download. The theme will be now downloaded.


Better Discord Theme not Installing

Now once the theme has been downloaded, open the theme folder and drag the plugin from the download folder to the theme folder.

If this still not working then make sure the theme you have downloaded does not contain any extra suffix like 1 or 2.

unable to install better discord themes
unable to install better discord themes


Sometimes we download the file twice and when you will drag the duplicate file (1) then it won’t work. To delete the extra theme file and drag the original one as shown in the image.

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I have shared the best and top 20 better discord themes that you will surely like. I have mentioned the important stuff about the theme in the description box.

According to me, I covered everything related to the discord background theme, but still, if I missed something then please let me know.

I would be glad if you leave your comment letting me and other users know which theme you liked the most.





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