How to do Strikethrough on Discord | Discord text tricks

how to do strikethrough on discord

Discord is a text and voice chat platform that allows you to communicate with other gamers. It has a lot of features, but the one we will focus on today is how to do strikethrough on Discord. I have seen users asking how to put a line through text in discord mobile, so here you … Read more

How to Record Discord Audio with OBS on Windows 10 (Step by Step)

How to record discord with OBS

In this article, I am sharing the step-by-step tutorial on how to record discord audio with OBS on Windows 10. Being a streamer or normal use of Discord you might have your own reasons to record discord audio. By default, there is no such features from discord, and here comes OBS in use again. You … Read more

How to fix Discord Keeps Crashing on PC & Mobile (6 Solutions)

How to fix Discord Keeps Crashing on PC

If your Discord keeps crashing or freezing during start-up or while working on it. Don’t worry; you are in the right place. In this article, I am sharing the 6 most effective solutions for both PC and Mobile to fix discord crashing and freezing issues. But first I want that you should also know that … Read more

How to Change your Discord Background in 2022 – Discord Tips

Change your discord background

Are you looking for a change in your discord interface? Like Discord theme and background. In this article, I will explain how to change your discord background. However, discord only gives you an option to switch between dark mode and light mode and you are already using one of them. Let’s see what else we … Read more

Top 8 and Best Better Discord Plugins for 2022

Top 8 better discord plugins

While using Discord, you may have heard about better discord and so about best better discord plugins. Did you have an eagerness to get more features on discord like discord account creation date and spell-check? Don’t worry, as I am going to cover the top 8 and best better discord plugins along with the download … Read more

How to get someone’s Discord Profile Picture – (PC & Mobile)

How to get someone's discord profile picture

You might have seen a lot of people having amazing profile pictures on discord and so I guess you thought of how to get someone’s discord profile picture. This would also ease your work if you are lazy and do not wish to spend time creating such profile pictures. There are multiple platforms now where … Read more

How to Restart and Refresh Discord – (2022) – Windows & Mac

How to restart and refresh discord

You might be ready for stream or gaming but your discord is either not opening or has been stuck. In this article, I am sharing 3 methods on how to restart discord and how to refresh discord. Discord is one of the most popular chat applications in the world and discord has been also known … Read more

How to Hyperlink in Discord (2022) – Hyperlink Generator

How to Hyperlink in Discord

I am sure you must have seen people on discord server sharing links within the text called text link formatting or hyperlinks and probably you need to know more about how to hyperlink in discord. Hyper-Links is a great way to make your chat and forum content stand out. They are an easy way to … Read more