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Discord gave us a great platform to connect to our community like gaming, business, and other friends but sometimes due to multiple reasons we want to know the discord account creation date for our own account or someone else.

In this article, you will be learning

  • How old is my discord account?
  • How to know other discord user account age?
  • How to know a user is a bot or a real person.

There are even bots like Dyno and MEE6 which can help you know the discord join date, but in this method, you can do it without any bot with few easy steps.

This Discord account age checker will also help you to know whether a user is a bot or a real person as well as the exact time and date when the user joined discord.


Note: Discord Developer mode should be enabled to view user and copy id.

Check Discord Account Creation Date_______

You can also check the twitch account creation date if you stream or enjoy streaming.

Before proceeding to the steps you need to make sure that your discord Streamer mode is disabled and developer mode is enabled.

1. Open Discord dashboard and click on the user settings located at the very left-hand bottom beside the user name.


2. Scroll down to the bottom to find Streamer mode and click on it. You will find the option “Enable Streamer Mode” toggle it off to disable.

Disable Discord Streamer Mode
Disable Discord Streamer Mode


3. Now click on Appearance which is just above the Streamer mode. In the appearance, box scroll down to the bottom to the advanced mode and toggle on to enable developer mode.

Enable Discord developer mode
Enable Discord developer mode


4. So now we are done with the settings part to proceed with Discord user-id lookup. Now navigate to the user of whom you want to know the discord account age.

5. Here I pick someone randomly from the server, right-click on the username and click on copyID which is on the very bottom.

Discord user id look up
Discord user id look up


6. Open discord account checker website called and paste the ID you just copied.

How old is my discord account
How old is my discord account

7. This will display

  • Account name and ID
  • Discord account is a bot or a real user (fake status in Bot indicates a real person)      
  • Discord account creation date and time


This will give you the complete details of the discord user and you can do this for any discord users. Many discord users have multiple discord accounts for multiple purposes and through this trick, you can easily find out any of the account age and other details.



This easy trick to find a discord account creation date is fun and can be useful to set any rules criteria in discord.

Most of the discord users are not aware of this, so you can play with them or simply share this article with them to increase awareness, I would be happy if you share your purpose behind knowing the joining date in the comment box.                                             

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