How to Use Multiple Discord Accounts at Once in 2022


According to Discord’s recent updates, you can switch to multiple discord accounts with switching options but you can’t use multiple discord accounts at once.  

This means you need to log out discord every time to switch to another and this is still not worth or a waste of time according to me.


Can you have multiple Discord Accounts?                    

Yes, you may have different discord accounts for personal and work use or you have created different identities for different gaming platforms like Origin or steam.



Here I am sharing 3 tricks to use two instances of discord, and if you want to run more than 2 discord at the same time then probably apply all the 3 tricks.

TRICK # 1 – Use Web Browsers (Recommended)

If you want to make it simple, the best way that I would recommend is accessing different discord identities through different web browsers.

I am sure you must be having at least 2 web browsers on your PC or Phone, if yes go to each browser and log in with different accounts.

So, if you want to access more than 2 discord accounts, kindly install more web browsers.

Multiple discord accounts with different browsers
Multiple discord accounts with different browsers


As many browsers you will have, many discord accounts you can use at the same time. A few of the recommended and popular web browsers you can use are.

  1. Microsoft Edge
  2. Google Chrome
  3. Firefox
  4. Safari
  5. Opera

First, open the Discord app on your PC to bring your first account.

So if you are in Windows PC or a Mac, simply open your browser and open and click on login.


TRICK #2 – Use Discord PTB

The PTB (Public Test Build) is the beta version of discord mainly created for testing and finding bugs.

Though I have using Discord PTB for the last 3 months to access my second discord account and for me it’s working absolutely fine.


How to setup

Step 1:- Click on the above link and download the discord PTB setup file.

Step 2:- Once download, install it and log in with another discord ID. This will be running on your taskbar as your discord app.

So now you can access another discord account at the same time if you wish to use 3rd identity as well as keep yourself signed in to your browser.

So currently you are using 3 discord accounts

  1. Discord App
  2. Discord Web
  3. Discord PTB


TRICK 3# – Use Stack for Multiple Discord Accounts at once

The stack is a platform that allows accessing multiple apps on the device, so not only discord you can access other apps and programs as well as Skype, Instagram, or any other apps.

This can be used in Windows as well as in Mac

Steps to setup discord on the stack

Step 1:- Click on the above link to download the stack, once downloaded install it on your machine.

Step 2:- Open the Stack dashboard and you will see add applications to your Stack. Type Discord in the search box and click on the discord app to add.

stack for discord multiple accounts
stack for discord multiple accounts


Step 3:- Discord will now come up with a login screen, put your credentials to sign in.

You can repeat the same process if you need more discord accounts.


How to have 2 Discord Accounts open at Once (Phone)

Fortunately, this would be as easy to use multiple discord accounts mobile as on PC. So here again I would be referring to the two best options.

Method 1# – Use Phone Browsers for multiple discord account mobile

This would be applicable here as well; if you are an android or an iPhone user you must be having at least 2 browsers on your mobile.

So as many browsers you will have, as many discords account you can use at once.

To use multiple discord accounts iPhone, use different browsers like safari and chrome.


Method 2:- Through Parallel Space

Parallel Space is a mobile app that allows using multiple apps at the same on the same device. This would be the perfect permanent solution for how to have two discord accounts on phone.

parallel space for mobile to run multiple discords
parallel space for mobile to run multiple discords


Apart from Discord, you can also run other apps on your phone with the help of parallel space.

Now let me make it very clear if you still think that how to add another account on discord mobile, so above 2 method is the only solution.


I hope these methods will help you to use multiple discord accounts at once on your PC and Mobile.

Even you have created multiple discord Ids around 7 or 8, you can run them all on the same device at the same time. Once done do not forget to set up discord 2 factor-authentication.

Please let me know in the comment box, which method you have used.


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