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Hosting on Twitch has been a great experience for both beginners and pro streamers, in this article I will brief you about how to auto host on twitch and whether you should auto host on twitch or not.

The benefit is when you are offline, either you can set an offline banner or use an auto host to broadcast other streamers while offline.

Below we will cover the following topics

  • How do I auto host on Twitch
  • Should I auto host on twitch
  • How do I find out who hosts my twitch?
  • Twitch auto hosting not working


What is Twitch Auto-Host Mode?________________________________

Auto-Host Mode is a feature of a twitch channel through which you can broadcast another’s channel on your twitch channel page without changing the chat section. So you have two options here to set your twitch status to twitch offline banner or auto host others stream.

Twitch Auto hosts are used by both beginner and pro streamers, where pro streamers with a huge level of subscribers and viewers are helping the small channels by auto hosting (raid) on their channel page.

This feature can be used by any twitch user to broadcast multiple other channels on the channel page.  

How to Auto-Host on Twitch

Follow these steps to enable and set-up auto hosting on Twitch.

Open Twitch account and login to enter the twitch dashboard. Once you are in the twitch account, click on the user profile located at the right-hand top and choose the Creator dashboard.

Twitch Creator dashboard
Twitch Creator dashboard


From the creator dashboard, click on Preferences and then choose the channel from the drop-down.

Twitch Channel Settings
Twitch Channel Settings


In the channel section, scroll down to the bottom to find Auto hosting and enable auto host channels by clicking on the switch to blue.

How to auto host on twitch
How to auto host on twitch


You can enable host team channels if you want to add your team member hosting in the auto host with first priority.

Click on the Host list and start adding the channels by typing channel names in the search box.

Twitch host list
Twitch host list


Channel list will now appear below the search box, the channel on the top of the list will play first if it’s online, or else it will switch to downwards. You can drag up and down the channel name to set the priority.

Should I Auto-Host on Twitch?__________________________________

Yes, you should auto host on twitch as around 10% of growth in minutes is calculated when someone peers auto host on you.

Auto hosting keeps your community strong as the viewers keep rotating in the community. So if you are streaming Call of Duty and when you go offline, your viewers will switch to other streamers and the same other streamers will do for you.

You can create a strong relationship with other streamers which can be a great help for growing your streaming account and carrier.


Twitch Auto Hosting not working?______________________________

You may have gone into trouble where you followed the steps properly for the auto host, but when you come back you see it’s not working.

Well, there is not such troubleshooting because there are few basic reasons behind this problem.

  • Browser cache can be a problem that will still show you the previous offline screen or a black offline page. Kindly check your channel on another device or browser.
  • Twitch servers may take a longer time to update your settings, so please have patience and check back again in a few hours.
  • Try disconnecting all apps that you integrated by going to settings and choose disconnect. Probably you have integrated with discord, you can reconnect again once the problem is resolved.

Hope this will help you to resolve the twitch auto hosting not working, if you still have issues please brief in the comment box.


How do I find out who hosts my twitch?_________________________

Whenever you are hosted by someone on twitch you will get chat notifications and even viewers give you the clue.

You also get a notification on your twitch dashboard about the streamer who hosted you with viewers.

Do not forget to appreciate the streamer who hosted you, this keeps your relationship and community strong.



Hope this article on how to auto host on twitch helped you to understand the benefits and process of twitch auto host.

Twitch recommendations are that you at least add 10 channels to the host list which will increase the streaming hours.

What do you think about twitch hosting, please leave your view in the comment box.

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