How to Set-up Discord Two-Factor Authentication in 2022


In this article, you will learn how to set up Discord Two-Factor Authentication which is also called 2 step verification.

A two-factor authenticator is the second layer of security to protect you against hackers where you need to provide additional pins, tokens, or other processes like face scan and Google authenticator.


What is Discord 2 Factor Authentication?

Discord 2fa is used to protect your account against hackers by proving additional security, so even if someone has your password they won’t be able to log in to your account.

Once a discord 2-factor authentication (2FA) is enabled through Google authenticator or Authy, you will be getting a discord auth code on your phone for verification.

Discord won’t allow you or anyone to log in until it’s verified by Google authenticator through discord 6 digit auth codes or 2 FA barcodes just to make sure the right person is logging in.



In order to set up discord two-factor authentication, you need to download an authenticator app like Authy or Google authenticator on your phone or tablet.

NOTE: – Please save the 6 digit code or backup code, which will be required to remove the 2 FA code.


Follow the steps to enable discord 2 step verification

Step 1:- Search for Google authenticator on the Android play store or iPhone app store and download it.

google authenticator


Step 2:- Open the Google Authenticator app and click on get started to start the set-up, here you will get two options, either scan a QR code or Enter the 2FA key manually.

Google authenticator options
Google authenticator options


Step 3:- Open the Discord dashboard and click on the user settings located at the very left-hand bottom.

Step 4:- Below “MY ACCOUNT” you will find “TWO-FACTOR AUTHENTICATION” click on Enable Two-Factor auth which is in the blue tab.

Enable two-factor auth in discord pc
Enable two-factor auth in discord pc


Password pop-up message will be prompted, please type your current discord password to proceed.

Step 5:- You will now see two options where you can either scan the discord QR code or enter the 2FA key manually.

  • For QR code, scan this code with the Google authenticator
  • 2FA set-up key, copy the set-up key from the discord, and paste in the Enter a set up a key option of Google authenticator.
discord Scan QR code for 2FA
discord Scan QR code for 2FA


Step 6:- After scanning, Google authenticator will generate a 6 digit code copy or save the code.

Step 7:- Go back to Discord and type the same code, where it says log in with your code and then click on activate.

Step 8:- Once activated, a new box of confirmation will pop-up, here you can add your phone number and download backup codes. You can add your phone number or can skip the process by closing the box.

Enable SMS authentication on Discord
Enable SMS authentication on Discord

Step 9:- Now in the two-factor authentication box, scroll down to the bottom to enable SMS authentication.

Type your number and click on send to verify your phone number.


What is Discord Backup Codes

If case if you have lost app authorization or are not able to generate a code, you can use back codes to enter the account.

By default, you will be displayed with 8 backup codes under the backup codes and each code can be used once.

Please do not share these codes with anyone and save these codes in some different folders of your computer.


Discord Two Factor Authentication new Phone              

Enabling Discord 2fa on mobile is as easy as on PC.

The only difference is you won’t be getting the bar code scan option as was on the computer. You need to enter the 2fa code manually in order to enable the discord 2fa.


Please follow the steps to set up discord 2fa on phone.

Step 1:- Open the Discord app on the phone and tap on your user icon at the very right-hand bottom.

Step 2:- Tap on “My Account” and you will see TWO-FACTOR AUTHENTICATION SCREEN, tap on “Enable Two-Factor auth” and enter your current discord password.

Discord two factor authentication new phone
Discord two-factor authentication new phone


Step 3:- Now you will be asked to download an authenticator app, tap on next which will display the 2FA code.

Minimize the screen and go to the play store or app store to download Google authenticator.

Step 4:- Open Google authenticator and tap on get started.

Step 5:- You will get an option to enter a setup key, go back to discord and copy the code and enter on Google authenticator.

Step 6:- Type any account name to remember and then click on Add. This will give the 6 digit code.

Step 7:- Go back to the discord screen, click on next and enter the 6 digit code to activate the discord 2FA on mobile.


How to Disable 2fa in Discord?

Due to any reason, if you wish to disable discord two-factor authentication on discord, you can do it by following the below steps.

Step 1:- Open Discord user settings on your computer or Phone

Step 2:- Now below TWO-FACTOR AUTHENTICATION you will find Remove 2FA in red color.

remove discord 2FA
remove discord 2FA


Step 3:- Enter the 6 digit code or the backup code to proceed and two-factor authentications will be removed.


Discord 2 FA not working

Are you getting an error message of “Incorrect login credentials” for Discord 2FA authentication while logging in to your device?

If yes, the most possible reason can be time synchronization between the two devices.

Make sure the date and time on your phone and PC are the same, even if you find the same, change again by choosing the time zone and day.

Restart both the devices and try again, you can remove the two-factor authentication and setup again.



I would highly recommend you to enable two-factor authentication on discord and also on your other accounts.

Many websites, YouTube, and other apps are getting hacked these days, two-factor authentication will help you to be saved from such hackers.

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