How to Clear Discord Cache – (2021) PC & Phone


In this article, you will learn the steps on how to clear discord cache in PC and Phone along with how to view and clear Discord Image Cache.

Remember you also need to clear your device cache as well.

Discord Cache stores all frequently used information and data like images, emojis, names, links, and previews to reduce loading time whenever you open it.   

Cache occupies a lot of space so it’s better to clear the discord cache at least once a month to improve the performance.

Do you have the same reason to clear the Discord Cache?


Discord Cache Location

Discord Caches are stored in the Windows App data which can be accessed by the path %APPDATA%/Discord/Cache. Type this path in the run box and click ok to open the discord cache location.


How to Clear Discord Cache on PC       

Discord Cache should be cleared from time to time in order to clear the space, here you will see the steps on how to clear discord cache on PC and how to clear cache in Windows 10.

Clear Discord cache

STEP 1:- Open the RUN box by pressing Windows + R key altogether.

STEP 2:- Type %APPDATA%/Discord/Cache in the run box and click OK. You can simply copy the path and paste it into your RUN box.

how to open discord cache
how to open discord cache


STEP 3:- Now Entire cache files will be displayed and you need to delete them all. Press CTRL + A key to select all the files and then Shift + Del key to delete everything. 

How to clear discord cache
How to clear discord cache


You have successfully cleared the discord cache file now let’s see how to clear the cache from windows 10.


Clear Windows 10 Cache

If your intention is to clear cache to free up some space or something related to this, I would recommend you to delete windows device caches as well. Follow the steps to clear the windows 10 cache.

STEP 1:- Type Settings in the search box and hit Enter to open Settings.

STEP 2:- From the settings box, choose System and then Storage.

How to free space in Windows 10
How to free space in Windows 10


STEP 3:- Click on Configure storage sense or run it now, in the next box scroll down to look for Free up space now.

STEP 4:– Click on clean now which will start the process of cleaning.

Windows free up space
Windows free up space


STEP 5:- Press Windows + R key to open the RUN box, type wsreset.exe and click ok.

STEP 6:- Wait till the process gets completed.

clear windows 10 cache
clear windows 10 cache


This is the manual process to clear cache in Windows; you can also use software like Ccleaner to clear cache and all temporary files from your PC to remove unwanted occupied space.


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How to clear Discord Cache on Android

Android too has cache memory which saves all installed apps information for fast loading. Discord cache can also be cleared from android by following the below steps

STEP 1:- Open your Android settings from your phone.

STEP 2:- In the settings scroll to find Apps or Application manager depending on the model of your phone.

STEP 3:- In the App, section look or search for Discord and click on it.

STEP 4:- Find storage and click on it, where you will get two options of “Clear Data” and “Clear Cache”.

STEP 5:- Click on Clear Cache and wait for the process, once done restart your phone.

How to clear discord cache phone

How to View and Clear Discord Image Cache

If you use discord you may be posting images on your discord server which also gets saved in the Cache.

Discord Image cache location is located in the same discord cache folder.

You may receive images from the people on the server which can be unsafe or harmful and you only want to clear those images cache from the discord cache folder.


How to view discord Image Cache

STEP 1:- Open the RUN box by pressing Windows + R key, type %APPDATA%/Discord/Cache and click OK.

STEP 2:- You will see all the Discord cache files, but there is no option to view the image cache.

STEP 3:- To view Discord Image Cache click on the path, replace it by typing CMD, and press enter which will open the command prompt box.

type cmd in the folder path
how to view discord Image cache


STEP 4:- In the black CMD Windows type “ren * *.png” and hit Enter. (space after ren and then between two asterisks *)

How to view discord image cache
How to view discord image cache


STEP 5:- Come back to the Discord cache folder again and now you will see that file extensions have been changed.

STEP 6:- But, still files are too small to preview for which we will change the size of the folder.

From the top menu of the folder, click on View and choose Medium icons which will now display all the Images.

How to view discord image cache
How to view discord image cache


 STEP 7:- You can now select all those images which you want to clear from Discord Cache.

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Millions of People use Discord especially for gaming where they use many servers to communicate in different ways.

Sending Images, text, links, and emojis are common but these store tons of space sometimes which should be cleared at a regular period of time.

You can bookmark this article in order to view the steps again for the next time and even share it with other people on your server or social media.

You have learned how to clear discord cache on PC, Phone and how to view and clear discord Image Cache.

If still there is something where you need my help please leave your comment in the comment box I will reply quickly or will create a quick article.


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