How to Set-up Giveaway Bot in Discord (2022) – Discord Tips

A giveaway is a kind of contest where you give something in return for leads or subscriptions with the help of the Discord giveaway bot and that is what I will explain in this article.

A giveaway bot in discord can help you to grow your discord server and gain viewers.

There are many bots available for the giveaway but today I will share the one that I am using and even used by many big discord servers.

Why Giveaway is important?___________________________________________

Giveaway is almost used by every social media influencer like by YouTubers and Discordians. Here you create a contest and give any product or service for free to the winner.

Though giving these products to your viewers is worth as in return you can make your discord server alive and can gain more and more subscribers and members.


How to setup Giveaway Bot in Discord

I will explain to you step by step how to set up the giveaway bot to your discord server and also how to schedule a giveaway.

Before proceeding make sure you have the text channel by the name Giveaway.

If not open your discord server and click on the + icon to create a text channel and name it Giveaway. You can also add emojis to this channel to make it attractive.

Once done, navigate to the giveaway website and click on Add to Discord.  

Add giveaway bot to the discord server
Add giveaway bot to the discord server


Select the server from the drop-down where you want to start giveaway and then click on continue. In the next window authorize the bot by clicking on Authorize.

best giveaway bot for discord
authorize bot


The bot will now be added and you will get the confirmation on your discord. Open your discord and click on the server where you just added the bot.

Now the bot has been added, we are ready to start a giveaway, and here is how you can create a giveaway.

– In the first step open the Giveaway channel, type !gcreate, and hit Enter which will ask you the name of the channel where you want to start the giveaway.

 bot command
bot command


Type #giveaway and hit enter to choose the channel giveaway.

Now this will ask you the duration of the giveaway so if you want to do it for 1 day then simply type 1 followed by d that is (1d) and for 12 hours type (12h).

So I will take 12 hours and will type 12h followed by the enter key.

 bot command
bot command


Once done, you will be asked to choose the number of winners which can be between 1 to 20. I will take 3 and so type 3 followed by the enter key.

Finally, you need to enter the prize that you will be giving to the participants. So here I will take Nitro, type Nitro and hit the Enter key.

Discord giveaway bot command
Discord giveaway bot command


Congratulations giveaway has been started and will end automatically after 12 hours. You can also end it by using !gend command.

The winner is randomly selected and will be displayed in the giveaway channel.


Few Discord Giveaway Commands

I am sharing here a few basic giveaway bot commands that will help you to quickly create a giveaway on your discord server.

!ghelp – will help you will all the available bot commands

!gcreate – start creating a giveaway

!gend – This ends your recent giveaway

!greroll – will choose the winner for the recent giveaway

!glist – display the list of all running giveaways


How to Schedule or Plan a Giveaway

Of course, giveaways are beneficial for both the viewers and the host who plan to give something away in return for something like subscribers and members.

I am sharing a few tips which might help you to plan a proper giveaway

  1. Plan and decide the goal: – You must plan properly about your goal for the giveaway. For example, if you want 500 members in your discord server, you must set at least 3 days of duration and at least 5 winners.

         Giveaway duration and the winner should be according to the goal you have set.

  1. Trending Giveaway price: – Try to pick the winner prize which is really trending and related to your audience.

This will surely gain your viewer’s attention and engagement.

  1. Create a Proper Announcement result:- Do something new to announce the giveaway results to engage those members who didn’t participate.

This will increase the chance of the member’s participation in the next giveaway.



Finally, I would say you must create a giveaway at least every month with the help of a discord giveaway bot as this is already working for most of the influencers and Discordians.

I have shared this bot which is used by many of the big discord server owners and is really simple and effective.

Please leave your comment if you have any questions related to discord giveaway or discord.


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