Discord you are being rate limited (2022) – Bypass Now

The Error Discord you are being rated limited may occur while making too many attempts while discord phone verification. In this article, I will share few solutions to bypass this rate limit error.

Discord is becoming one of the popular VoIP applications that were started for gamers but now becoming popular in other communities as well. With increasing numbers of users and app downloads, there have been many advanced and new features launched by discord.


What does sorry you are rate limited mean?

The error, the rate is being limited means that you have tried too many attempts for logging in and out on discord. So in order to avoid abuse and overload discord gives you the rate limit message.

This error can also occur when you try to join any channel for mobile verification. You might have input the wrong phone number or tried to put the incorrect verification code too many times. This is considered as the guessing where people assume the password and make too many attempts.

However, this is to secure your account from such hackers and account stealers. So according to this error discord is asking to wait for some time and then try again. Also, enable 2-factor authentication to secure the account.

Error 1015 you are being rated limited

Rate limited error can also be when you are blocked where you get the error 1015 you are being rated limited.

Discord may temporarily block your account and you may get such an error while opening discord.



How to Fix Discord You are being rated limited

Now after reading what is error 1015 you are being rate limited, I am very sure you must be feeling relaxed and eager to know that how to bypass this problem.

NOTE: Before proceeding, I would recommend you to wait for some time until this gets fixed automatically.

I am sharing a few of the most effective methods to bypass discord you are being rate limited error.


Method 1:- Use Browser Incognito Mode

Incognito mode is a powerful mode of the browser that is used for privacy purposes. In this mode, browsing data are more safe and secure.

So as per my expectation, this is the quickest way to bypass the “Discord you are being rate limited” error. To access discord in incognito mode follow the below instructions.

Open Chrome browser and then click on the 3 dots located at the very right-hand top. From the options choose “New Incognito mode”.

open discord in incognito mode
open discord in incognito mode


New grey windows will appear on the screen. Type discord.com on the URL box and hit enter. Enter your discord credentials to log in and try to perform the verification to verify whether this method worked or not.



Method 2:- Try VPN

VPN (virtual private network) is another way for safe browsing. Connecting to VPN will change your IP address and location.

Possible you may get a new login location detected, that you can verify through the email linked to discord.

Discord rate limit bypass
Discord rate limit bypass


Few users on my discord server suggested this method as this worked for them. You can VPN like NORD that will be of great help even in the future for fixing many issues and for secure browsing.


Method 3:- Restart Router and PC

Now as we know the main cause behind discord rate-limited is too many attempts that block the IP address.

The Internet service provider allows the dynamic IP address to basic users that keeps on changing with the Router restart. So if anyhow changing IP with VPN doesn’t work then try restarting the Router and your device.

Restart the Router to fix discord you are being rate limited
Restart the Router to fix discord you are being rate limited


Unplug the power cable of the router and remove the LAN cable from the router for at least a few seconds. Now reinsert the cable and plug in the power cable. Restart the device and check if this resolved the problem or not.


Method 4:- Contact Discord

Though the above 3 methods will surely fix the problem if not you can submit your request for this to discord.

Discord verification phone number you are being rate limited
Discord verification phone number you are being rate limited


Open Discord support and choose help and support. Fill in the details like the email address and exact information about the error.

If possible take a screenshot and attach it while submitting the request. Here you need to wait for some time but at least the issue will be resolved.




How long is rate-limited Discord?

Due to too many invalid HTTP requests, IP addresses get temporarily blocked. Currently, the limit is 10,000 per 10 minutes.



Still, I would recommend you to wait for some time to revoke the error of discord you are being rate limited.

As discussed above you might be aware that this message is for security purposes to avoid abuse and overload. This blocks the IP address and so changing the IP address would be the only solution to bypass this problem.

I would be glad if you share your feedback after fixing the problem. Do let us know which method worked for you and also let us know if you have any other solution as that will surely help other discord users.


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