How to Add Emojis to Discord Channels (2022) – Phone & PC


Have you seen discord colorful servers with channel icons and emojis, do you wish to do the same then read this article on how to add emojis to discord channels.

Just like Discord invisible name discord emojis and symbols have a great role in Discord which can be used with text, category, nicknames, and channel names to make them more appealing.

So, you must be the owner of the server or an admin with permission to edit the channel name to proceed.

How to Add Emojis to Discord Channels

Adding Emojis, symbols to discord channel name is quite easy both on the phone & PC. You can use custom emojis for the discord channel to make a match with the channel name.

Discord emoji list
Discord emoji list



Step 1:- Browse to emoji website for the full discord emoji list and search for the one that you want to place with the channel name. You can also search in the search bar.

Step 2:- Once you selected the discord emoji, click on it, and then copy it.

Step 3:- Now come back to the Discord server and locate the channel settings by clicking on the gear icon in front of the channel name.

Discord custom emoji in channel name
Discord channel setting


Step 4:- Now in the overview section, you will channel name, paste the emoji before or after the username.

Discord symbol in name
Discord symbol in the name

Step 5:- Click on Save changes, and you have successfully added emoji to the discord channel name.



You get two options in the Phone to add or change the discord channel icon, which is very easy and can be done quickly with the below steps.

Step 1:- Open the Discord app on your phone and click on the server where you want to add emoji in the channel name

Step2:- Now tap and hold on the channel name to bring the channel options, from the list choose Edit channel.

Step 3:- Channel name will now be displayed and ready to edit, tap on the channel name and you can add emojis through your phone keyboard emojis. Once done with editing, click on the blue circle to save the changes.

Step 4:- Or you can visit the emoji website for the complete discord emoji list and copy the one that you wish to add to the channel. Come back to the discord channel name and paste it with the channel name.


So far you learned how to put emoji in the discord channel, please mention your favorite emoji that you picked up in the comment box.

I would be glad and happy if you also let me know, any related topic on which you want me to make my next article.

Finally, make your channel more attractive now by choosing the right emoji matching to the channel name.

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