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Discord has millions of users in which many are new and learning about discord features like how to make a discord channel Read-only.

People won’t stop writing and you stop receiving notifications until you turn off the discord notifications or remove the permission.

The reason behind creating read-only channel discord can be

  • Sharing and collecting information such as server and channel rules, raiding rules, and future events.
  • Recently visited any Discord channel where you can only read messages but can’t type anything.
  • Looking for an announcement channel and this is why you want to learn how to make an announcement channel on discord.
  • You are new in Discord and want to learn for the future.


There can be many other reasons behind creating discord read-only channel and I would be glad if you please share the reasons in the comment box.

Discord Read-only channel is also like a notice board where you can inform your audience and members about your activity and events.


How to Make a Channel Read-only Discord

Here you need to keep in mind that before making a channel real only, you need to create a role within the channel for them who can at least make an announcement.

  • Make sure you are the owner of the server or have admin rights. If you have none of them, please share this article with the server owner or request him to grant you access.

I will start by creating a new channel for read-only; if you want to continue by editing your existing channel you can skip this part.


PART 1:- Setup a new Read-only channel

In this part you will learn how to create a new channel; you can skip to part 2 if you already have one.

STEP 1:- Open Discord dashboard and navigate to the server where you want to create a channel.

STEP 2:- Once you are in the server, click on the + sign which is in front of the TEXT CHANNELS. Name the channel Announcement or whatever you wish and click on create.

Create a channel
Create a channel


PART 2:- Grant Permission to Members who can send Announcements

So, you have already created or have a channel now, so before making this channel read-only for everyone you need to grant permission to those members or to admin who can post the announcements.

STEP 1:- Before granting the permission we need to create a role for the admin, so click on the Server name and choose Server settings from the drop-down.

Discord server settings
Discord server settings


STEP 2:- Choose the Roles tab and click on the + sign to create a new role. Give a name to this role like Announcement Admin and choose a color for this Role, you can take purple color and click on  Save Changes. 

How to make a channel read only discord
Create a role for admin


STEP 3:- Go back to the channel list and click on the settings icon of the channel you just created.

STEP 4:- Click on the Permissions tab, and then on + sign to select your admin Roles.

STEP 5:- Scroll down to look for “Send Messages” and click on the green tick bar to highlight. Click on  Save changes .

How to make a discord channel read only
permission to send messages



PART 3:- Make this Channel Read-Only

This is the final step where we will set the permission to read-only for everyone. Follow the steps

STEP 1:- Click the settings icon of the announcement channel and then on the Permission tab.

STEP 2:- Make sure the role is selected to @everyone, scroll down to “Send Messages” and click on Red Cross X to highlight.

How to make a discord channel read only
How to make a discord channel read-only


STEP 3:- Click on  Save Changes  and now your Discord channel has been created as a Read-only.


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How do you stop people from typing on discord?

It depends on how you want to stop people typing from the discord server. If you want to stop every member of the discord channel to type you can simply follow the steps

  • Click on the Channel settings icon of edit settings and click on the permission tab.
  • Make sure the role is selected to @everyone, scroll down to Send Messages and click on the Red Cross X and then click on Save Changes.
  • This will become a read-only channel


Can Read-Only Channel be reverted to write?

Yes, if you are the server owner or have the admin rights, you can go to the channel permission with roles @everyone and click on green tick bar of Send Messages and click on Save Changes.

This channel won’t be read-only anymore


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If you are in Discord for gaming or business purpose you should have an announcement really only channel where you can make announcements about your events, raid, or notifications of your stream start.

You have learned how to make a discord channel read-only, so now you can easily implement these settings on your existing channel or while creating a new channel.

If you have any other doubts related to this article or discord, please leave your comment in the comment box. I will quickly reply or will write an article on it.

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