How to Send Videos on Discord above 8 MB – (Without Nitro)


Have you ever tried sending any files like videos above 8 MB in discord? You must have failed, so here you will learn a trick on how to send videos on discord above 8 MB.

Discord is a free VoIP application platform especially for gamers but there are few premium services like discord nitro which allows few special features like sending files above 8 MB.

I am sharing 2 methods on how to send long videos on Discord?


Discord File Size Limit

Through discord, you can share any kind of files like images or videos, but there has been a discord upload limit which means you cannot send any files that go above the file size limit of 8 MB.

Discord says you need to subscribe to Nitro in order to send the files above 8 MB, but what if you can send without subscribing to Nitro.

So keep reading these 2 methods on how to send videos on discord more than 8MB free.

Yes, in FREE with just a simple trick



Let me brief you on how to send videos on discord, follow these steps to send any videos or files.

Step 1:- Open the Discord dashboard and click on the server or user whom you want to send the videos.

Step 2:- On the very left of the chatbox, you will see a + sign, click on it and browse to the location of the video.

how to send videos on discord
how to send videos on discord


Step 3:- Once selected, click on OK and then on Enter to send the video.



Now here you will learn a trick on how to send a video above the discord upload limit which can be somewhere around 50 to 80 MB.

This acts as a video uploader for discord. I will share 2 methods that you can try


TRICK 1:- Send Videos to Discord through IMGUR

Imgur is an online image and video sharing platform where you can upload and post your images and video publically.

Through Imgur, you can send any videos on Discord, but the only limitation is video should not be above 60 seconds.


Don’t worry, if you want to send any video above 60 seconds, you can use the second trick.

Step 1:- Open Imgur Website and signup for a free account, this is quick to do.

Step 2:- Once you are logged in, hover up to the very left-hand top and click on +New post which should be in a green tab.      

how to post in imgur
how to post in Imgur


Step 3:- Now drag your video here or click choose photo or video to upload the video (video duration must be below 60 seconds).

upload video to imgur for discord
upload video to Imgur for discord


Step 4:- Video uploading will now start, please give your post a title to proceed and then click on the post to the community.

post in imgur for discord
post in imgur for discord


Step 5:- Once published, right-click on your video and choose open in a new tab. Now copy the URL address of the new tab.

how to send videos on discord above 8 mb
how to send videos on discord above 8 MB


Step 6:- Go to the discord dashboard and click on the server or user whom you want to send the video.

Paste the code in the chatbox and hit Enter.

how to send videos on discord above 8 mb
how to send videos on discord above 8 MB


BOOM, your video has been sent                     


TRICK 2:- Use Handbrake Compressor

Handbrake is a free video converter tool with almost all codecs and formats supported.

This is another great tool for people asking how to send large videos on Discord with nitro.

This tool will help you to reduce the discord file size without losing video quality, so if you have any video above 60 seconds then you can go with this option.

Follow the steps

Step 1:- Visit the handbrake website and download the software which is available for both Mac and Windows.

Step 2:- Once the software is downloaded and installed, open a handbrake where it will ask you to drop a file or video.

Drag the video there

how to send large files through discord
how to send large files through discord


Step 3:- You will now see the preview of the video, choose the format to mp4 and click on Start Encode.

discord 8mb limit
discord 8MB limit


Step 4:- Wait until the video is compressed, hope the file has been reduced to 8 MB or below that, if not you can compress the compressed video again to reduce more size.



How to Send Videos in Discord Mobile

This is as easy to send videos in PC, follow the below steps to send the videos that you already have in your gallery.

Step 1:- Navigate to the phone gallery and open the video that you want to send in discord.

Step 2:- In the video, look for the share icon or button and tap on it.

Step 3:- Look for the discord icon and tap on it, this will take you to the discord sharing where you can add comments and select the recipient from the list.

Step 3:- After choosing the person or server where you want to send the video, tap on the arrow icon of send that is on the very right-hand top.


Discord Video not Working                                       

It’s really annoying when discord videos are not working or discord upload failed.

You also need to make sure that you are sharing the server with the recipient, did not disable direct messages on your server, or are not blocked by the server.

This can be because of many reasons, few major causes that I found was

  • Internet Connection
  • Discord server region
  • Videos above discord file size limit

Before proceeding you need to make sure what exactly the problem you are facing, do your video exceed the discord limit or a normal video below 8 MB upload gets failed.

Please perform the below solutions to get rid of this problem.


Solution 1:- Videos above Discord File size limit

If you are trying to upload any videos above 8 MB in Discord, you won’t be getting any further options as this exceeds the limit.

Try the above method of how you can send videos above 8 MB and how to send videos that go above 60 seconds by using handbrake.


Solution 2:- Bad internet connection            

If you are not getting proper ping from the Internet or there is a lot of breakage in the connection probably discord video upload will be failed.

If there is a lag in discord it means there is a high ping. What you can do is

  1. Visit speed test to check your internet speed and ping, if the ping is above 8 or if there is a lot of fluctuation you must contact your internet service provider.
  2. Try VPN connection
  3. Be close to the router, if you are connected with a Wi-Fi connection.



Solution 3:- Discord Server Region

For many discord users, this method worked where they simply changed the discord server location and their problem was resolved.

Probably you changed your physical location or accidentally your discord server region changed to some other region and this cause to high ping.

Visit the Discord server location to see how you can change the location and benefits of changing the location to the closest server.          




We almost covered many topics like how to send videos on Discord above 8 MB and how we can fix discord video not working.

Imgur is a good option to send the videos below 60 seconds and using a handbrake compressor to send above 60 seconds gives you the complete alternate of Discord Nitro.

Hopefully, you know now how to send large video files on discord. Please try both methods and let me know with your feedback in the comment box, you can also watch the video and subscribe for support.


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