Why is My Discord Ping so High – CAUSE and FIX


High Ping in Discord lower down the performance of Call, stream, and many other Discord features and while facing such issues you think why is my Discord Ping so high and how to reduce it.

Discord outage, Internet connection and not having the closest server location are a few major reasons for Discord high ping.

Discord high ping can be because of many reasons and in this article we will explain the reasons behind discord high ping and how you can reduce it to boost the performance.


I KNOW YOU WANT TO FIX IT QUICKLY so let’s see few reasons behind high ping and how to lower the discord ping.


People also asked

What does Ping mean in Discord?

Ping is a network utility tool that lets us know how long it takes for a packet of data to travel from your computer to the server on the internet and back. Ping is measured in milliseconds (ms).

So you may have seen your ping showing in ms, lower the travel time will be, lower will be the ping and that will give you the best performance.


What is a Good Ping for Discord?

Even after having fastest gaming PC and fast Internet connection, your ping should be below 50ms

The best ping is considered below 20 ms

Average ping would be below 50 ms



CAUSES – Why is my Discord Ping so High

After working on Discord high ping we found many causes behind Discord high ping and we found the solution through which you can reduce the ping and get better performance.

Let’s have a look at why discord ping goes high and then we will explain how to fix it.

  1. Discord outage
  2. Poor Internet connection
  3. Discord server region
  4. Background running apps
  5. Windows update
  6. Discord Hardware acceleration
  7. Change Discord priority
  8. Change Graphic settings to high performance
  9. Registry Settings
  10. Too many devices connected on the same internet



FIX – Why is my Discord Ping so High

Now we will help you to fix discord high ping by working on these possible causes which I believe will increase the performance by reducing the Ping.


FIX #1:- Discord Outage

A few months back numbers of Discord servers went down and discord announced a partial outage. There can be any kind of fatal or technical errors that can be completely or with a few specific discord servers.

So, the first thing you need to keep in mind is to check the discord updates on Discord’s running status. If you find the status running then you may proceed to Fix 2 or else wait until Discord fixes the outage.


FIX #2:- Poor Internet Connection

Once it comes to gaming, you need to keep in mind what can affect your discord and gaming performance. I would say poor internet connection is the biggest cause of discord high ping.

It depends on many factors, make sure you understand below points and try to fix this

  • Download and upload speed should be equal: Download speed lets you know how fast data can be pulled from the server as upload speed lets you know how fast your data are sent to others.

Uploading speed is more important to improve the gaming performance and you must know most of the ISP offers plan like 50 Mbps which refer to downloading speed and upload speed is just 1 or 2 Mbps.

Download and upload speed should be equal
Download and upload speed should be equal


You make an Internet speed test and if there is a big difference between download and upload speed. You better call your ISP and ask them to give you any plan with equal downloading and uploading speed.


  • How are you connected (Wired or Wireless): For gaming and even for low ping to get the best internet performance wired connection is preferred.

Wired connections are more consistent than the wireless as they are connected through airwaves and give high ping.



FIX #3:- Discord Server Region

Closer your physical location will be to the discord server, lower the ping will be. While creating a discord server, discord automatically selects the closest server location for the proper ping and performance.

High ping will result in discord lag and in Discord, you can manually change discord server location to the closest location.

how to change discord server location
how to change the discord server location


FIX #4:- Background running apps

Running too many apps while using Discord may freeze your discord or will result in high ping and then we think why is my discord ping so high, so this can also be a reason.

Too many apps will take more memory, space, and more bandwidth which will slow down your device and share bandwidth.

You need to close all unnecessary programs or apps which are currently not in use from Windows and browser task manager.


Close from Windows task manager

  • Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc key to bring task manager up
  • Now look and close all those apps and programs in the Apps and Background section which are not in use.
Close Background running apps on task manager
Close Background running apps on task manager


Close from Chrome Task manager

  • Click on 3 dots which is at the very right-hand top.
  • Now click on more tools and choose task manager.
  • Look for all unused web and extensions and close by clicking the end process.



FIX #5:-Turn Off Windows Update Delivery Optimization

Windows keep on updating the operating system with the latest securities and bugs fixes update.

There are many advanced features like Delivery optimization, if turned on your PC may send parts of previously downloaded windows update and apps to PC on your local network or on the Internet.

This occupies much bandwidth and can be a cause of discord high ping, turning delivery optimization may reduce the ping.

You can also disable windows update for a time being to check if it improves your ping.

  • Type Settings in the windows search box and hit Enter.
  • Click on Update & Security
  • Now look for Delivery optimization and click on it
  • Now toggle off “Allow downloads from other PCs”.


Discord high ping
Turn of Delivery Optimization



FIX #6:- Toggle On/Off Discord Hardware Acceleration

Hardware acceleration is used to accelerate the device performance, but you need to understand this only works when you have good device hardware.

If your device hardware is not too good you better turn in off or else it may create several conflicts.

What you can do is, if discord hardware acceleration if off turn it on and if it’s already on then try turning it off.

How to turn discord hardware acceleration on/off

  • Open Discord Dashboard and click on Settings which is on the left-hand bottom
  • From the left-hand panel look for Appearance and click on it.
  • Scroll down until you find “Hardware Acceleration”
  • Turn it off if it’s on, or vice versa


How to fix Discord lag
Turn on/off discord hardware acceleration



FIX #7:- Change Discord priority

The higher priority of any app in windows results in more preferences by windows resources to get the best performance.

To increase discord priority, follow the steps

  • Open task manager by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + Esc key.
  • From the task manager, click on the Details tab.
  • Look for all discord.exe files > make a right-click on it > Select set priority > Set to high

Do this for every discord.exe files and look for the ping again or in some time to make sure it made any difference or not.


Why is my Discord ping so high


FIX #8:- Change Graphics Settings to High Performance

Windows 10 users can assign graphic performance preferences to any specific apps in windows for better performance.

You can assign a high-performance preference to any game or apps which is more resource-intensive.

Follow these steps to change preferences

  • Type Settings in the search box and hit Enter.
  • From the Settings box click on System and then scroll down for Graphic settings and click on it.
Change Graphic Settings to High Performance
Change Graphics Settings to High Performance


  • Click on browse which is below “Choose an app to set preference” and browse for discord app. C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Discord\app-0.0. 305\)
  • Now discord will be displayed below browse box, click on options > Set to high performance and click Save.
  • Restart your Discord.


Change Graphic Settings to High Performance
Change Graphics Settings to High Performance


Hope this also cleared your question that why is my Discord ping so high and how to take reduce the discord ping                         


FIX #9:- Registry Settings

Here we will make some changes in the windows registry which will help to improve internet performance and doing this will reduce discord high ping.

Simply follow the steps very carefully

STEP 1:- Change Network Throttling index value

  • Type Regedit in the windows search box and open Registry Editor.


  • From Registry box double click on HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > Expand SOFTWARE > Expand Microsoft > Expand Windows NT > Expand Current Version > Expand Multimedia and click on System Profile.


  • Now on the right-hand side, you will see NetworkThrottlingIndex


  • Double click on NetworkThrottlingIndex and change the value to FFFFFFFF (8times capital F without any space)


  • Click on OK


Why is my Discord ping so high
Change Network Throttling index value from registry editor



STEP 2:- Create TCPackFrequency and TCPNoDelay

  • From Registry box double click on HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > Expand SYSTEM > Expand Current Control Set > Expand Services > scroll down to look for Tcpip and expand it > Expand Parameters > Expand Interfaces


  • In the Interface section, you will find few subcategories click one by one on all of them to find the one with most of the stuff at the right-hand side.


  • Now right-click on the blank space to create a new key and choose DWORD (32 – bit) Value > Give the name TCPackFrequency > double click on it and change the value to 1 and click OK.


  • Right-click on the blank space again and click new and choose DWORD (32 -bit) Value > give the name TCPNoDelay > double click on it and change the value to 1.


Why is my Discord ping so high
Create TCPackFrequency and TCPNoDelay in registry editor for discord high ping



FIX #10:- Disconnect other devices connected to the same Internet

Too many devices connected to the same internet will share a lot of bandwidth and can be a cause of discord high ping.

Other devices like cell phone even if are not in use keep on consuming bandwidth like updating apps.

Disconnect other devices and then try again


How to Check Ping in Discord?

While on a call you can locate to the left-hand bottom where it says Voice connected.

Hover up to signal icon which will show your current ping rate




So far you got an answer for why is my Discord ping so high and how you can lower down your discord Ping.

Make sure you perform all the action one by one and see the changes to find which method was more effective for you.

Please share this article on your server and on other social media because you would enjoy great performance if other pings are also low. I would be happy if you please mention in the comment box which method worked best for you.                           

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