Why Discord Stuck on Starting Screen (2022) – FIXED

Like many Discord users, you may also run into the problem where discord stuck on starting with grey or black screen while connecting forever or you keep clicking on the discord icon but nothing happens.

Many of the discord screens just stuck like for 2 or 3 days or I can say forever and that doesn’t make sense of waiting such a long time. You will be getting the troubleshooting steps for both Windows and Mac

Mostly windows users are facing these issues especially in Windows 10 and today in this article we will brief on the major reasons behind this problem and how to fix discord stuck on connecting issues.

Note: – If you are connected to any community Wi-Fi like schools, office, or shopping mall, you might be prevented from opening applications like discord.


Why Discord Stuck on Starting______________________________

You must be aware of the cause behind this problem to ease the troubleshooting steps. Few reasons are

Discord Outage: -Probably you are facing such problems when discord is going through any outage like maintenance. Please check the discord outage status before proceeding with the troubleshooting steps.

Discord corrupted or missing files: – If any of the discord files are missing or corrupted discord may be stuck on starting and won’t open. This can also lead to the failure of discord updates and can create multiple issues.   

Blocked by Firewall or Anti-Virus: – The other common reasons where the antivirus or firewall block the application and due to which discord stuck while opening and goes in the loop.

Problem with PC: – As I am discussing the major causes, any problem with your PC can be the cause of Discord not connecting or get stuck.

Mostly with Windows where errors like low disk space, malware, high CPU usage, or high ping can be responsible while opening discord.

Conflict with any Game or App running in the Background: – Running too many apps occupy more memory and CPU usage and can stop discord or any app to perform. Similarly, any game running in the background that will sync with discord game overlay and can cause trouble.


8 Solutions to Fix Discord Stuck on Starting on Windows & Mac

Today, in this guide I am sharing the 10 most effective and working solutions to fix discord stuck on starting with grey or a black screen.

Note:- Make sure you restart your computer as most of the time the problem gets fixed by simply restarting the computer


SOLUTION 1: – Open Discord in the Web Browser

You might be in hurry or you must have something important to do with discord and most of the time discord works absolutely fine in the web browser.

This is the temporary solution and will also help to identify the root cause behind discord stuck on the starting screen. If discord also fails to start in the web browser, it means the problem is on the discord end.

This is the reason I am recommending this solution to the top. If it works fine on the web browser you can proceed to the troubleshooting steps once you are done with the discord.

Discord web can be accessed from the discord official website. Click the link to open the website and then click on sign in to get in the account.


SOLUTION 2: – Clear Discord Cache to fix Discord Stuck on Starting

Discord Cache saves frequently used information like images and emojis to load information faster for the next but cache files also occupy a lot of space on our device and then can create few problems like connecting app.

Clearing the discord cache is important and must be cleared at least every month; follow these steps to clear the discord cache.

Clearing cache won’t affect your data and files, so be relieved as you won’t be losing anything.


Press Windows + R key to open RUN box and type %appdata% in the Run box and then click on Ok.



Windows roaming page will now be up, look for the discord folder from the list. Right-click on the discord folder and then choose delete.

delete discord folder
delete discord folder


Open RUN box again by pressing Windows + R key, type %localappdata% in the run box, and then ok.

local app data
local app data


Look for the Discord folder again, make a right-click on it, and then choose to delete to clear the cache.

So you have now cleared the local cache as well, restart the device and make sure this fixed discord stuck on starting issue or not.


For MAC Users

On your device, click on GO that is on the very left-hand top, and choose Go to Folder from the drop-down menu.

Now type ~/Library in the go-to folder box and then click on Go.

delete discord data from mac
delete discord data from mac


Look for the discord folder, right-click on it and choose Move to Trash to delete the discord cache.

Discord move to trash
Discord move to trash


Now all the previous files will be deleted that can be probably the cause of discord not connecting. Restart the device and check again to make sure this worked and fixed the issue on your Mac.


SOLUTION 3: – Quit all Discord Files from Task Manager

This is another best solution to resolve issues like discord stuck or not coming up on the screen where the discord files running in the background stop to load the program on the screen.

In this solution, we need to close all discord related files and other unwanted applications running in the background from the task manager.

Follow the below steps to end the entire task of discord from the task manager.


Press CTRL + Shift + R key to open Task Manager on your windows computer or simply right-click on the taskbar and then choose task manager from the list.

If the task manager is opened in the compact view, click on more details to bring the full mode of the task manager.

Now look for all the discord files running in the Apps section and the Background process. Make a right-click on every discord file and choose End Task to close all the discord files.

discord stuck on starting
discord stuck on starting


Do the same for all those apps you are not using as this will also increase the performance of your device.


For MAC Users

In the Mac device, you can use Force quit feature to quit all the apps running on your device. Follow these easy steps

To open Force quit, navigate to the apple icon and choose force quit or press Option + Command + Esc key together to bring Force Quit.

mac shortcut key for force quit
mac shortcut key for force quit


In the next window, a list of all the apps running will be displayed. Click on the apps and then click on Force Quit to end the task from the device.

Discord stuck on starting mac
Discord stuck on starting mac

SOLUTION 4: – Temporarily Disable Antivirus and Firewall

Many of the users gave their feedback that they had this similar problem of discord stuck on loading endlessly just because few of the discord files were blocked by the Antivirus program.

In Windows, type Windows security in the search box and choose Windows security from the search box. Here you will find Virus & Threat Protection and Firewall protection, disable both of them and restart the computer.

Discord stuck on connecting
Discord stuck on connecting


However, antivirus is meant to block all malicious and unwanted connections but sometimes it may address few discord files as well that can be unintentional because of any harmful extensions or files.

You need to temporarily disable both the antivirus program and the firewall and then check whether your discord app is working fine.

Please look into your antivirus programs to find any discord blocked files and whitelist those files. If this solution doesn’t work make sure you enable the antivirus and firewall programs again.


SOLUTION 5: – Disable VPN & Proxy Settings to Fix Discord stuck on Starting

VPNs are great and help us in many situations to ease and fix the problems but sometimes can also become a cause of problems like apps not loading.

Similarly on your device, if anyhow the proxy is enabled your apps will have problems connecting to the internet.

Please disable the VPN program, restart your device, and check if this fixes the problem.


Check Proxy Settings

Follow the below steps to check the proxy settings to make sure this has been disabled on your device.


Open RUN box by pressing Windows + R key, type inetcpl.cpl, and then click on ok to open internet properties.

Open Internet Properties
Open Internet Properties


From the Internet Properties box, click on the Connections tab and then on LAN settings which is at the bottom below the Local Area Network settings.

In the Local Area Network (LAN) settings, make sure “Use a proxy server for your LAN” is unchecked.

Discord stuck on starting with grey screen
Discord stuck on starting with grey screen


If it’s checked, please uncheck it and then click on Ok, Apply, and Ok.


For MAC Users

Click on the Apple icon at the very left-hand top and choose System Preferences from the drop-down.

From the system preferences, find and click on Network which will display all the network connections.

Discord stuck on loading on mac
Discord stuck on loading on mac


Choose the network you are currently using and then click on Advanced.

Now click on the Proxies tab and in the Select a protocol to configure section uncheck all the boxes and then click on Ok.

Proxy settings in Mac
Proxy settings in Mac


Restart your computer to see the changes, if this works close the article and if not proceed to step no 6.


SOLUTION 6: – Flush DNS Settings to Fix Discord Stuck on Starting

Just like Device and apps caches, there is a DNS cache or Network Cache that saves the network information.

Previously saved network settings can also be a reason behind discord not opening and similarly like Discord cache we can also flush DNS settings with few easy commands.


Type CMD in the windows search box and choose Run as Administrator. This will bring up the black window of the command prompt.

In the command prompt type ipconfig /flushdns and then hit ok to execute this network command.

Flush DNS Settings on Windows
Flush DNS Settings on Windows


For MAC Users

On your Mac device open Terminal by typing on the search box or you can look into the Applications.  

In the terminal box, enter the following command and then hit enter to execute

sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder;sudo killall mDNSResponderHelper;sudo dscacheutil –flushcache

Flush DNS Settings in Mac
Flush DNS Settings in Mac


Restart the computer and your Router to see the changes.


SOLUTION 7: – Close all Apps and Games

Too many apps running in the background occupy a lot of space on the CPU and Memory which slows down the computer and can become not responding.

Games running at the same time with discord overlay can also be one of the reasons as discussed in the cause behind discord stuck on starting.

You need to close and disable all the background apps and games currently running. This solution will also improve your device performance.

Press Windows + Shift + Esc key to open the task manager. Now close all the apps and games that you can see in the Apps and Background processes.  

Open Windows settings by typing settings in the windows search box. In the settings, search for privacy and click on it.

In privacy find and click on Background apps which is on the left-hand side options under the App permission.

Disable background apps to fix Discord not connecting


Mac users can again use Force quit to close all the apps running on the device.

Here all the apps will be listed, turn off all the apps that you don’t use as these apps keep running in the background, and slow down the speed.


SOLUTION 8: – Update or Reinstall Discord

This can be the lengthy and most effective method and you can try when none of the above solutions worked for you.

First, you can try updating your discord, before proceeding makes sure you completely close the discord application. You can see solution 3 for the steps.

You can update discord by making a right-click on the discord app and choose run as administrator. Click on yes when it asks for permission and discord will now come up with the updated version.

How to Reinstall Discord on Windows

You need to completely remove discord from the Windows so that a fresh copy of discord can be reinstalled.

This will be done in 2 steps where first you will remove the discord app from windows and in the second step, delete all the discord files.

Press Windows + R key to open RUN box and type appwiz.cpl and then click on Ok. Look for the discord app, right-click on it and choose to uninstall.

Reinstall Discord to fix discord stuck on starting
Reinstall Discord to fix discord stuck on starting


Now press Windows + R key again and type %appdata% and then click ok. Look for the discord folder, click on it once to highlight, and then press Shift + Del to delete the files.

Open RUN box again and type %localappdata% and then click on ok.  Again look for the discord folder and delete it.

Restart the computer and visit discord official websites to download the app again and also set-up discord 2-factor authentications to secure the account.


How to Reinstall Discord on Mac

On the Mac device open Application and through the Finder and look for the Discord application. Right-click on Discord and choose Move to Trash.

Open the Trash folder and delete discord from the trash folder as well.

In the next step, you also need to delete all the discord app data. From the App, menu click Go to folder, type ~/Library, and click on Go.

In the library, section finds the discord folder, right-click on it and choose a move to trash. Go to trash again and clear the discord folder from the trash as well.

Restart the computer and open the discord official website to download the discord app again. I am sure this will fix discord stuck on starting on a grey screen.



Now you know all major causes behind discord stuck on start-up and how you can fix it. Make sure if you are on this article for the first time, do not skip any step, and follow the solution one by one.

Troubleshooting starts from a simple restart and ends with the reinstall. Other solutions in between take a minute to apply and are effective.

Please let me know if you still have the issues or anything related to this. Which method worked for you let us know in the comment box and this will help other discord users.

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