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You are no doubt a Discord user, and one of the most common questions that I get asked is “How do you View Old Messages on Discord?” Fortunately for you, this guide will show you how to view the old messages you want to without scrolling up and wasting time.


Let’s start by thinking about the concept of “Message.” A message is anything that is sent to the server. Therefore, any message sent will be stored by the server.

You can search with Discord server search where you have pretty good filters to find out

  • By specific date
  • Specific user and channel
  • Embed or file
  • In: channel

Once you have figured out how to View Old Messages on Discord, it is worth your time to learn how to view them.

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How do you view old messages on discord?

So, here we will learn about discord how to go to the beginning of chat avoiding discord scrolling up and finding the oldest messages quickly. Here we will use in: channel option to explain

STEP 1:- Open your Discord dashboard on your PC

STEP 2:- Now open the server, channel, or any discord user chat panel where ever you want to view your first message on discord.

STEP 3:- Now look for the search box at the very right-hand top of the Discord. Click on it and from the drop-down choose “in: channel”.

How do you View Old Messages on Discord?


STEP 4:- Choose your channel now from the next dropdown. Once done entire messages will be displayed, look for Oldest, and click on it which will just below the search box.


Select discord channel
Select discord channel


STEP 5:- It will take you to the beginning of the discord chat where you can see your first discord message.

How do you View Old Messages on Discord?
How do you View Old Messages on Discord?


You can click on a jump that will appear on the right side of the text when you will hover upon it. This will help discord jump to the beginning of the chat on the chatbox to show your first message.

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Let’s have a short brief on how to use other advanced search options to avoid discord scrolling up and learn how to go far back in DMS in discord                 


From: user: – Click on the search box and choose “from: user from the drop-down and add the user name of the user to find out that users’ messages. You can click on the oldest later to find your oldest discord messages with him.  

Has: link, embed, or file:- Selecting this option you can find any link, embed, file, images, video, sound within the entire channel. If you want to see the oldest one you can click on the oldest one.

Click on search and choose “has: link, embed, or file from the drop-down and then choose the kind of file you want to search from another dropdown.

Specific date: – Here you will get 3 options which are before, during, and after. You can search for your messages according to your date. For example, if you want to see the messages before to any specific date then you can “before: specific date and select the date to jump to the conversation.


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People who asked a similar question

How to find the first message on discord mobile?

The process is almost the same to find the first message on discord mobile if you learned how you view old messages on discord.         

Open your Discord app on the phone and navigate to the chatbox where you want to find the first message by scrolling up. Tap on the search box and choose in: channel > select channel name > hit Enter.

How to go far back in DMS in discord?           

Use the above-advanced search options to put some of your efforts to learn how to go far back in DMS in discord. You can spend some time doing practical using all the above search code to find how it works.



So, how do you view old messages on discord I believe you may have already tried while reading? Hope you learned other advanced search options as well and I would recommend you try a couple of times as a practice.

I would be happy to know how this worked for you, if you have any other doubts or questions related to Discord please make a comment and we will write an article on that with a quick email alert.

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BLESS DAY and Best Wishes          

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