How many Final Fantasy Games are there? What order to Play

You might be keen to know that how many final fantasy games are there and what order to play final fantasy.

Not only you tons of people have the same questions.

In this article, I will take you with a brief explanation of the number of final fantasy games and why there are so many games on the same title as Final Fantasy.


How many Final Fantasy Games are there?

Have you ever stopped to think about just how many final fantasy games are actually there because there are a lot more than 15 games?

By the way, if you didn’t know final fantasy was met with huge success.

It sold almost half a million copies and got great reviews they had the money to continue and now the Final Fantasy became a well-known name in the gaming industry.


How Many Total Fantasy Games are there?

Now as for how many are there it all started in 1987 with the first one then came two and three in this time they also released Final Fantasy legends one two and three on the Game boy.

In total there are 95 final fantasy games as of 2021 including 15 core series games.

So let’s talk about these 15 Final Fantasy games in order from worst to best


NO 16 –


Fantasy 2 deserves a lot of props for taking risks on paper a lot of its changes sounded excellent from its darker more focused storytelling to its Munique progression mechanics to a system that attempted to make interactions with NPCs more engage.

The game does deserve recognition for introducing things that would become series staples. It stands as one of the least memorable entries in the franchise.


NO 15 –

FINAL FANTASY 14 (Original Series)

Final Fantasy 14 came really with a disappointment in 2010 and many of the players lost interest as well it didn’t help that when the game launched.

That was a nightmare to navigate and core interaction exploration and combat mechanics were an absolute chore.

Final Fantasy 14 original series was perhaps one of the biggest mistakes.


NO 14


Square Enix went back to the first game’s template and that was both the game’s biggest strength and its biggest weakness.

It was a strength because it allowed for smoother progression better balance difficulty and as a result more engaging battles.

The introduction of even more series staples such as a job system and summons also elevated the game’s combat even though at the time.

However, the game’s story was much more generic and forgettable especially compared to its darker and focused predecessor.



NO 13


Final Fantasy 13 is a classic case of a game that has lots of potentials and sounds incredible on paper but just doesn’t manage to live up to all that potential.

Its setting is rich and beautiful but it’s let down by an unnecessarily overwrought story and a very inconsistent cast of characters.

There’s still a lot to like about Final Fantasy 13 from its beautiful visuals to the excellent soundtrack to the Afra mentioned combat but by and large it stands as one of the weakest mainline Final Fantasy entries.

NO 12


Final Fantasy was revolutionary it brought back square soft from the brink of bankruptcy and kick-started.

What would become a veritable gaming dynasty purely as a game though it’s not that easy or unto go back to today but if for nothing else then it’s legacy.

Final Fantasy one deserves immense praise and recognition.

NO 11


the game seemed to be a bit dense and unfriendly to newcomers as many of its fans would tell you once you got past the initial troubles.

The FF 11 was a really rewarding game over the years and with multiple updates and new content drops.

It became better and smoother to the extent that it was eventually almost unrecognizable from the game it launched ads it might not be what you typically expect to see from Final Fantasy.


NO 10


Final Fantasy 15 fell victim to a long and troubled development cycle starting life as a ps3 exclusive.

Final Fantasy 13 spin-off called Final Fantasy Versus 13 in 2006 the game went through long periods of development hell rebooting and a mad dash to the finish line in its final stages of development after it became Final Fantasy 15.

Final Fantasy 15 has an excellent open-world a solid cast of core characters and great combat but it’s let down by a lot of major issues at its best.

The story is an absolute mess and downright incomprehensible at its worst while the final hours of the game ditched two of its biggest strengths.


NO 9


Final Fantasy 10 was the culmination of the series turn-based era and it certainly felt like it had a strictly turn-based combat system.

Meanwhile, the story thanks to its beautifully rendered setting and a few standout characters really stood out.

As well like Final Fantasy 13, 10 was also a very linear affair but unlike the former Final Fantasy 10 actually used its linearity well with time some of the game’s aspects that drew a lot of praise back when it first launched.

Such as the voice acting has aged quite poorly but overall it’s still a great game to go back to especially for hardcore series fans.

NO 8


After a game is wildly successful as Final Fantasy 7 most companies would have made a sequel that just did more of the same but with Final Fantasy 8.

Square Enix made a weird left turn resulting in one of the most divisive games of the series but we loved it for how bold and unique it is.

Not all of its ideas are executed well the magic system is far from perfect.

For example a deep and layered progression system engaging battles and a dense story it was a game that if you could get into it would dig its claws deep into you and refused to let go until the very end.


NO 7


Its first half-dozen entries final fantasy would alternate between being story-driven in gameplay driven after final fantasy 3 which was light on story but heavy on the system.

Final fantasy 4 was a complete story-centric experience sticking to that pattern final fantasy 5 went back to being gameplay centric and though it leaves something to be desired in the narrative and characters.

Department there’s no doubting that purely as an RPG Final Fantasy 5 is perhaps one of the best and most enjoyable entries in the series.

it’s got an incredibly versatile job system that lends a ton of strategy and replays value to the game and makes every single battle an absolute blast.


NO 6


Final Fantasy 4 is perhaps one of the most important and memorable entries in this series.

It introduces the excellent ATB system and also the game that laid down the foundations of story-heavy experiences and epic sweeping storytelling that the series follows to this day.

Final Fantasy four’s epic tale of good versus evil and its strong and memorable ensemble cast of characters was nothing short of revolutionary for video games back.

When the game first launched unlike many games of its era Final Fantasy 4 has also aged very well and it’s still easy to go back to and enjoy


NO 5

FINAL FANTASY 14 (A Realm Reborn)

Because of the quality between the game’s initial release and the relaunch of a realm reborn is startling to see the first is the single worst numbered game in the series.

Final Fantasy 14 came with a beautiful and rich setting to explore featuring addictive combat that is bolstered by complex and engaging progression mechanics.

Square Enix has consistently taken impressive leaps forward to the extent that 2019 shadow bringers are perhaps one of the greatest Final Fantasy stories of all time.

The game came with much improvement and if you are playing this game on windows make sure you check you enhance pointer precision for gaming.


NO 4


No game in the series has benefited as much from re-releases as Final Fantasy 12.

Its original release was an excellent one as it was thanks to its beautiful setting its focus on exploration.

Square Enix successfully turned an already excellent game into an even better one thanks to several smart improvements from its job system which improved the progression significantly to the ability to fast-forward through battles.

Final Fantasy 12 is the very definition of epic a game that was far ahead of its time when it first launched and still stands as one of the best entries in the series.


NO 3


Though it started out as a fantasy series as the name suggests Final Fantasy gradually started veering into sci-fi territory over time by the final years of the ps1 era.

It had cemented itself as a sci-fi series having shed its fantasy trappings almost completely Final Fantasy 9 was a throwback to the earlier days of the series featuring a high fantasy setting and for franchise fans.

It’s one of the strongest outings and that’s not just because it hearkened back to the series fantasy days it’s because it did it so well from an excellent and rich setting.

Final Fantasy 9 was a dream come true for fans of the series and of the genre hopefully, we’ll see Final Fantasy returning to that style once again not long from now.


NO 2


That generation of consoles as a whole and it’s not hard to see why an excellent cast of characters is a spectacular villain a story that twists and turns almost constantly.

Refuses to get its claws out of players an absolutely fantastic soundtrack there is no end to the things that Final Fantasy excelled at and set the bar for the upcoming remake has a lot to live up to.


NO 1


Final Fantasy 6 that hasn’t already been set a million times is regarded to this day as not only one of the greatest Final Fantasy games ever.

Final Fantasy 6 is a masterpiece there are no two ways about it it boasts one of the best stories the series has ever told.

It is the crowning achievement both of this series and of Square Enix and it’s highly unlikely we’ll ever see either of them reaching these Heights ever again.

I personally loved this series.

Why is it called Final Fantasy?

When there are so many of them well it wasn’t originally going to be that way

Square was in big financial trouble at the time and expected to only make one more game before they stopped altogether.

They were out of money so they named the game final fantasy as it was their final game and it was a fantasy title.



What order to play final fantasy?  

Now you might be confused and thinking that what order to play these final fantasy games.

Now there is nothing recommended and it’s all up to you that from where you start the game.

There are few options or a plan I can say that would help you to decide.

  1. Start with the oldest and experience how Final fantasy performed. 
  2. Better start with the newest version towards the older.
  3. Take my above recommendation and start from the Best which is no 1 and move towards no 15.



Bottom Line          

So far you got to know everything that how many games are there is final fantasy and what order to play.    

Hopefully, you might agree with the Final fantasy game order from worst to best.

Have you played all the series, if yes let us know your favorite in the comment section?

And, if you are planning to start let me know which order have you decided.


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