Is Enhance Pointer Precision Good for Gaming in 2022

The mouse is one of the important objects of the computer especially while playing games. In this article, I will brief you about the Windows feature of “enhance pointer precision” and whether it is good for gaming or not.

As a gamer, I always make some research to improve my gaming experience. So if you are a gamer too then you must know about enhance pointer precision.

You must know what does enhance pointer precision do and whether it is good for gaming or not.

What does Enhance Pointer Precision do?

Enhance pointer precision is a kind of mouse acceleration feature in Windows.

When you move your mouse, the cursor moves on the screen and this relationship is called DPI settings.

DPI is dots per inch and so once enhance pointer precision is enabled windows will automatically adjust the mouse speed.

Have a look at the screenshot below, which will help you to better understand.

Enhance pointer precision
Enhance pointer precision


In simple words enhance pointer precision keeps tracking your speed of the mouse.

If you move your mouse faster, DPI will automatically increase and the cursor will start covering the longer distance.

Regular home and office users submitted positive feedback about this mouse precision feature. But, most of the gamers do not consider enabling this option while playing games.


Enhance Pointer Precision for Gaming

Though it’s still hard to assure by just saying that enhance pointer precision is not good for gaming. Many games automatically detect mouse precision and work absolutely fine.

I see people want to quickly clarify whether

Does enhance pointer precision affect Valorant?

Does enhance pointer precision affects CSGO and Fortnite?

mouse Enhance pointer precision settings in fortnite
mouse Enhance pointer precision settings in Fortnite


Though most of the game detects these settings still I would recommend you to play with these settings and observe what suits you the best.

What I can assure you is that enhance pointer precision settings do not affect games like Fortnite, Valorant, and CSGO.

But still, you can check the settings with the help of the below instructions.


How do I Turn off Enhance Pointer Precision

Windows Enhance pointer precision can affect your movement while playing games. However, we should check these settings, and here I will explain how to turn off this feature.

Follow the below instructions property to disable enhance pointer precision.

Type control panel in the windows search box and open the control panel from the suggestion.

From the control panel window, find and click on the Mouse icon. If you do not find the mouse icon, make sure you choose the large icon option from “view by” located at the right-hand top.

Mouse settings in Windows
Mouse settings in Windows


A mouse properties box will now be up, click on the Pointer Options tab. In the motion section makes sure the “Enhance Pointer Precision” tab is unchecked.

Enhance pointer precision gaming
Enhance pointer precision gaming


Now you can also slide the pointer speed left and right to adjust your movements.


How to Increase Mouse Precision (DPI)

Probably you feel weird and uncomfortable after disabling enhance pointer precision as you have been using for a long time.

You might have to move your mouse too far to cover a longer distance then follow the below settings. Mouse precision DPI can be adjusted depending on what suits you the best.

It depends on the mouse you are using and the operating system.

The first thing I would recommend is to download the mouse driver and adjust the DPI and sensitivity from the manufacturer’s driver tool.

Mouse acceleration settings in game
Mouse acceleration settings in-game


You can also increase the mouse precision speed on windows 10 as well.

Type mouse in the windows search box located at the very left-hand bottom and choose mouse settings.

Click on the Additional Mouse option under the related setting section.

What does enhance pointer precision do
What does enhance pointer precision do


From the mouse properties box, click on the Pointer option tab. From select, a pointer speed uses the slider left and right to adjust the mouse DPI.

Enhance pointer precision gaming
Enhance pointer precision gaming


My recommendation is set to 60% towards the fast. Rest it’s up to you what suits you the best.

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Best Mouse Optimization for Gaming

I don’t want you to be confused too much and here I will share the final settings that I and most of the gamer use.

  1. Disable enhance pointer precision and keep the pointer speed to 60% towards fast.
  2. Enable mouse acceleration especially when you are playing any shooting game like PUBG and Fortnite.

You can enable it from the settings of the game you are playing.

Rest practice for a few days after making these changes and still, if this doesn’t suit you then you can try making some changes.


Conclusion for Enhance Pointer Precision On or Off Gaming

So you know my final conclusion on enhance pointer precision for gaming in 2021. What do you think; please let us know in the comment box.

Most of the gamers playing war games say it’s better to turn off enhance pointer precision and even I recommend it.

But many say it’s recommended to use this feature and must be enabled.

Why don’t you make some practical and evaluate by turning to enhance pointer precision on and off to check how good this is for gaming.


Please leave your feedback in the comment box.


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