How to Set a Custom Playing Status on Discord – (PC & Mobile)


Discord is specially designed for gamers, where apart from chatting users can also view which game their friends are playing. In this article, I will take you through with easy steps on how to set a custom playing status on discord both on PC and Mobile.

Like me probably you also want to set a custom game playing status where you can change the name of the game you are playing or can set the status of any game even if you are not playing. 

NOTE:- Make sure you are using Discord 2-factor authentication to secure your account

What is Custom Status on Discord?          

Status shows your current situation and availability on discord which becomes easier for other users to know about your current status.

In Discord, I can say there are two kinds of status

  • Availability status
  • Playing status

In availability status, there are four options given by default which are idle, online, do-not-disturb, and invisible.

In playing status, discord detects the verified game running on your device and displays the name of the game below your name as a status with the game activity feature.

Now if you want something different that discord status shows, you can go with custom. For example, if you are playing Minecraft, but you want to show other users that you are playing Roblox then you can do this with custom game playing status.   

So if you are thinking about how to show what you’re playing on discord, don’t worry discord automatically detects the game that you play.


How to Set a Custom Playing Status on Discord – PC

Discord now playing status displays the game name below your username to show what you’re playing on discord.

So what you can do here is that you can change the name of the game you are playing

  • You can change the game name that you are playing
  • You can even create fake playing status custom message

Follow these steps for the discord custom game status

1. Open the Discord dashboard app or on the web and then click on the user settings located at the very left-hand bottom.         

2. From the left panel of settings, scroll down the bottom to find Game Activity and click on it.

3. If you are playing any verified game, discord will automatically detect it and will show you in-game activity.

discord game activity
discord game activity


Now if you want to change this game name to any other custom game name like you are playing PUBG and want to show Fortnite, then simply click on the game name and change the name to Fortnite.        

Keep overlay off and discord playing status will now be changed to Fortnite from PUBG.

4. What if you are not playing any game but you want to show people that you are playing the game.

Once you open discord game activity, it will say no game detected, look below it for Add it and click on it.

add game in discord
add the game in discord


Note:- Make sure “Display currently running game as a status message is enabled” and you are running 1 or 2 programs on the computer like any browser

You will be getting a box with a drop-down, click on it and it will show all the apps and programs running on your device, choose any one of them and click on Add.

Once the program is added, click on the program name and change it to the game name that you want to show.

Discord custom game status
Discord custom game status


Come back to any discord server and check your username, it will display the custom game playing status that you set.


How to Set a Custom Playing Status on Discord – Mobile       

By default, there is no feature of custom playing status on discord mobile, but I will share a trick through which you can set the custom game status.  

Follow these steps

1. Download the Yandex Browser from the play store or app store and install it.

2. Launch the Yandex app, type extension in the search box, and hit enter. Choose the first option of a chrome web store and tap on it.

Chrome web store extension in Yandex
Chrome web store extension in Yandex

3. In the chrome web store, type discord and then search. Once the results are displayed tap on extension again.

Note:- Make sure you are running Yandex in desktop mode, which can be done by tapping on 3 dots and choosing a desktop version.

Discord game activity in mobile
Discord game activity in mobile


4. From the results scroll down to find “Set Discord Activity” and tap on add to chrome. On the confirmation, box tap ADD EXTENSION.

5. Tap on the home button to go to the Yandex homepage and search for and login to your account.  

6. Now once you are in your discord account, tap on the 3 dot icon again and choose an extension. From the extensions tap on Set Discord Activity and then tap on open once in the next screen which will refresh the screen.

Discord custom game status

7. Tap on 3 dots again and choose extensions and then Set Discord Activity. From the source dropdown choose Custom and then type the name of the game you want to display and then tap Set Discord Activity.

How to set a custom playing status on discord mobile

You are all set; you can check your discord playing status which has been set to the name you just wrote.

How to set a custom playing status on discord mobile



After making research I dint not found any blogs on how to set a custom playing status on discord mobile, so after making research I found this method.

You can set discord custom status easily now both on your PC and mobile let me know how you feel now.

You can also set discord watching status to any funny playing status which depends on your creativity.

Please share the article, if you like it.

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