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While chatting in Discord pinned messages helps to record important chats and files, in this article you will learn how to pin messages in discord PC and Mobile.

Pinned messages in discord are like a sticky note where you keep your information or important text for the future.

What do Pin Messages do in Discord

Discord Pinned messages are amazing and very useful features through which you can add your important text or files to the pin box so that you can quickly access them in the future.

Let’s understand with an example

While chatting on a discord server or dm, you may receive or send any important note or email that you want to save for future use, you can pin that specific file or email in the pin box which can be accessed from the pin box.

There are many more uses of pinned messages which depend on you, how you utilize this feature to ease your task without wasting time searching those messages by scrolling up and down.

You can even pin discord channel rules for every new member who joins the server to remind you about the rules in the welcome channel.


How to Pin a Message on Discord Desktop

This Discord feature can be used on PC and as well as on Phone, let’s move to the steps to know how to pin messages in discord.

1. Open Discord through your PC app or web and look for the message that you want to pin, so here we will take a picture as an example.

pin messages in discord
pin messages in discord

2. Now hover up to the message and click on the 3 dot icon from the very right-hand side of the message.

3. Options will now be displayed, click on Pin Message and you will be displayed with the confirmation box, click Oh Yeah. Pin it.

confirmation message
confirmation message

4. Your messages have been now saved in the pin box.


How to View Pinned Messages in Discord

Once you have pinned all the important messages and files, you might be thinking about how to access all the pinned messages.

If you want to view the pinned messages that you pinned just now, click on the message of See all the Pins just below the message that you pinned.

  • All pinned messages can be accessed by clicking on the pin icon located at the top on the left of the search box.
  • A new box will appear which will display all your pinned messages, you can choose the one that you want by scrolling down and clicking on Jump to quickly navigate to that message.
How to view Pinned messages in discord
How to view Pinned messages in discord

How to Remove Pinned Messages?

You can unpin the messages anytime by clicking on the pin icon which is on the very top of the channel.

Once you are in the pinned messages box, look for the message that you want to remove and simply click on the cross X which is on the very left to the Jump option.


How to Pin Messages in Discord Mobile  

You can also pin messages in discord easily with a few simple steps, you can do both on your android and iPhone.

  1. Open Discord on your mobile and navigate to the server and then to the channel where you have the message to pin.
  2. Now tap and hold on to the message until it gives you message options on the screen.
  3. From the option, tap on “Pin Message” and click Pin again when you get the confirmation box.
how to pin messages in discord mobile
how to pin messages in discord mobile


You can check all the pinned messages by sliding the mobile screen to left, here you will see the Pin icon. Click on the icon and you will find all the pinned messages.

Tap and hold on to the message to bring up pinned message options, from these options you can either unpin or delete this message.


Discord Pinned Messages Limit

Discord has set a limitation where you can only pin 50 messages in the pin box, so in case if you need to pin new messages you will have to delete the old one.

Many people think of this as a drawback and want to remove this limitation, but I totally agree with this drawback.

Pinned message options are to pin only important messages which we can reuse in the future, if there is no limitation we will keep pinning the messages and even we won’t remember what all messages we pinned.         

Please let me know in the comment box, do you agree with this limitation or you want this to be revoked.


Hope you learned how to pin and view messages in discord, this is a very useful feature that helps you keep track of all the important messages and files.

As just discussed above, please let me know what do you think about this feature and the limitation of 50 messages.

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