How to Change Name Color in Discord (2022) – PC & Phone


Many of you might know how to use colored text in the discord chat, but do you know how to change name color in discord which can be used to differentiate users according to their roles.

You might have seen on many discord servers, users’ names are displayed in different colors and you also want to know how to change name color in discord.

Key Points

  • This exact process is called Discord role colors
  • You must be a server owner or should have admin rights permission to create discord role colors.
  • Discord user’s name color can be changed by creating roles with color and assigning users to these roles.


Why use Discord Role Colors?

Discord role colors are used to differentiate roles/users by their color which is even easier to identify.

There are 18 colors and custom color options through which you can create your own role color.

If you are curious to know how to make rainbow roles discord bot, do not try doing these either with any trick or bot.

Rainbow roles or using bots to change the role color of a role at a rapid pace is against our API terms of service and will get your bot account (and perhaps even your account) terminated.

This is because such utilization of our service is considered abusive as per section 2.7 of the API terms of service.



Let’s take an example to understand why to use discord role colors

You have a Discord server, where you have 4 kinds of users like

Owner: – Can be assigned color like PINK which will indicate as owner color

Admins: – Assign any color like GREEN that can indicate as admin color

Ready for admin: – People who probably can become admin, assign color like ORANGE  

New users: – Assign RED color which will indicate them as a new user 

So here in order to differentiate these users by their role on the server, you can assign colors to these roles and then these users to specific roles.


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How to Change Name Color in Discord | PC

Follow the steps carefully and read twice before implementing the steps. You can create a test server and add a few people over there to test this process.


Maybe you are an Expert who can directly start the process?

STEP 1:- Open your Discord dashboard and navigate to the Server where you want to assign and change name color.

Discord Server settings
Discord Server settings


STEP 2:- Click on the drop-down beside to server name and choose Server Settings and then Roles.


STEP 3:- Now as here I have taken an example of a new server, so I will manually add new roles with color. If you already have roles on your server, you can simply change the color or rename them depending on you.

Discord Role colors
Discord Role colors


STEP 4:- Click on + sign beside to roles, and give a name to roles, choose a color from the color option and click  Save Changes  once done. So here I am creating two roles

  • GREEN For Admin
  • RED for New users

You can create more Roles depending on your requirement; here I created just 2 roles for explanation


STEP 5:- Come back to Server settings and scroll down to look and click Members. Here you will be displayed with all the members in the server.

How to change name color in discord
How to change name color in discord


STEP 6:- Right-click on the member, hover up to Roles, and choose the role displayed in the option.


STEP 7:– Assigned user color will be changed now.


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How to Change Name Color in Discord | Phone

The process of changing discord name color is very similar and almost the same as Discord PC. You have to follow the same steps, let’s quickly look into the steps.

STEP 1:- Navigate to the Discord Server, where you want to assign roles with colors.


STEP 2:- Tap on the Server name or 3 dots to pull server options, choose Settings from the option. From the Server settings, scroll down to the bottom and tap on Roles.


STEP 3:- In the Roles box, tap on the + sign to add a Role. Give a name to the Role and choose the color which you want to assign. Tap on the blue icon at the very right-hand bottom to Save

So here I will create two roles for the explanation.

PINK for Owner

ORANGE for Ready to Admin


STEP 4:- Once Roles are created go back to server settings and scroll down to choose Members which is just above to Roles.


STEP 5:- In the members, you will see all the server members, tap on the member, and choose the type of role to be assigned. Tap on the checkbox and you are done.





You learned how to change name color in discord, so now if you have multiple users in the servers and every user is different.

Take some time to think of a role name for them and assign them appropriate colors to differentiate.

Please let me know if you have any other queries related to this or Discord. I will surely write and make a video on it.

Please share this blog with your admin, if you are not having the rights and want this to be enabled on your server.

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