How to Connect Spotify to Discord (2022) – PC & Mobile

Spotify is the ultimate music platform and by linking to discord you can play on a discord server and show what you are listening to on Spotify. In this article, I will brief how to connect Spotify to Discord on PC and Mobile.

Once the Spotify account is connected to discord, your friends can know which music you are listening to and even they can enjoy the same music.

Now many of you might be thinking that how to listen along with someone on Spotify discord without premium. So here in this article, I will cover everything that you are looking for.

NOTE: This article will help you to link Spotify to Discord on PC and Mobile and also how to fix if you fail to connect Spotify to discord

How to Connect Spotify to Discord – (PC)

Follow these easy steps to link Spotify account to discord on Windows 10 and Mac PC.

Launch Discord application on the PC or log into Discord Web version from your browser.

Now click on the “User Settings” located at the very left-hand bottom. This is a gear icon beside your username.

Discord User Settings
Discord User Settings


In the user, settings click on the “Connection” tab, located at the left-hand panel. The Connections box will display all the available accounts that can be linked.

Now under connect your accounts, click on the “Spotify” icon. This will redirect you to the browser to login into your Spotify account and give authorization to discord.

How to link Spotify to Discord PC
How to link Spotify to Discord PC


Once connected successfully you will get a message on the browser “Connected your Spotify account to Discord”.

Discord Integration
Discord Integration


Close the browser and come back to the discord connection page again. You can now see Spotify under the connected list with your Spotify username.

Connection on Discord
Connection on Discord


Discord gives you few options here for the Spotify status which can be managed on the same page.

Display on profile – This will display on your profile about Spotify status

Display Spotify as your Status – Listening to Spotify status will be automatically set on your discord status once enabled. You should play Spotify music on the same device.


How do I listen to Spotify with friends on Discord?

Your friends can click on your profile picture and see your status about the Spotify song you are listening to. Users having premium Spotify account can join by clicking on the “Listen along” icon.

how to listen along Spotify on Discord
how to listen along with Spotify on Discord


You can also invite other members through the channel to listen to the song.

Open any Discord channel and click on the + icon, that is on the very left to the chatbox, and choose the Invite to Spotify option.

Invite discord friends to listen to Spotify Music
Invite discord friends to listen to Spotify Music


The link will be shared on the channel and anyone can join by clicking on the Join button.



How to Connect Spotify to Discord (Mobile)

Launch the Discord Application on your Android or iPhone. Now swipe right the server/channel and tap on your profile picture located at the very right-hand bottom.

Discord User settings will now be up, find and tap on the “Connection” tab. This will display the list of accounts that are already connected.

How to link spotify to discord mobile
How to link Spotify to discord mobile


To add Spotify, tap on “ADD” located at the very right-hand top. A list of accounts will be displayed, tap on the Spotify icon and this will redirect to the browser.

How to connect spotify to discord
How to connect Spotify to discord


In the browser login to Spotify and authorize discord to proceed and connect.

Once done Spotify will now be displayed under the connections box with Spotify username.


Failed to Connect Spotify to Discord

Many users reported that they are getting an error of “failed to connect Spotify to Discord” while linking Spotify to discord.       

Failed to connect spotify to discord
Failed to connect Spotify to discord


So far there have been no exact reasons found behind this error. I am sharing few basic fixes which worked for many users.

NOTE: – Try applying all the fixes as any of the below fixes can work

1. Slow Internet Connection: – Most common cause found for discord and Spotify connection failure is the slow internet connection. Even I had the same issue while connecting Spotify to discord as I was using mobile data and had slow speed. Once I switched to a better internet connection, the issue was quickly resolved. Also check your discord ping, if high try changing the server location.


2. Clear Browsing data and Discord Cache: – Previously Saved Caches of the browser, discord, and Spotify app can be another cause for this problem. Please clear the browsing data and cache of the browser and also clear the discord cache. Restart the device and repeat the process again.


3. Log in to Spotify on Browser before connecting: – Open the browser on your device and navigate to the website. Log in to Spotify and then launch the discord app again either through the application or the browser. Try connecting again, hope this time you would be able to connect.


4. Use the Web version instead of App: – Open Spotify and discord both on your browser. Many of the users gave their review that when they tried connecting Spotify and discord using the web version it worked for them. You can also try the same.



How to Remove Spotify from Discord

Removing Spotify from discord is easy and simple. You can disconnect Spotify from discord anytime with the simple steps.


  • Open Discord Application and click on the “User Settings” located at the left-hand bottom.
  • From the user settings, click on the “Connections” tab. Here you will find the Spotify account with the username. Simple click on the X button located at the very right of the Spotify username.


  • Launch the Discord application and tap on your discord profile picture.
  • Now tap on the “Connections” tab and then on the X icon located at the very right of the Spotify username.


How to listen along with someone on Spotify discord without the premium

To enjoy the “Listen Along” feature of Spotify Discord you must have a premium subscription. If you are looking for any way through which you can enjoy without the Spotify premium then visit this article.



Here you learned how to connect Spotify to Discord on PC and Mobile. Discord has many other features for Spotify where you can play Spotify music on any server through a bot.                  

Please let me know if I have missed anything related to this topic. I will surely cover that in my next article.

Though adding Spotify to discord is quite easy for both PC and Mobile but still playing Spotify on discord fails sometimes.

My next article will be on the related topic. Subscribe to our YOUTUBE channel as well to stay tuned.


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