How to Turn off Hardware Acceleration Discord (2022 Guide)


In this article, you will learn what hardware acceleration is and how to turn off hardware acceleration in Discord.

Hardware acceleration is a unique and very useful tool through which you can manage PCs hardware to perform apps and programs faster.

Hardware acceleration cannot be increased or decreased; it can only be turned on and off.


What is Hardware Acceleration in Discord?

Discord hardware acceleration is used to accelerate device hardware like CPU and Sound card to generate the best and smooth performance for graphics and sound.

Once hardware acceleration in discord is enabled it uses the hardware for the best performance.

But in case if your device hardware is not good or not updated, it may create problems like frame drops or discord lag. In this case, your discord may not work properly or can create some other issues.

Here you can disable hardware acceleration with the following simple steps.

Note:- This feature is not available on phone devices

How to Turn off Hardware Acceleration in Discord

You need to be on the desktop discord app or web in order to enable or disable discord hardware acceleration.

Note:- This feature is not available on phone devices


Follow the below steps

Step 1:- Open the Discord dashboard and click on the gear icon of “Settings which is at the very left-hand bottom beside your username.

Discord settings
discord settings


Step 2:- In the settings, scroll down to find “Advanced” which is under the App Settings on the left-hand side of the screen.

How to disable discord hardware acceleration
How to disable discord hardware acceleration


Step 3:- Here in the Advanced section you will find Hardware Acceleration, click on the toggle to disable and click again to enable.

Better restart your device to see the changes and differences after disabling in discord.


Does Discord need Hardware Acceleration?

Yes, discord needs hardware acceleration depending on the device hardware, enabling it in discord will allow it to run sound and graphics smoothly.

Many discord users have shared their feedback that without discord hardware acceleration, it runs like garbage. So once they enable it, it works completely fine.



Does my Computer support Hardware Acceleration?

Hardware acceleration plays an important role for gamers who need high graphics and frame rate to run the game smoothly.

Most of the computers now are coming with a dedicated and supported CPU and GPU for better gaming performance.

You can check the hardware acceleration in display settings, in case if you don’t find this option, which means your device does not support hardware acceleration.

  • Type display settings in the windows search box and click display settings from the result.
  • From the display, settings scroll down to the bottom to find “Advanced Display Settings” and click on it.
  • Now find and click on “display adapter properties for display 1″
  • From the graphic properties box, click on the “troubleshooting” tab and then on change settings.
  • In the display adapter troubleshooter, click the hardware acceleration to turn off and on.

If you don’t find the above steps of the troubleshooting tab, it means your device does not support hardware acceleration.



FINAL WORDS          

From the above guide, you learned almost all the details about how to turn off hardware acceleration discord.

After disabling restart your computer to see whether it worked for you or not.

If the hardware acceleration is already disabled, you can try enabling it to see whether it improves the performance or not.

Hope this information helped you, if yes please share the article with your discord server.


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