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Discord is a great platform for gaming with varieties of features but when it comes to recording you need to learn how to record discord audio with audacity as discord has no recording feature.

There can be many purposes of recording discord audio like for podcasting or for any kind of presentation.

Recording conversations with others are illegal in many countries and you cannot record without their permission.

Before starting, let me clear that Audacity has single audio input where you can hear either your voice or the others, but not both.

But I have a solution for this where I will also recommend other recording software’s like OBS and Craig with which you can record both voices.


How to Record Discord Audio with Audacity

Here you will get complete information about the Audacity discord voice recorder including downloading link, steps to install, and how to use it.

Make sure your microphone is properly configured by making a test call


  • Compatible with Windows and MAC
  • Free Software
  • Post-editing of audio are allowed after being recorded
  • Single audio input


How to Record Discord with Audacity                                  

1: Click the link to download the Audacity Voice recorder for discord and choose your operating system and follow the installation process.

2:- Open Audacity dashboard and click on Edit and then on Preferences from the top menu tabs.

3:- In the devices, check and confirm your playback and recording devices to make sure audio outputs are properly attached and set.

Audacity voice recorder preferences
Audacity voice recorder preferences


4:- Place a call or join a voice channel to start your conversation in discord

5:- Switch to Audacity and click the record button which looks like a red circle at the center of the screen or simply press the R key.

how to record discord with audacity
how to record discord with audacity


You will now see Audacity audio tracks on the screen which indicates that it’s working.

I would recommend you at least try making few test calls and record it with the audacity to make sure you know how it works.



  1. Covers all recording
  2. Export / Import
  3. High-quality sound
  4. Plugins
  5. Audacity Editing and Effects
  6. Accessibility and Analysis


Audacity not Recording Discord Audio

You may be in trouble where you started the recording but nothing was recorded or probably you got an error.

You can try these fixes if audacity is not recording

FIX 1:- Make sure your MIC is connected properly and go to windows sound settings and make sure your recording device is properly configured.

FIX 2:- Reset Audacity Preferences. Uninstall audacity and reinstall it where windows will ask to reset the preferences, select yes to reset.

FIX 3:- Set Audio host to MME. In the audacity dashboard, you will find a tab with a drop-down just below the mic symbol. Click on the dropdown and make sure it is set to MME.

Set Audacity Audio host to MME
Set Audacity Audio host to MME


Restart your device to make sure this fixed the problem



How to Record Audio with CRAIG

If you are a Discord server owner you can use Craig chatbot to record all discord audio. Craig provides superb quality recording which not only records your audio but every other user in a separate audio track.

  • You must be a Server Owner or a Moderator to use the Craig bot for recording discord audio

You can simply start using Craig’s voice recorder for discord conversations by using a few simple commands.


How to use Craig Bot for recording discord

1:- The first step would be inviting Craig chatbot to your discord server by visiting Craig website and clicking on Invite Craig to your discord server.

Invite Craig Bot to your discord server
Invite Craig Bot to your discord server


2:- Now you will see an authorization box where Craig will ask ADD BOT TO.

You need to select your server from the drop-down and then click on Authorize.

Add discord server to Craig bot
Add discord server to Craig bot


3:- If everything goes fine, Craig bot will be added to your server and to start using it you need to enter the voice channel and use the below commands.


:craig: ,  join  (TO JOIN)

:craig : , leave (TO LEAVE)

:craig : , stop (TO STOP)             

Get full Craig chat commands           

Craig chat bot command
Craig chatbot command


How to Record Discord Audio with OBS

If you are looking for software to record audio on discord, OBS would be the best option where you can hear your own voice as well as the other.

Why OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) is best according to me

  • Even if you are not the owner of the server you can record the audio with OBS
  • OBS have multiple audio inputs
  • Free Software
  • Along with audio, you can also record visuals
How to Record Discord Audio with OBS
How to Record Discord Audio with OBS


How to record discord with OBS

1:- Open the OBS website and choose your operating system to download and install the OBS software.

2:- Once the software is installed, you will see the first pop-up message for the auto-configuration wizard. Make sure your mic is properly connected and you can follow the auto-configuration wizard by clicking on yes.

In the second pop-up, you will get two options

  • Optimize for recording, recording is secondary
  • Optimize just for recording, I will not be streaming

You can choose one of the options depending on your requirement

3:- Now from the OBS dashboard click on the + icon which is in the Source area at the left-hand bottom. From the drop-down choose Audio output capture and give it a name.

Audio output capture in OBS
Audio output capture in OBS


4:- Now from the Audio Output properties choose your output device from the drop-down and save the settings.

5:- You can set up a second audio source if you want to listen to the game you are playing or anything else.

6:- You can now start the recording and there are few other settings that you can check.

OBS has many advanced features and settings which you can check and I would recommend you to practice with every setting to understand how it works best.



This article explained to you how to record discord audio with audacity and other sources like Craig and OBS.

I would recommend you to spend some time trying every method of recording discord and do enough practice to decide which suits you the best.

You can share this article on discord and Facebook to let other people know about this and please let me know which way you decided to go with.


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