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You must have seen people chatting even when they are offline or invisible and so I will explain to you how to appear offline in Discord.

Sometimes we have family, friends, or any specific group on Discord and we don’t want them to see us playing late or active on Discord.         

In the invisible mode, you will appear offline but will have full access to all of the Discord through which you can continue your work without any disturbance.


Why go Invisible or Offline in discord 

Discord is a social platform for gamers and for many other purposes too where we get connected to people with the same interest and create servers for a chat.

There is a time when we want to perform many actions without other people knowing that we are online.

There can be many reasons for Discord invisible status such as

  • We want to work late at night and don’t want any interference
  • Preparing for raid
  • I wish to be idle for some time without logging out, this will help to lose important messages and calls.
  • Don’t want family or friends interruption while working
  • Want to be online on Discord without anyone knowing.


Available status of Discord

Discord provides 4 different statuses which you can set while working on Discord.

You can set the status by clicking on the profile picture which is on the very left of your username.

Let’s see all the Discord status and their use.

how to appear offline in Discord
how to appear offline in Discord
  1. ONLINE:- Discord Online status indicates that you are connected to the internet and logged in to Discord. This helps other users to know that you are open to communication.

The online symbol appears as a green circle on your profile picture which is on the left of your username


  1. IDLE:- Idle status let other users know that you are not active on Discord or may be moved to AFK (away from keyboard). AFK is set by your server admin depending on the time frame set for moving to AFK.

The idle symbol appears as half-circle like a moon in orange color


  1. Do Not Disturb:- Do not disturb indicates that you are online but not ready to chat or busy. This basically can be used when you are busy with your work and don’t want any communication.

Do not Disturb icon appears as a red circle


  1. Invisible:- Why this comes at last because even after setting the status to Do not Disturb people try to communicate as they know we are online and changed the status.

So as you want to know how to show offline on discord you can go with invisible status to show other people that you are offline.

The invisible Status icon appears in a grey circle which is a symbol of Offline. You can also get an invisible name and avatar on your discord.


Discord custom status
Discord custom status


CUSTOM STATUS:- You might have a few more creative statuses in your mind which you wish to set as a custom status. Just below Invisible, you will find an option of Custom Status.

You can set emojis as well in the custom status.

Keep in mind this is just a status message which you need to add with any of the above 4 statuses.


How to Appear Offline in Discord

So far you learned how to set status in Discord and why to go invisible in Discord so let’s see the steps on how to go invisible on Discord.

How to appear offline in Discord PC (Windows & Mac)

  • Open your Discord Dashboard
  • Locate to the very left-hand bottom and look for your profile picture with the username.
  • Click on your profile picture (or discord pic if you have not set any pro pic).
  • Once you click on the profile picture it will display all the status.
  • Choose “Invisible” and you are done.
how to appear offline on discord
how to appear offline on discord



How to appear offline in Discord Phone (Android & iOS)

  • Open your Discord on your phone
  • Look for your profile image in the left-hand bottom
  • Click on your profile picture, this will bring all the status
  • Click on “Invisible” and done.


Please read a few related questions and information below which will boost your information.



How to tell if someone is invisible or offline on Discord?

There is no way to tell if someone is invisible or offline on Discord. Though many Discord users want this feature of Invisible to be removed from the Discord status but still this feature exists.

Even a Discord server or channel admin can not tell if someone is invisible on Discord.

According to me, there are no hacks or bot to find out about invisible users, the only thing we can do is request DM or shout out to know.


Discord Invisible Status for specific server

Possibly you are working with any event on any specific server where you can use this feature of Discord invisible status as well.

You can be online on the relevant server where you want to work and for the rest, you can be invisible.

You need to make changes to the roles of the server.



In this article, you learned how to appear offline in Discord through Invisible status and much-related information.

Most of the discord users recommend removing this feature of invisible.

Users against this feature believe that instead of using this Discord invisible status, users should use Do not Disturb or simply log out to appear offline.

Please leave your thoughts on this feature in the comment box.

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