How to Make an AFK Channel in Discord (2022) – Phone & PC


In this article, you will learn why and how to make an AFK channel in Discord so that few of us may understand exactly the use of an AFK channel and when to use it.

Your Discord server should have proper channels and AFK is one of them that moves members to the AFK channel when they are not active.

This keeps lurkers out of active voice channels, lets understand more why do we create an AFK voice channel in Discord.


Why do we create an AFK channel Discord?

Discord servers are basically created for a specific community like gaming, business, friends, and relatives.                               

But sometimes users in the server go AFK (away from keyboard) and then they won’t be back for a very long time or they just completely forget about it.

We think that they’re in there or in the voice channel but actually, they are not.

So what we need to do is create an AFK voice channel that will automatically send people to afk if they haven’t talked into their mic for a certain period of time.


Benefits of creating AFK?

  • You can easily filter active members on the servers. 

  • People who are not serious such as lurkers will automatically shift to the AFK channel as they are rarely active and mostly focus on Discord GIFs. 

  • The discord server may slow down or become unresponsive if there are excess members. As we know there are many members who are not active, moving them to AFK will reduce the members and of course the server performance as well.


How to make an AFK Channel in Discord (Desktop)                  

Before creating an AFK channel make sure of the following points

  • Admins can only create an AFK channel
  • Voice channel can only be created as AFK channel
  • You can create a new AFK channel or can edit an existing channel


Let’s see how to create AFK channel discord      

  1. Open Discord Dashboard.
  2. Hover up to the Discord server for which you want to create an AFK channel. 

  3. Now Click on the drop-down beside to server name and choose Create Channel.
    how to make a discord channel private
    how to make a discord channel


  4. From the channel type, choose Voice channel and give the channel name. Channel name should be easy to identify like Discord AFK Members and click Create Channel. 

    How to make an AFK channel in Discord
    How to make an AFK channel in Discord


  5. Navigate to server drop-down again and select server settings. 

  6. Look for AFK Channel and from the drop-down select the AFK channel you just created.
  7. Select AFK timeout which will be by default to 5 minutes, but you can adjust according to yourself.


    How to make an afk channel in Discord
    AFK Channel and AFK timeout


  8. Click on Save changes and you have successfully created the Discord AFK voice channel.



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How to make an AFK Channel in Discord (Mobile) 

Creating a Discord AFK channel can also be done easily on your mobile. Follow below simple and easy steps.

  1. Launch Discord application on your android or iPhone. 

  2. Tap the server where you want to make an AFK channel. 

  3. Now tap on the + icon under the Voice channel to create an AFK channel and make sure the Voice channel is selected under the channel type section. 

  4. Go back to the server and tap on the 3 dots to choose Settings.
  5. Tap on Overview and then on Inactive channel. 

  6. From the list choose the AFK channel that you just created.

  7. Now tap on Inactive Timeout and select the time duration from the list. 

  8. Once done, tap on the blue circle at the very right-hand bottom to save the changes.



How do you change the AFK timer on Discord?

You can change AFK timeout anytime you want, follow the steps
Go to Discord server settings for which you need to change AFK timeout
Look for the AFK Timeout box and click on the drop-down to change the timeout.

How to stop Discord from going AFK?

If you are a member of any discord server and don’t want yourself to move in AFK, then you need to be active according to AFK timeout.

How does Discord AFK work?

Discord server keeps an eye on your green status icon, and when it observes that a specific user is not active or not using the mic for the specific duration set on AFK timeout, it will send you to Discord AFK.

How do you automatically move people to AFK in discord?

Once you have configured and set up an AFK channel in Discord along with the timeout, people will automatically move to AFK if they remain inactive for that specific time in that voice channel.



As you successfully created and learned how to make an AFK channel in discord, why don’t you try to check by keeping yourself or any other member inactive as per time out.   

Trust me you will feel good once you will notice that it’s working.

This is a default AFK setting provided by Discord, so please let me know what you feel about this feature of discord and also your feedback for my article.

Thank you for reading and BEST WISHES for the future!

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