Discord Invalid Invite Links – (Cause & FIX)


You might be pissed off with discord invalid Invite links when you are trying to connect or send an invite to any server and you get an invalid or invite not working.

You can be either a user trying to connect to any server or probably sharing your server with other users.

In this article, we will discuss the cause behind this error and how we can fix it.

The cause behind Discord Invalid Invite______________

There can be 4 major causes behind this problem of discord invite links not working, once we find out the cause it would be easy to proceed and fix this issue.

  1. Server Limit of 100: You may be prompted with an invalid invite if you are already added to 100 discord servers.

The maximum number of servers you can join in discord is 100 and if you already joined with 100 servers you won’t be able to join any other discord server.

Discord invalid invite server limit of 100
Discord invalid invite server limit of 100


  1. Invalid Code: Discord invite code is case sensitive and if you have made any mistakes while copying or entering the code, it will not work.


  1. Expired Link: Possibly your invite link to join the discord server got expired. By default when an admin or owner sends you a request without editing the link, there is a limitation of 1-hour time duration for the link.
Discord invite expired not banned
Discord invite expired not banned
  1. You have been banned from that server: Maybe you have been banned by any moderator or admin for that specific server that you’re trying to join. Nothing will work if you have your device IP or you have been banned.


How to FIX Discord Invalid Invite________________________

You are now aware of a few major causes behind discord invite not working and now let me tell you how you can fix these problems.

Server limit of 100

Discord has set limitations on joining the servers where you can connect up to 100 servers only.

Many of the users are connected to different streamers and for other purposes too, unfortunately, you cannot bypass this limit even if you have a nitro subscription.

What you can do is look into your server that you have joined to find out a few which are not too important and leave the server through which you can join the other server.

You can also try creating different discord account which can be used at the same time.


Invalid Code

If the problem is not with the server limit, make sure the invite link you are using to join the server is correct.

Codes are case sensitive and we take it lightly, recheck the link or ask for another link and then restart the discord to join.


Expired Link

Most of the time you are not able to join the server because of the discord expired link.

By default, the discord server request links are for specific time duration and if you tried doing after a few days, you may fail to join the server.

The best part is this time duration can be extended with the discord server link settings. You can ask the admin for the new server link or if you are an admin then generate a new link through discord server link settings.

edit invite link discord server
edit invite link discord server



The last reason you are not able to join any specific server is that your username or your IP has been banned.

If your IP has been banned, try connecting to Nord VPN, and then you can join that server.



Do Discord Invites Expire?

Yes, by default discord server links are created with specific time duration and limitation on users.

If you do not join the server within that time duration, your link will expire and you won’t be able to join the server.


Can you join a discord server without an invite?

Yes, you can join a discord server without an invite.

But the server should be verified by the discord, if it’s verified you can search the discord in the server discovery or you can find on their website if it’s linked through the widget.


Discord says I am banned but I’m not

If due to any reason your device IP has been banned you won’t be able to join that server with any username.

However, you can use a VPN like Nord to connect to the server, as your IP is blocked.

Probably due to any discord server rules violence, your IP is blocked.



Discord invalid invite can cause problems both for the request sender and receiver as well. The 4 major causes behind these problems will help you the next time to find out the problem and to fix it.

Make sure you read all the above causes carefully which will help you to find out the reasons behind an invalid invite link.

Please let me know in the comment box with your problem, and do not forget to share this article link with other discord users.







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  1. i cant join any server it only says “invalid invite” i tried it with alts and with everything to join servers but every server i try to join says “invalid invite” pls help


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