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Discord is a VoIP application mostly used by gamers to communicate with people in the lobby while playing games. But many users reported that discord is picking up game audio as well while on the game.

In this article, I will share the possible reasons why discord is picking up game sound and how to fix it.

There are many internal settings of discord, PC, and mic that can cause such issues.

Sometimes mic also picks up the headphone sound and there can be echo on discord as well.


Why is Discord Picking up Game Sound?__________

I am sharing a few major causes behind discord picking up game audio that will easier your task to understand and fix this problem.

Audio Settings: – One of the major causes behind discord picking up game sound is because of the audio settings.

There are many sound settings like input and output configuration and internal settings that can lead to such problems.

Separate Playback and Recording Device: – Discord may pick up game sound as well when playback and recording devices and not separated.

Audio Driver: – Improper and corrupted drivers may lead to audio malfunctioning like wrong sound detection. In such cases, the mic starts picking up the headphone sound.                  

Headphones connected to Keyboard: – Many keyboards now come with a USB port where headphones can be connected.

This can also be the cause for the issues like Microphone is picking up output audio especially in windows 10.


How to Fix Discord Picking up Game Audio 

Now keeping these major causes behind this problem will help to troubleshoot discord picking game audio problems.

Please perform this solution step by step to quickly get rid of this issue.

NOTE:- Restart your device before proceeding to the solution, as many times simple restart fix the issues

SOLUTION 1:- Separate Playback and Recording Device

This is the most common reason seen behind game audio detection in discord. Here in this solution, we need to make sure that the playback and recording devices have been properly set from the device, drivers, and discord.

Follow the below easy steps from Audio Manager

Open C drive on your Windows 10 computer and then double click on Program Files. From the Program files folder, find the Realtek folder.

Proceed to the path Audio > HDA > Scroll down and click on exe file with an audio icon (look at the screenshot how it looks like).

Discord can hear my audio
Realtek Audio Manager location windows


Realtek HD audio manager will now be up. Click on the Settings icon located at the very right-hand bottom.

Now in the recording device make sure “tie up the same type of input jacks, i.e. line-in or microphone, as an input device” is disabled.

How to Fix Discord picking up game sound
How to Fix Discord picking up game sound


If you get your device manufacturer’s audio manager like HP, then also try disabling the Multistreaming option.

Microphone is picking up output audio windows 10
The microphone is picking up output audio windows 10


Follow the steps for Discord

Open Discord Application and then click on user settings located at the very left-hand bottom.

Scroll down to Voice & Video option and click on it. Now set the input and output device properly from the drop-down.

My friends can hear my game sound through discord
My friends can hear my game sound through discord


People reported that their friends can hear the game sound through discord which can be because of incorrect settings.


SOLUTION 2: – Disable Stereo Mix

Stereo mix settings on windows enable sound recording on the device. If the stereo mix has been selected as an Input device it will record every sound on the computer.

There is no use of stereo mix settings for gaming and most of the time it creates issues like detecting headphone sounds while on call.

Follow the steps to disable stereo mix on a Windows computer.

Type Sound in the windows search box located at the very left-hand bottom and choose Sound settings from the suggestions.

In the sound settings window, click on the Sound control panel which is on the right-hand side under related settings.

Sound Control Panel in Windows 10
Sound Control Panel in Windows 10


From the sound properties box, click on the recording tab. Here you will find a Stereo mix playback device.

Right-click on the stereo mix and choose disable. Click on Apply and then on Ok. Now check if this fixed your problem, if not proceed to the next solution.

Discord picking up YouTube
Discord picking up YouTube


SOLUTION 3:- Try different Jack to Plug-in your headphone

Several keyboards now are coming with an inbuilt USB jack for USB headphones.

Many users had problems where discord picked other sounds like games and YouTube. They simply changed the port and got rid of this problem.

Try different Jack to Plug-in your headphone
Try different Jack to Plug-in your headphone


NOTE: – Even if you are not using a keyboard USB jack, try the different USB port in your motherboard

Unplug your headphone and mic as well from the keyboard and restart your device.

Now, plug-in the headphone and microphone into the USB audio jack of the motherboard.

Still after trying the above 3 solutions if the issues are not resolved, then there must be a problem with drivers or other settings.

Let’s proceed to the next solutions.


SOLUTION 4:- Change Microphone settings to fix Discord Picking up Game Audio

Windows has several microphone settings, if by mistake or accidentally these settings are changed you may run into such problems.

Type Sound in the windows search box and select Sound Settings from the suggestions.

Now click on the Sound Control Panel located on the left-hand side under the related settings.

Sound properties will now be up, click on the Recording tab. Right-click on the microphone that you are currently using and choose properties.

Microphone properties in windows
Microphone properties in windows


In the Microphone settings box, click on the Listen tab and make sure the “Listen to this device” box is unchecked.

How do i stop my mic from picking up game audio
How do I stop my mic from picking up the game audio?


Once done. Let’s check a few other advanced settings as well. On the same microphone settings box, click on the Advanced tab.

Make sure these 2 options are checked under the Exclusive Mode.

  • Allow the application to take exclusive control of this device.
  • Give exclusive mode application priority.
windows exclusive mode
windows exclusive mode


Click on Apply and then on Ok. Check if this resolved the issues.


SOLUTION 5:- Reinstall Audio Driver

These sound detection issues can also be encountered because of outdated or corrupt drivers.

Here in this solution, we will reinstall the Realtek audio driver which will also update the audio driver.

On your windows computer press the Windows + R key to open the Run box. In the Run box type devmgmt.msc and click ok.

This will bring up the device manager console. Scroll down to the bottom and double click on “Sound, video and game controller” to expand.

Uninstall Realtek Audio Driver on Windows 10
Uninstall Realtek Audio Driver on Windows 10


Now find Realtek high definition audio, right-click on it and choose to uninstall device.

Another box will be prompted, check the box of “Delete the driver software for this device” and then click on Uninstall.

Once done reboot the PC and open the device manager again as explained above. Expand Sound, video, and game controller, right-click on Realtek high definition audio and select Scan for Hardware changes

The system will now detect the driver and will install automatically. If it fails then visit Realtek’s official website to download the driver.

Hopefully, this will fix the problem.


SOLUTION 6: Reinstall Discord to Fix Discord picking up game audio

Why I am recommending this solution at last because if nothing worked for you then probably there is something wrong with discord.

In this solution, we will reinstall discord. Press Windows + R key to open the RUN box. Type appwiz.cpl in the Run box and click on ok.

Now find the discord program, right-click on it, and choose Uninstall. Reboot the PC and visit the discord official website to download the discord app again.


Frequently Asked Question


Why is my Discord picking up Computer and YouTube Audio?

When settings are gone wrong Discord can pick any audio like from YouTube, Chrome, and even your breathing.

Try the above solution to fix any related problems.


Discord picking up Game Audio on MAC

On Mac, you need to change the audio input settings. Follow the below steps

Click on the Apple icon located at the very left-hand top and choose System Preferences.

In the System preferences box choose Sound and then Input. Choose the right input here.



The above solution is the most working method to fix discord picking game audio issues.

Discord may pick any sound on the computer like from YouTube or any other application. It may detect your breathing or background noise as well.

Discord echo can also be created because of these microphone or headphone issues.

Please let us know which method worked for you as this will help others as well. Do let us know if you have any other solution for this problem

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