How to Fix Discord Echo on (Call & Stream)

Discord echoing ruins the gaming experience when suddenly you hear your own voice more than others and in this article, I will share how to fix discord echo on PC and Mobile.

Even users on discord can complain that they hear echoes on your side.

Discord echoing issues has been for a long time and recently discord has tied up with Krisp (Noise Suppression Software Company) to improve the background noise while on discord call.

In this article, you will learn why is discord echoing and how to fix this discord echo on PC and Mobile.

Why is Discord Echoing__________________________

There can be multiple causes behind discord echo which can be fixed by making proper discord and PC settings.

Few major causes are

  • Noise Suppression Disabled on Discord
  • The speaker volume is too high
  • Your mic can have echo if your microphone is close to any wall or the surface that doesn’t absorb sound.
  • Inserting the mic to the keyboard jack can be another cause.
  • Using a webcam microphone or computer speaker can create echo while on call or stream.

These are a few major causes behind discord echo and below I am sharing the complete guide to fix this problem both on your PC and Mobile.


How to Fix Discord Echo on PC

Here we will work both on Discord as well on PC settings to ensure that everything is working fine.

Discord voice echo can also be because of the mic, if you are a gamer you must use a mic like Bluefire stereo gaming headphone with a mic.

NOTE: Restart your device and discord before proceeding to the below steps.

Discord Settings

If you are still on a call, then open the discord app.

Now at the very left-hand bottom where it says Voice connected you will find the wave icon, click on it and make sure Noise Suppression is enabled.

Enable Discord Noise Suppression
Enable Discord Noise Suppression


Once done open User settings and then click on Voice & Video tab. Now on the top choose the proper input and output device from the drop-down.

Check mic settings on Discord
Check mic settings on Discord


Now scroll down to the advanced section and enable Noise Suppression if disabled.

Discord voice echo
Discord voice echo


Scroll more down to Echo Cancellation, enable it if disabled, and also try to disable it if already enabled.

You can also try enabling and disabling Quality of Service high packet Priority.

Discord Echo Cancellation
Discord Echo Cancellation


Again scroll down to Audio subsystem and click on the drop-down to choose Standard.

discord standard audio subsystem
discord standard audio subsystem


Kindly check your discord server region and ping as these can lead to high ping and creates issues like echo and hearing problems while on call.


Windows Settings

If you are on a Windows PC, discord echo can also be because of improper audio settings.

There are a couple of settings that we need to check, so please follow the below steps.

On Windows 10, type sounds in the search box located at the very left-hand bottom and choose Sound settings. Check the right output and Input device from the drop-down

Now on the right-hand side under the related settings, click on the sound control panel.

How to fix discord echo on windows 10
How to fix discord echo on windows 10


From the Playback tab, make sure your device has been set as default and disable all other devices.

Right-click on your device and choose properties, click on the spatial sound tab and turn it off by clicking on the dropdown. Click on Apply and then on OK.

How to fix discord echoing on windows 10
How to fix discord echoing on windows 10


Now click on the Recording tab, make sure your device has been set as default, and disable all other devices.

Right-click on the recording device (microphone) you are using and click on the listen to tab. Uncheck the box of “listen to this device”.

Windows mic settings for discord
Windows mic settings for discord


Depending on your mic, if you have an enhancement tab as well then click on it. Choose disable all enhancement and click on apply and ok.

Restart your device to see the changes and hopefully, this will reduce discord voice echo and another echo on the device as well.


Mac Settings

Mac users can make some changes for the noise reduction to reduce echo on the device. You need to also apply the above discord settings.

Click on the apple icon, choose system preferences, and look for the sound icon in the preferences box.

Now click on the Input tab and un-check the “use ambient noise reduction box”. Close the box and restart the device.

Open discord application and make a voice call again to check if this reduced your echo or not.s



How to Fix Discord Echo on Mobile

Basically, there can be two major causes behind discord echo on-call or stream, and this either the discord settings or the microphone.

The very first thing that you need to do is to turn off your phone speaker.

Restart your phone and reinsert your mic again to your phone. Also try using another mic, just to make sure the problem is not with the mic.

Now once you are done with the above settings, open the Discord app and tap on your profile picture to open the discord settings.

Now from the user settings, scroll down to Voice & Video and tap on it.

Discord Echo Mobile
Discord Echo Mobile


Now find Noise Suppression and make sure it’s enabled and if not tap on it to enable it.

You can also try checking to enable and disabling Echo Cancellation.

Once done restart your phone to see the changes.



In this article, you learned how to fix discord echo which will be effective for both voice and stream echo.

Follow both the instructions for discord and device settings to completely get rid of echoing issues.

Do not skip any steps like restarting as anything can resolve the issues. Do let us know what exactly worked for you and also let us know if you have any other solution.

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