How to Conduct Online Coaching Sessions on Discord

As you might expect from an application designed for gamers, Discord’s core features are centered around video games. Users can join servers, which are chat rooms, and discuss various topics. In this guide, you will learn how to conduct online coaching sessions on discord and how users can also create personal servers if they wish to do so. 

There is no limit on the number of servers that one user can join or create; each server has its own rules regarding what is allowed and what is not allowed on each specific server. 

So, how do you use Discord to conduct coaching sessions? Let us find out.

Why Coaches Need Discord

There are a few reasons you might want to use Discord for your coaching business.

  • You can build a supportive community with your audience & clients. Many people have a hard time getting into nutrition and fitness because they feel like they are the only ones struggling with their health. 
  • You can help your clients stay motivated by holding them accountable and encouraging them when they reach milestones. Accountability is an incredibly vital aspect of success in any business, and building relationships are key to that accountability. 
  • You can help your clients stay connected not just to you but also to each other! Building a community will help motivate each other and encourage each other in their health journey. 
  • It is a way for coaches to stay connected with their clients throughout the week. One of the best things about Discord is that it has a mobile app so you can chat with your tribe on the go from anywhere!


How to Get Started on Discord

Discord is free and easy to use. Download the desktop app, or get it from your phone’s app store. Sign up, then create your server. You’ll be able to customize this space with a unique name for your server and an icon (which you can upload an image of yourself for).

Create channels within your server and label them accordingly. Separate these channels into categories for different types of topics, such as OOC (out of character) discussion, IC (in-character) discussion, general announcements, admin announcements, and of course a Welcome channel.

Start inviting people to join! That is where the email addresses you collected on a previous step come in handy. You can invite people by providing them with a link that they click on to join right away.

You’ve now created a virtual space where you can communicate with your players in real-time.


Setting Up Your Discord Server

Once you’ve created your account, you’ll be taken to your dashboard page. To create a server, click the + plus sign in the top left corner of the app. Once your new server has been created, name it something memorable and intuitively relevant to what kind of coaching services you’re offering—the name should give potential clients an idea of what they can expect when they join your Discord.

Add roles to help keep different groups organized on your server.

For example, to keep client info private from one another and non-clients, consider adding a role for “clients” that will allow them access to their respective channels only. This can be done by clicking on “Server Settings” and then “Roles” on the left sidebar menu. Here, you’ll see several default roles created by Discord (e.g., Administrator) as well as options to add new ones or edit existing ones.

Create voice channels for actual sessions with clients; add text channels for informational purposes and community-building activities; or create video channels if you’d like to share content with a broader audience across multiple servers.

Creating Engaging Videos

A smartphone will be more than enough to create videos for your coaching sessions. Using various mobile apps, you can then edit the videos as you like. Some apps specifically cater to coaches. You can check out BIGVU’s videos for coaching. Not only is it a great teleprompter app, but it is also an efficient video trimmer. Besides, you can add captions with a simple text import option.

Apps like BIGVU make video creation and publishing easier. That is why so many life and fitness coaches use this app for producing content.


Engaging in Video Chats with Clients on Discord

Everyone on your server will now be able to see your voice channel on the left-hand side of their Discord program. Click on the microphone icon to join the voice channel and turn on your audio.

Your video capability is built into the Discord platform, which means you don’t need any other equipment, software, or apps to conduct video sessions with clients.

When you click on a contact’s name at any time from now, that person will appear as one of your friends in your Friends list.

Once you’ve downloaded a bot for your server, it will appear as one of its members on the right-hand side of your screen. If you have more than one bot in a single server, they’ll all be stacked together under the same avatar icon.


Connecting with Clients (Conduct Online Coaching Sessions on Discord)

Now that you know how to create a Discord server and use it for online coaching, there is another important way you can use Discord to communicate with your clients.

Discord has several useful tools for communicating with clients. Voice chat and video chat can be used for individual or group sessions; text-based chat can be used for one-on-one conversations and group chats.

While Discord allows you to connect with clients in a way that is convenient for them, it also opens up the opportunity to get your message out to the people who need it. For example, if you’re running an online coaching program on quitting smoking, you could start a text channel where people could share their stories of success and photos of their accomplishments. This would give others motivation to keep going!


Do Q&As

In addition to video coaching, Discord can be a useful tool for hosting text-based Q&As, live webinars, and both audio and text-based discussions. For example, you could host text-based sessions where your members ask you questions that you answer on the fly. You could also host audio or video chats where members can get together and practice their language learning skills with one another in a group setting.

Once you ensure all this, you can get started to conduct Online Coaching Sessions on Discord. Do all these right, and you are on your way to becoming a successful coach.

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