Discord New Feature of Mobile Screen Share – Enjoy on Phone

Discord screen-sharing has been an amazing experience so far for the discord desktop client users but you can now enjoy discord screen share on mobile as well.

Discord has recently launched this feature of screen sharing on the phone and today in this article I will explain all about discord screen sharing on mobile.

Many discord users ask me that can you share a screen on discord mobile and few days my answer was no but now the answer is YES.


What is Discord Screen Share?_______________________________

Discord screen-sharing feature was launched in 2017 where while on a video call you can share your screen with the other discord users.

But this feature was limited and was available for only PC users, but not anymore you can enjoy this feature on your phone as well.

Screen sharing is an ultimate feature through which you can take help from any discord user to fix any gaming or discord problem or to get any kind of instructions.


How to Share Screen on Discord Mobile       

Discord screen-sharing is now available on mobile for both Android and iOS platforms. You can easily start screen sharing on discord mobile with these easy steps.

You can share your screen by joining a server calls or on DM.

NOTE: Be careful while sharing your screen on mobile as all your information like photos, passwords, messages, and payment details will be cast.

How to Share screen in Discord DM______________________

Open Discord App on your phone and now navigate to the user DM with whom you want to share the screen.

Open the user direct messages screen and then tap on the audio call icon located on the top.

Make discord voice call on phone
Make discord voice call on the phone


Now slide the bottom menu screen up which will display the 3 options.

  • Screen Share
  • Deafen
  • Invite

Tap on Screen Share and you will be displayed with the pop up of Start casting or recording with Discord? Kindly read the instruction and tap on Start now.

Discord Mobile screen share
Discord Mobile screen share


You are sharing your screen message will now be displayed, to stop tap on stop sharing.  

Discord screen sharing on phone
Discord screen-sharing on phone


How to Share Screen in Discord Server______________________

Discord screen shares mobile can also be done on any discord server with very easy navigation.

To start, simply enter into any discord voice channel and tap on the call icon or Join Voice option to start the voice call.

Join voice in channel
Join voice in the channel


Now at the bottom, you will find a few menu icons, tap on the icon that looks like a mobile phone with an arrow inside it.

Can you share screen on Discord mobile
Can you share the screen on Discord mobile?


You will again get the confirmation box, click on Start now to start the screen sharing.


How to Stream on Discord Mobile

Now as discord mobile screen share is available on both iOS and Android, you can also stream your gameplay and videos on Discord Mobile.

NOTE: – You can broadcast up to 50 viewers through discord screen share mobile without any cap

Streaming on Discord mobile is as easy as on PC, follow the below instructions to start streaming.

Open the Discord application on your phone and choose the server and game that you want to stream.

Once the game is up, switch to the discord app again and create a voice channel in the same server where you want to stream.

Start the voice call and ask other users (viewers) to join the channel. Once the call is established, tap on the mobile icon with an arrow to start sharing the screen.

As soon as the sharing gets started, switch to your game and start playing as the stream has been started.

In the END

I am sure you all must be very excited now with the discord mobile screen share feature, as this was one of the most awaited features of discord.

You can easily share your screen for assistance or stream your gameplay on discord mobile.

Discord launched many other features this month and soon I will bring the next article on that.

Join my discord server and let me know if still you need any help related to screen sharing or discord.


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