How to Stream Games and Movies on Discord (2021) – Go LIVE

Discord has recently launched a Go-live feature and many of the users want to know more about how to stream games on discord.

Now you can share your screen in discord while playing games or movies by pressing the live stream option by inviting people on the voice channel.

In this article, I will brief about

  • How to stream on discord
  • How to stream verified games on discord
  • How to stream movies on discord
  • Discord go live not appearing

Note: – Maximum of 50 people can watch the stream at a time and currently streaming can be done on windows desktop clients


How to Stream Games on Discord______________

You can stream from the Windows desktop client so open your discord application on your PC and make sure the game you want to stream is also running.

Once the game is detected, it will be displayed just above your username. Choose the voice channel on which you want to stream and then click on the live stream icon just beside the game name.

how to stream game on discord
how to stream the game on discord


Click on the Go Live button and the red Live button will now be displayed in front of your discord username.

Discord go live button
Discord go live button


If the game is not detected then go to the discord user settings and choose the Game activity. Look for the option Add it! Just below where it says no game detected and select the game from the drop-down.

add game manually in Discord
add the game manually in Discord


Once done close the box and you will now see your game will be displayed above your username. Click on the stream icon and go live.

In the resolution and frame rate settings, you can increase the resolution to 1080 and FPS to 60 seconds but you need to have Discord Nitro.


How to Stream Movies and Videos on Discord_______

Streaming movies is also similar to game streaming but here you need to manually add the program through which you want to stream.

Now here I will be streaming a movie from my Netflix account and that I will play from the Chrome browser.

Click on discord user settings and then on Game activity, click on Add it! to manually add the program. Click on the drop-down, choose Google Chrome, and then click on Add Game.

Close the box and come back to the discord dashboard and Google chrome can be seen just above your user name. Make sure you are logged in to the Netflix account on Google chrome.

Choose the voice channel where you want to stream the movie, then click on the Stream icon beside the Google chrome and then on GO LIVE.

How to stream movies on discord
How to stream movies on discord


Come back to the Google Chrome browser and play the movie on full screen and ask your viewers to enjoy the movie.


How to Watch Someone Stream on Discord_____________________

Whenever someone is live on discord streaming any game or movies, you can see a red live button in front of his username.

Click on his username > Join voice channel > Join Stream

Join Voice Channel
Join Voice Channel

Discord Go Live not Appearing___________________________________

As of now, discord go-live not appearing issues are not because of any discord glitch but because of few limitations and mistake you may have this problem.

If you are having the same issue with discord go live, make sure you keep the below points in your mind.

  • If the game you are playing is not auto-detected, the discord Go live button won’t appear or will not be highlighted to click. Make sure the game has been auto-detected and if not manually add the game.
  • As of now, you can only use discord go live on windows desktop client, so if you are using it on mobile or mac discord stream will not work.
  • A device with poor hardware or low configuration can also be a cause

If you fulfill everything mentioned above, then kindly try restarting your computer and follow the instruction of discord streaming properly.

Follow the steps, if discord game detection is not working


Discord Game Detection not working__________________________

There can be many reasons behind discord auto game detection and below you will find a few basic causes behind this problem.

Mostly the verified games are only detected on discord, so if your game has not been detected then kindly add it manually.

You need to check the discord overlay to make sure it’s on. You will need to turn on the overlay for that specific game that you are playing and want to stream.  


Discord Share Screens (how to stream on Discord)_________________________

You can also stream any application through this feature; in case the above discord go live option doesn’t work you can try this option as well.

Similarly, like discord stream, you can also share your screen in discord with your colleagues or related streamers for help.

Discord share screen
Discord share screen


In many cases, you might be stuck into any problem while streaming or with any discord problem. Here you can take the help of any streamer or discord expert through the discord share screen option.


You can share your screen with them with the following steps

Open your discord app and click on the voice channel through which you want to get connected.

As soon as the voice is connected, you will find the two options below the Voice Connected which are Video and Screen.

Share screen
Share screen


Click on Screen, choose the application, and then click on the Go Live button. In case if you get any black screen while screen sharing you may try doing this again by restarting discord.


CONCLUSION on How to stream on Discord

There are many of us who want to start streaming but due to high set-up, getting the audience and many things comes in our mind that stops proceeding ahead.

Discord would be the best platform to start streaming your game or videos with your discord-connected people.

We covered many topics related to how to stream on discord, but still, if you have any doubts please let me know in the comment box or come to my YouTube channel.   


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