How to Enable Developer Mode in Discord (2022) – Discord Tips

Discord developer mode is mostly used by the app developers, but I am sure you want to know how to enable developer mode in discord to login to the discord developer portal or to look up for Copy Ids of any server or user.

You can find out discord account creation date by the user Ids which can be only displayed once the developer mode is turned on.

In this article, I will share complete tutorials step by step on how to turn on developer mode in discord PC and Mobile.


What does developer mode do? ______________________

There are many things that a normal discord user can do with discord developer mode like creating a bot on the developer portal with discord API.

You can copy Ids of any server, channels, users, or roles which can be used to know the information of the account and for many other purposes.

There are many other things you can do with a discord developer portal like creating a bot or getting the discord bot tag and badge in front of your name.

Note:- Enable Discord developer mode only when you have use of this or else keep disabled.


How to Enable Developer Mode in Discord____

Discord PC

You can enable developer mode easily with these easy steps

1. Open Discord dashboard and click on the user settings located at the very left-hand bottom.

2. From the left-hand panel, scroll down to find and click on Advanced.

3. In the Advanced section the very first option you will find is Developer Mode.

how to enable developer mode in Discord
how to enable developer mode in Discord


4. Click the toggle switch to make it green which means it has been enabled. 

5. Once done simply close the box and now the developer mode is enabled on your discord.


Discord Mobile

You can easily enable discord developer mode on mobile with the below easy steps

1. Open the Discord app on your phone and tap on your profile picture located at the very right-hand bottom.

2. Now scroll down to App Settings and tap on “Behavior”.

Behavior in Discord Mobile settings
Behavior in Discord Mobile settings


3. In the Behavior box you will find the Developer mode and in front of the developer mode there is a toggle which would be grey, tap on it to make blue and developer mode will be enabled on your discord mobile.

Enable developer mode in discord mobile
Enable developer mode in discord mobile

How do I find my Discord dev ID?

Once discord developer mode is enabled you can find the developer Ids easily for any username, channel, or server.

In order to find discord dev ID simply right-click on the username or server and choose Copy ID which will be at the very bottom of the options list. In mobile tap and hold on the username or server to get the options.

To find own dev id open any server and then from the right-hand screen look for your profile, make a right-click on it and choose copy id.

You can save this discord dev ID somewhere safe or can use for other legit purposes. If you are looking for any discord developer server then visit developer server to find.


Keep in mind discord developer mode, discord developer console and discord developer portal are three different things.

In the Discord Developer portal, you can create an application like a bot, and the discord developer console can be directly accessed by a shortcut key or Ctrl + Shift + I key in windows to access the console.

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