How to Unfollow Someone on Twitch Mobile and Desktop (2021)

Twitch is becoming a great platform for both the streamers and viewers and in this article, I will explain how to unfollow someone on twitch if you followed someone by mistake or you do not wish to watch any specific channel.

Following channels on twitch keep you updated about your favorite streamer through notification and dashboard display.

Following more and more channels, in the beginning, is natural, everyone does that but later or sooner there comes a time when you don’t like watching any stream and you start thinking how to unfollow channels on twitch.

How to unfollow someone on Twitch Desktop_______________________________

Removing channels from your twitch following list is easy where you can manage the following channels from a single page instead of manually visiting every streamer channel.

Open your Twitch dashboard and click on the “Following tab from the very left-hand top of the twitch screen.

following tab on twitch
Following tab on twitch


From the following page click on the “Channels tab.

Now you will see the complete list of channels that you are following, to unfollow hover up to the channel, and click on the ? green heart.

unfollow twitch button
unfollow twitch button


Do the same for every channel that you want to unfollow by pressing the green heart unfollow button on every channel.

How to mass unfollow on twitch?____________________________

If your list for the channels is huge and you want to mass unfollow twitch channels then you can do this with the help of a third party website. You can even manage all channels notification from this website.

You need to authorize this website to access your Twitch account in order to sync all the details. Follow the following steps.

Open Twitch mass unfollow website and it will ask to sign in with twitch. Click on it and put your twitch credentials to log in. It will automatically sign in if your twitch is already signed in on another tab.

sign in


In the next step, it will ask to authorize this website to access your twitch account, click on Authorize to proceed.

Authorize app
Authorize app

Now the complete list of followed twitch users will be displayed, click on the X cross button in front of every channel name to unfollow, or scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the “unfollow all” button to unfollow all.

unfollow all on twitch


You can also disable the twitch channel notifications by clicking on enable or click on “Turn off all notification” to disable all channel notifications.



If you are using the twitch app on your mobile, follow these steps

Open twitch application on your mobile and make sure you are in the Following tab which is on the very left-hand bottom.

If the channel you want to unfollow is live, then click on the channel and then on the ? blue heart of Following. Click on yes again on the confirmation box.

How to unfollow someone on twitch mobile
How to unfollow someone on twitch mobile


For all those channels which are offline, scroll down to offline channels and repeat the same step.


Can Twitch Streamers see if you unfollow?____________________

Well, there is no way for streamers in twitch to find that that unfollow them, however, there is a website of Unfollow through which probably they can know who unfollows status.

I am not sure how many streamers use this third party website. Probably streamers who are really scared of losing followers and concerned to know the reason might be using this website.



So far you learned how to unfollow someone on twitch, and I wish this helped you. For my analytics, I would be happy if you share the reasons behind unfollow.

Unfollow people whom you are really not interested in as losing followers is the saddest part of any broadcaster.

Now you have both the options, where you can either use twitch following page or third party website for mass unfollow.

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