Better Discord not Working (QUICK FIX) – 2022 Guide

There are many cool features that the discord users enjoy through better discord and so it becomes really annoying when better discord is not working.

In this article, I will cover everything that how you can fix better discord installation, themes, and plugins.

As I promised everything let me clear a few doubts before proceeding to the fix.

Many users have doubts like can we get banned for using better discord or is better discord safe in 2021. So let me make it clear that better discord is a third-party website and it’s safe until you are not misusing its features like themes and plugins.


How do I Activate Better Discord?

In order to enjoy discord themes, emotes, plugins, and settings you first need to download and activate better discord.

Now here the problems start as many of the users have trouble while installing better discord. Either better discord doesn’t appear on discord settings and won’t load or gives an error like Javascript.


How to Install Better Discord

Navigate to the and click on download. This will navigate to the Github page where you can choose the OS version between Mac and Windows.

Better Discord for Mac and Windows
Better Discord for Mac and Windows


Click on the file to download and then run it. You will get the wizard where you need to click on Install Discord bandagedBD.

how to Install better discord
how to Install better discord


Choose the version of discord and click on Install. Once installed discord will restart and you will see the BandagedBD popup appearing on discord.

Install better discord
Install better discord


You can also check by going to discord settings and scrolling down you will find the BanagedBD section.


How to Fix Better Discord not working

Here I will cover the complete tutorials on better discord issues like

  • Better Discord not loading
  • Better Discord themes not working

Let me first start with the top working methods to fix Better Discord not loading or not showing in settings.

NOTE:-  I am starting from the basic fixes so please make sure you start from fix 1. If you have a problem installing or downloading the theme and plugin then scroll to the very bottom.

FIX #1:- Quit Discord Completely and Restart

A proper restart is an effective way to fix such issues and save a lot of our time. But here a simple restart may not work so we will completely close discord and then restart it. This method will also fix the problem of discord not opening.

STEP 1:- Close your discord application by clicking on the X button. Now on a Windows device right click on the discord icon in the system tray located at the very right-hand top and choose quit.

Quit Discord
Quit Discord


For Mac locate the app menu at the very right-hand top, choose discord and then click on Quit.

STEP 2:- Now let’s verify from the task manager whether it has been completely closed or not. Press Ctrl + Shift +Esc key to open the task manager.

Close discord completely
Close discord completely


In the process tab, look to the bottom and make sure there is no discord file is running.


FIX #2:- Update Discord (Better Discord not Working)

Along with a restart updating discord or signing in and out helped many users to resolve better discord not working issues.

So once you have restarted the application just log out from the discord application and close it again completely as you did in the first fix.

Run discord as an administrator
Run discord as an administrator


Now right click on the discord icon and choose run as administrator. Once the discord is up, log in again and check if this fixed the issue or not.


FIX #3:- Repair Better Discord (BandagedBD)

Now there can be some problem with bandagedBD itself and that is the reason they gave an option of repair in their installer.

Repairing BandagedBD is another best option to fix the problem of not loading or working.

STEP 1:- Look for the BandagedBD icon on your desktop and double click on it to run. Once the wizard is up click on the repair BandagedBD option and follow the instructions.

Better Discord not working
Better Discord not working


STEP 2:- If you do not find the BandagedBD icon then navigate to the link to download the file.

STEP 3:- Click on the downloaded file to run the wizard and choose the option of Repair BandagedBD.


FIX #4:- Move or Edit BDSTORAGE.JSON file to another location

Better discord basically customizes discord applications using javascript and CSS where bdstorage.json plays an important role.

Many users reported that just editing this file name and moving to some other location resolved the problem.

STEP 1:- Press Windows + R key to open the RUN box, type %appdata%, and click on ok.

STEP 2:- Roaming folder will now be up, look for a better discord folder and double click on it to open.

Better discord not loading
Better discord not loading


STEP 3:- Here you will find the bdstorage.json file. Let’s first try to rename it to dbstorage.json and close the box. Make sure you don’t play with the .json extension and leave it as it is. Once done, restart the discord application.


Better discord not showing in settings
Rename bdstorage json


STEP 4:- If this doesn’t work then try moving this file to some other location like to desktop. Cut the bdstorage.json file and paste it on your desktop or any other location. Restart the discord application to confirm this resolved the issue or not.


FIX #5:- Delete all Better Discord Themes and Plugins from Discord Application

Better discord plugins and themes work on javascript and CSS and due to this, there can be some conflicts or errors that can lead to such problems.

So here I would suggest you remove all the plugins and themes from better discord and then restart the application.

STEP 1:- Open Discord Application and click on the Settings icon located at the very left-hand bottom.

STEP 2:- In the settings scroll down to the bottom to the BandagedBD section and click on themes. All the themes will be displayed here, click on the trash icon of every theme to delete them.

Delete the themes from the theme folder as well.

better discord not working 2021
better discord not working 2021


STEP 3:- Once you are done with the themes do the same for Plugins and Emotes. Delete the plugins from the plugin folder and restart the computer to see if this fixed the problem


FIX #6:- Reinstall Better Discord (Better Discord not Working)

I am not sharing few more fixes as the above 5 fixes are the best methods to fix the problems. But if nothing works there is no better option than reinstalling Better Discord.

Recently many users reported that better discord is not working after the update, so this is the best way to resolve this problem as well.

So here first we need to uninstall better discord completely and then install a fresh copy of better discord.

How to Uninstall Better Discord

STEP 1:- Navigate to the better discord icon on your desktop and double click on it to open. If you do not find the icon then kindly download the better discord again from this link.

How to uninstall bandagedBD
How to uninstall bandagedBD


STEP 2:- Click on it to run and choose Uninstall BandagedBD from the wizard.

How to Uninstall Bandaged BD
How to Uninstall Bandaged BD


STEP 3:- Choose the discord version and in the additional options section tick the option of “Remove all BandagedBD data”.  Now click on Uninstall to proceed.

Uninstall bandagedBD completely
Uninstall bandagedBD completely


STEP 4:- We need to also delete the data manually to assure that it has been completely removed.

Press Windows + R key to open the RUN box, type %appdata%, and hit ok.

Better discord not loading
Better discord not loading


STEP 5:- Roaming folder will now be up, look for the better discord folder and press the shift + delete key to permanently delete this folder. Restart your device now.


How to Reinstall Better Discord

Navigate to the Github link to download the better discord. Now choose the version depending on your operating system.

Once downloaded click on it and choose Run. Click on Install BandagedBD and in the next step choose the discord version. Once installed discord will restart and probably this will resolve the issue.



Better Discord Themes not working

Finally, if your better discord is working fine or you have successfully installed better discord the problem comes with downloading or installing themes.

Most of the users are reporting that they are not able to download any better discord theme as it stuck on the downloading page. And many have trouble installing the themes where they properly drag the downloaded theme to the theme folder but still it doesn’t appear.

How to Fix Better Discord Theme not Downloading

This process will also work for the plugins.

Most of the users use chrome for browsing and downloading internet stuff. Due to browser caches, many times web page stuck on loading the download file and gives an error message.

The fix is simply to click on the 3 dots located at the very right-hand top and choose “Incognito mode”. Private windows will be opened, copy the theme link and paste here in incognito mode.

better discord themes not working
better discord themes not working


Click on download now and your theme will be downloaded.


How to fix Better Discord Theme not Installing

Once the theme has been downloaded we need to drag the theme file to the better discord theme folder.

But users are reporting that they have followed the same instruction but still, themes do not appear in the theme section.

The fix is simple; make sure there is no suffix added to the downloaded theme file like (1) or (2). Accidently we downloaded the multiple theme files and when we drag the duplicate theme file, it won’t work.

BandagedBD not loading
BandagedBD not loading


Delete all the duplicate files of that theme and try dragging the original one.


Final Words

No doubt better discord is an amazing gift for the discord users which lets us enjoy amazing features through themes, plugins, and emotes.

But all the pleasure cakes are not easy and so you have may have problems while installing better discord or using its third-party features.

I have shared the top 6 fixes that will surely resolve better discord not working issues and also the problems while downloading and installing themes.

Let me know if this helped and fixed your problem and if not describe your problem or join my discord server.





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