How to Fix Discord Email is already Registered (2021) – In 2 Minutes

I have seen most of the discord users get panic when they get an error of “discord email already is registered” while logging in to their account.

At this condition, getting panic makes sense as you get scared.

Now I understand as this discord account can be your personal or for business purposes having a server with huge members.

So you either start asking for help from the people or come to an article like you are here. Let me assure then that you will fix this discord claim account email is already registered deleted account problem in just 2 minutes.


What does it mean when it says email is already registered?____________

Like any other service provider, in discord also you cannot create multiple accounts with one email address.

Therefore if you get an error of “email is already registered” it means this email has been already registered with a discord account either by you or someone else.

Don’t be confused and scared as you might be thinking that is my account hacked or claimed by someone else. Hopefully NO let me explain why this error occurred. You might have by mistake clicked on sign up or register a new account.

When you enter the same email with an intention to sign in you will get this error by discord as you have already created an account with this email. So let’s see how to fix this problem.


How to Fix “Discord Email is already registered” Error 

You can apply this method both on your PC and mobile as the instructions and options will be the same for both the device.

NOTE:- Make sure you have access to your email account before fixing Email is already Registered error on Discord

Follow the below instructions step by step

  1. Open Discord website in the “Incognito mode” of your browser as this needs to be done on the discord web mode with no cache.
  2. If you are using Chrome, click on the 3 dots at the very right-hand top and then choose Incognito mode from the drop-down options.
  3. Click on Login that is on the very right-hand top and this will take you to the discord login screen.
  4. Now type your email for which you are having trouble and then click on “Forget your password” which is just below the Password box.
    How to Fix Discord Email already registered
    How to Fix Discord Email already registered



  5. This might take you to the captcha verification page. Click on I am Human and then you will see a small pop that says “Instructions sent” and your email address.
    How to Reset Discord Password
    How to Reset Discord Password



  6. Now open your same email account and check the password reset link send by discord. If you can’t find it on Inbox, don’t forget to check your spam folder as well.
  7. Once you click on Reset Password this will redirect you to the discord website again.
  8. This box will say Change your Password and give a box to enter the new password. Make sure you create a strong password that should not be easy to guess and you can remember.
    Create Discord new password
    Create Discord new password

Once done click on Change Password and now you need to login to discord account with the same email and a new password that you just created.

Now probably if you have an error again of New login located detected then follow the below steps again.


How to Fix “Discord New login located Detected” Error

This is another error that is also because of your safety to ensure that it’s you logging in to your account.

Discord new login location detected
Discord new login location detected
  1. Open your same email account again that is linked to discord.
  2. Here you will find an email from discord asking to verify the new login location. If you don’t find this email in your inbox then also check your spam folder.
    How to fix Discord new login location detected
    How to fix Discord new login location detected



  3. Open the email from discord and then click on “Verify” which will redirect to the discord page with a success confirmation message that you have verified the login location.

Sign in to your discord account and now you will be into your discord account.


Contact Discord Support

The above solution is the only method to fix the problem of “Discord email is already registered error”.

However, if you still have trouble signing into your account and get the same error or any similar problem then you must contact Discord Support.

You can submit a request on the Discord support Website by following the below steps.

  1. Open Discord Support Website and you will now see the “Submit a Request” page.
  2. Click on the “what can we help you with” drop-down and choose the first option “Help and Support”.
    Discord claim account email already registered
    Discord claim account email already registered



  3. Now type your email for which you are having trouble and from the type of question choose the “Email is already registered” error from the drop-down.
  4. In Subject type your issue and describe the problem in the description box.
  5. You can also take a screenshot of the page and upload it in the attachment box.

Once done click on SUBMIT and discord will get back to you in few days.


How to unregister an email on discord?

From this article point of view if you are having this error of Email already registered in discord then you need to follow the instruction given above.

If you want to remove your email from discord then you need to delete your discord account.


How to claim an account on discord?

You can claim your discord account by signing into your discord with your email and password.

There is no other claim button or feature apart of this in discord.


How can I secure my Discord Account?

Once you have enough friends and members on your discord server, securing a discord account is one of the main concerns.

You can easily secure your discord account with these two methods

  • Creating a strong password which should not be easy to guess
  • Enabling Discord two-factor authorizations. This is one of the best methods to secure not only your discord but all other accounts.



According to me, Discord “Email is already registered” is not an error but a mistake that the user does accidentally.

Hopefully, the above information will help you to get rid of this problem. But still, make sure that you keep a strong password and also enable two-factor authorizations.

If you are new to discord I would also recommend that you always remember your email and password, as this is the only way to access your discord account.

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