How to Fix “Discord Stuck on RTC Connecting” – (PC & Mobile)

If you are looking for how to fix Discord stuck on RTC connecting no route error then relax you are not the one and I have the best solution to fix it both for PC & Mobile.

One of the most frequently searched errors on discord is it is stuck on RTC connecting with no route error which usually relates to entering or using a voice Channel. 

Discord is the world’s largest VoIP application like all software applications discord also comes with several problems.

Before proceeding I want you to have a look at some major causes for this error.


What does Discord Stuck on RTC Connecting means?

RTC stands for Real-time Communication or chats and in simple words if I say that when your discord client fails to connect to the server while calling it gives you RTC connecting error.

Once you understand what RTC Connecting means on Discord you will also understand why this error occurs.

Discord uses Real-time Chat protocol (WebRTC) to establish connections and when you RTC connecting it means it’s trying to connect.

So why is it stuck on RTC connecting and what are the major reasons.

Why does Discord say RTC Connecting?

Let’s deep dive into the reasons why Discord encounters this error and what are the major causes behind Discord RTC connecting.

Unstable or Poor Internet Connection
Unstable or slow internet connection is one of the major causes behind RTC connecting issues on discord. Slow internet with high ping or connected with a very poor internet connection through mobile data.

Discord Server Down (Outage)
If the entire discord server or for your specific area server is down you may have trouble connecting calls through discord.
You can check discord outage status to verify everything is ok from discord. 

PC Settings
By PC settings I mean all settings done from your device like Network settings, Firewall settings or VPN.
There can be a few more things that can lead to  Discord stuck on RTC connecting screen.

Discord Settings
Outdated discord, cache, and several other discord settings can also cause no route and RTC connecting problems.

Channel Region Override

Choosing a discord region far away from your location may lead to very high ping and even sometimes to RTC connecting.


How to Fix Discord Stuck on RTC Connecting (PC)

The above causes were just a highlight of the major causes that lead to RTC connecting on discord.

Recently many users had this problem on Windows 11 as well, simply apply all the below fixes and see which problem fixes your problem.

Before starting I would recommend you to go with a simple restart of discord and your PC too. If the restart doesn’t work then follow the below fixes.


FIX 1 –  Check Internet Connection

Discord VoIP is totally based on the Internet and you would be never able to connect to anyone if your discord fails to connect to the server.

There are a couple of things that you need to check.

  • Check your Internet speed first from and see what kind of download, upload speed, and PING you are getting.
    If the speed results show high PING, poor downloading and uploading speed then you better restart the modem or call your Internet service provider.

  • If you are connected with a WiFi connection you can try connecting through the LAN cable. If connected through mobile data then better have a good internet connection.

  • Better keep your device close to WiFi for a strong signal.


FIX 2 – Check Discord Server Status

Discord stuck on RTC connecting issues can also occur if the discord systems are not operational.

Simply visit  Discord Status check and assure that all “Systems are Operational”.

Discord Server Outage Status
Discord Server Outage Status


There is nothing else you need to do and only check that all types of servers are operational.

Scroll down a bit and click on Voice to expand the options, here check if your country discord server is operational.


FIX 3 – Try Enabling & Disabling Discord Quality of Service
Discord Enable Quality of Service High Packet Priority is basically meant for Discord Voice and Video priority.

Once enabled it indicates your modem/router to keep your discord packets on high priority and so can improve the discord call quality and issues.

But sometimes when it’s not properly set or if the router fails to receive this message it may not work properly and can also lead to RTC connecting issues.

So try enabling it but in case if this doesn’t work or is already enabled then try disabling it

  • Open the Discord application and click on the settings gear ⚙️icon located at the left-hand bottom.

  • From the left-hand menu, scroll down a bit and click on “Voice & Video”.

    How to Disable Discord QoS
    How to Disable Discord QoS

  • Scroll down and you will find “Enable Quality of Service HIgh Packet priority”.

  • If the toggle is turned on then enable it and if already turned on try disabling it.


FIX 4 –  Change DNS Settings to fix Discord Stuck on RTC Connecting

DNS cache and improper settings may let you experience connectivity issues on your Windows 10 or 11 PC.

Here in this fix, you need to flush DNS settings and also need to have Google or Cloudflare DNS server address.

Flush DNS Settings on Windows 11 & 10

  • On your Windows PC, type CMD in the search box and choose “Run as Administrator”.

  • Now in the black windows of the command prompt type the command ipconfig /flushdns and hit Enter.

    Flush DNS Settings on Windows
    Flush DNS Settings on Windows

  • DNS settings will now be flushed.

If you are using discord on the chrome browser then you can also flush Chrome DNS settings.

  • Type chrome://net-internals/#dns in the chrome address bar and hit Enter key.

    How to Fix Discord Stuck on RTC connecting
    Clear Chrome DNS Cache

  • Now click on the Clear host Cache box.


Change DNS Server address on Windows 11 & 10

Google and Cloudflare DNS addresses give better internet speed and stability. Follow the below steps to change the DNS server address.

  • Press Windows + R key to open the RUN box and type ncpa.cpl in the box to open the network connections box.

  • Now right-click on the connection through which you are connected and choose Properties.

  • Double click on Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP /Ipv4) and click on Use the following DNS server address.

    Discord rtc connecting no route
    Discord rtc connecting no route

  • In the Preferred DNS server type and in the Alternate DNS server box.

Once done click on apply and then ok. Check back if this fixes the problem, you can also try restarting your PC.


FIX 5 – Change Discord Channel Region Override

For a reliable and stable discord call connectivity, you must be connected to the closest discord server region.

If you are connected to a location with high ping you may have discord lag and connectivity issues.

You need to assure that your discord channel region is set to the closest and best location.

  • Open the Discord server and then click on the settings gear ⚙️ icon by hovering up to the voice channel where you have problems.

    How to Change Discord Region override
    How to Change Discord Region override

  • Scroll down to the bottom and you will find Region Override.

  • Click on it and from the drop-down choose the region closest to your current location.

Once done check back if this fixes the problem.


FIX 6 – Clear Cache & Update Discord

Outdated discord or their caches can also create problems where discord can be stuck on RTC connecting or give no route error.

You may also try this by clearing discord cache and then updating the discord. Make sure you close discord completely before following the below steps.

  • On Windows PC type the Windows + R key to open the box, type %APPDATA%/Discord/Cache, and click OK.

  • Discord cache folder will now be up, press Ctrl + A to select all the files and then click Shift+delete to permanently delete these files.

  • Once done right-click on Discord and choose Run as administrator. 

This will update discord and check the article if discord update fails.

FIX 7 –  Temporarily Disable Antivirus & Firewall

Chances are that your antivirus program or firewall is clocking some of the discord files required for calls.

This can be a mistake or because of some infections on your PC.

Here to assure you, try disabling the anti-virus program and firewall program as well.

If you have any third-party antivirus program like Norton or McAfee then you can exit it from the system tray located at the right-hand bottom.

For Windows defender and firewall follow the below steps

  • On Windows search type Virus and from the suggestions choose Virus & Threat Protection.

  • Click on Manage Settings that are under the Virus & threat protection settings.

  • Here disable the Real-time protection by clicking on the toggle.

Once done restart discord and check if this resolved the issue and if not you can also try disabling the windows firewall by following the below steps.

  • On Windows, search type Firewall and from the suggestions choose Firewall and network protection.
  • Click on Public network and here you will find Microsoft defender firewall.
  • Click on the toggle to disable the firewall.


FIX 8 – Enabling/Disabling VPN can fix Discord Stuck on RTC Connecting

Many users suggested that after using a VPN their problem was fixed and even many recommend trying to disable it.

I am not sure what would work for you and so I would say try both of them.

If you have been already using a VPN connection then you can try disabling it, and if not then try using a VPN like nord that is always recommended by everyone.

Once connected, restart discord and see if this resolved the issue.


How to Fix Discord Stuck on RTC Connecting Android (Mobile)

Discord stuck on RTC connecting or no route discord also occurs on mobile especially on Android.

Before proceeding to the fixes, I would recommend you restart your phone and check if restart fixed your problem.

The below fixes are based on the user’s recommendation and my personal research. 


FIX 1 – Turn Off Data Saver

RTC connecting on discord android mostly occurred where people were connected through the Mobile data.

Most of the users suggested that after disabling Data Saver from their android settings fixed this problem.

  • Open your phone settings and search for a Data saver.
  • Tap on it to open and then turn off the Data saver.

Once done restart your phone and check again if this resolved the problem.


FIX 2 –  Clear Discord Cache

Just like PC, the mobile cache can also create some problems and you can also try clearing your discord cache from your phone.

  • Open Settings on your android phone, look for Apps or App manager, and tap on it to open.
  • In the apps section scroll down and look for the Discord app, you can also search for discord.
  • Now in discord tap on Storage and then tap on Clear Cache.

Once done, restart discord and check if this fixed the problem or not.


FIX 3 –  Change Discord Channel Region Override

Again just like PC  a wrong discord server, location can cause high ping and unstable connection during discord call.

Here you need to choose the closest discord channel region to get the best and reliable ping.

  • Launch your discord application and then open the voice channel where you have the issue of RTC connecting.

  • Tap and hold on to the channel name to bring up the Channel settings.

  • Here at the bottom, you will find Region Override. Tap on it and from the list choose the region closest to your current location.

Once done restart the discord application and see if the problem is fixed.

FIX 4  –  Get a Better Internet Connection and Check your Phone Date and Time

So far you know discord RTC connecting issues are mostly because of the poor internet connection.

If you are connected through mobile data or WiFi then check your internet speed and ping. On your phone, you can download the speed test by the Ookla app and check your internet speed and ping.

If the ping is high with poor speed then you must get close to the area where you get a good internet connection

You also make sure your time zone, date, and time are correct on your phone.


FIX 5 – Reinstall Discord to fix Discord Stuck on RTC Connecting

Reinstalling the discord app on the phone is easy. Doing this also updates discord and fixes many other problems.
Make sure you remember your discord ID, password, and email linked to Discord.

Tap and hold on to the discord app and choose Uninstall. Once uninstalled download discord again from the play store or app store.

I am sure your problem will be fixed.


Final Words

As a final conclusion, I would say that the Internet is the major cause and solution for discord stuck on RTC connecting issues both on PC and Mobile.

You better fix your internet first by checking internet speed and ping.

Additionally, you can try connecting discord call from different location or device.

Hopefully, all the above solutions which are the best working fixes will fix your problem. If you still have issues let us know in the comment box with full details.

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